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Death Of A Warrior (さようならせんたち Sayōnara Senshi-tachi, lit. "Farewell, Warriors") is the thirty-fifth volume of the original Dragon Ball manga series. It is released in North America as Dragon Ball Z volume nineteen, with the chapter count restarting back to one. It shows the last part of the Cell Games Saga.


Death Of A Warrior

Awakening to his true power, the once meek Gohan pummels Cell, the former strongest being alive! But rather than suffer the indignity of defeat, Cell has a last desperate option—self-destruct and take the planet with him! Can the Saiyans and their allies save the world from being turned to ashes? With the death of six billion people only seconds away, Goku and Gohan—father and son—must fight together for the final blow…[1]


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Son Goku was Earth's greatest hero, and the Dragon Balls—which can grant any wish—were Earth's greatest treasure. Three years ago, Earth was visited by Trunks, a time traveler from the future. Trunks warned Earth's martial artists that the world would soon be attacked by super-powerful androids. Cell challenged the world's strongest fighters to a tournament, promising to kill everyone on Earth if it won. After a long battle, Goku surprised everyone by surrendering to Cell and nomination Gohan to continue the fight in his place! At first Gohan seemed to be no match for Cell, but when he saw his friends in danger, his rage unlocked his true power…[1]

Volume introduced by Akira Toriyama

Toriyama wearing a Goku mask.

"In this volume, Son Goku dies. I don't have much sentiment for the characters I draw, but I feel a bit sad about the death of a character that I have been drawing for more than 10 years. I tried to think of other scenarios for the story, but Goku dying was the best one. I tried not to be too somber about it. But still…I'm sorry, Son Goku! Forgive me!"[1]



Info below is retrieved from Viz Media.[1]

  • Son Goku - The greatest martial artist on Earth, he is one of the last Saiyans, an almost extinct alien race. Like Trunks and Vegeta, he can power-up by transforming into a "Super Saiyan." He has the power to teleport.
  • Kaiô-sama - Also known as the "Lord of the Worlds", Kaiô-sama is one of the deities of the Dragon Ball universe. He lives on a private planet in the Other World.
  • Bulma - Goku's oldest friend. Bulma is a scientific genius.
  • Kuririn - Goku's former martial arts schoolmate.
  • Son Gohan - Goku's young son, a half-human, half-Saiyan. Is he truly more powerful than his father?
  • Androids #18 - A female android (or technically, a cyborg). She and her companion #17 seemed to be more evil in Trunks' timeline than our heroes' timeline.
  • Trunks - The future son of Vegeta and Bulma, he is a half-human, half Saiyan.
  • Vegeta - The prince of the Saiyans. He has trained long and hard for the battle with Cell.
  • Cell - An artificial life form created by the late Dr. Gero. It absorbed Androids #17 and #18.



Chapter # Title
(DBZ 215)
"Cell vs. Gohan"
(DBZ 216)
"The Ultimate Kamehameha"
DB Chapter 410 KZB.png
(DBZ 217)
"Cell, Brought to Bay"
DB Chapter 411 KZB.png
(DBZ 218)
"The End of the Cell Game"
DB Chapter 412 KZB.png
(DBZ 219)
"Gohan's Pain"
DB Chapter 413 KZB.png
(DBZ 220)
"The Tables Turn"
DB Chapter 414 KZB.png
(DBZ 221)
"Father and Son"
DB Chapter 415 KZB.png
(DBZ 222)
"Kamehameha vs. Kamehameha"
DB Chapter 416 KZB.png
(DBZ 223)
DB Chapter 417 KZB.png
(DBZ 224)
"Farewell, Warriors"
DB Chapter 418 KZB.png
(DBZ 225)
"The Other Outcome"
DB Chapter 419 KZB.png
(DBZ 226)
"Peace to the Future"
DB Chapter 420 KZB.png


  • This volume was the original volume to end the Dragon Ball Z manga and the Dragon Ball series' franchise as a whole.


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