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The Dark Namekians (悪役のなめ区成人、 Akuyaku no Namekku-sei-jin) , also called the Evil Namekians, are a group of Namekians who settled close to King Piccolo's throne and thus were corrupted by his influence. They use Mutant Namekians like King Piccolo did during his take over of Earth.


Dragon Ball Online

The Evil Namekians were part of a regular group of Namekians who settled on Earth after Mira destroyed New Namek, they settled close to King Piccolo's throne in the Isuri's Lake area and became corrupt. In Age 940 the Evil Namekians begin to grow in size and power. By the time of Age 972 they begin attempting to take over the Earth and came into conflict with the rest of the planet.

In Age 1000, the Evil Namekians join forces with the Time Breakers and aid in the construction of Chocolay Tower, with their Eternal Dragon Mr. Poko Poko working on the second floor, and Naraka, his elder, and Gamelan working on the tower's third floor.

They are monitored by Piccolo in their home base at Isuri's Lake, and later defeated as Naraku is defeated by the Time Patrol after they are sent in by Piccolo. Naraku himself is killed shortly afterwards by his own compatriot Vic, a Dark Namekian member of the Time Breakers.


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