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The Darkness Sword (ダークネスソード Dākunesu Sōdo) is a sword wielded by Dabura.


The sword is very similar in appearance to a Chinese dadao but has a distinctive hook on the back of the blade.


Trunks v Dabura

Future Dabura's Darkness Sword clashing with Future Trunks' Z Sword in Dragon Ball Super manga

The Darkness Sword is seen when Dabura uses his Darkness Sword Attack on Gohan, and later against Majin Buu, where it does not do any damage. Dabura makes his sword appear using Magic Materialization.

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, Future Dabura uses his Darkness Sword during his fight with Super Saiyan Full Power Future Trunks wielding the legendary Z Sword.


Demon God enhancement[]

Dabura 28

The enhanced version of the sword used by Demon God Xeno Dabura and later Dark Demon God Xeno Majin Buu.

Fused with Dark Devil's Claw[]


The fusion of Demon God Xeno Dabura's sword and Janemba's Dark Devil's Claw, wielded by Dark Demon God Buu (Janemba absorbed).

Video Game Appearances[]

Darkness Sword Zenkai Royale

Dabura using his Darkness Sword in Zenkai Battle Royale

The Darkness Sword appears in most games where Dabura is playable. Dabura can use the Darkness Sword in the Butōden series, Budokai Tenkaichi series, Shin Budokai - Another Road, Raging Blast 2, Dragon Ball Heroes, Zenkai BattleBattle of Z, and Xenoverse 2.

In Supersonic Warriors 2, Dabura uses his sword as part of his team attack with Super Buu, the Dark Sword Slash.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, the Darkness Sword is utilized by Dabura's EX-Fusions Demon King Daccolo and Damira. However, its use is censored in the English localization as all swords in the localization are replaced with wooden swords.



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