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Dark Sword Slash is a team attack performed by Super Buu and Dabura in the Nintendo DS Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2.


It begins with Super Buu launching a pink ball towards the opponent, the ball becomes a Galactic Donut, and then it encircles the opponent, keeping it from going anywhere. Next, Dabura appears with his sword in his hand, then he quickly slashes the opponent multiple times and finishes it with a blast.


Dark Sword Slash 02

Dabura slashes the opponent multiple times

The Dark Sword Slash was first introduced in Supersonic Warriors 2 when Piccolo destroyed the door of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Super Buu used the Vice Shout to open a portal to Hell instead. There he teamed up with Dabura and they went to fight the strongest in hell, they met Frieza and Cell and in the end Buu threw the Galactic Donut and fell asleep, Dabura and Buu's attack landed at the same time on Cell, and this meant his ultimate end.


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