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The Dark Namekians, also called the Evil Namekians, are a group of Namekians who settled close to King Piccolo's throne and thus were corrupted by his influence, becoming the successors to his Demon Clan. They use Dark Vassals like King Piccolo did during his take over of Earth.


Dragon Ball Online

The Evil Namekians were part of a regular group of Namekians who settled on Earth after Mira destroyed New Namek, they settled close to King Piccolo's throne in the Isuri's Lake area and became corrupt. In Age 940 the Evil Namekians begin to grow in size and power. By the time of Age 972 they begin attempting to take over the Earth and came into conflict with the rest of the planet.

In Age 1000, the Dark Namekians join forces with the Time Breakers and aid in the construction of Chocolay Tower, with their Eternal Dragon Mr. Poko Poko working on the second floor, and Naraka, Belkins, and Gamelan working on the tower's third floor.

They are monitored by Piccolo in their home base at Isuri's Lake. Gamelan himself is killed shortly afterwards by his own compatriot Week, a Dark Namekian member of the Time Breakers.

The Dark Namekians present at Chocolay Tower are Water Quality Inspectors, Black Waterway Guards, Black Waterway Psychic Healers, Black Waterway Poko Masters, Pre-Summoned Devil Dragons. The also use Hydroponic Saibamen and Clean Waterway Alligators to guard the facility.

They are allied with the Frieza's Army Remnant and Paella Gang, who watch over Chocolay Tower's Detheka Mine under the command of Fry.


Baralika (in the background there is the center of the Narak Camp)


Ongde, Moog and Novacode guard the keys to the inner most sanctum of Chocolay Tower, where Narak and Gamelan dwell. Moog is an elite Poko Land Dragon.

Baralika is the strongest Narak Warrior at the Narak Camp..

Namekian Future Warrior wearing the Narak Warrior's Costume in Xenoverse 2

The Narak warriors are a tribe of Black Namekians and in the Xenoverse series, the Narak Warrior's Costume is a battle suit of similar design as the one worn by Baralika and other Dark Namekians encountered in Dragon Ball Online.[1]



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