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The Dark King (暗黒王 Ankokuō) is the highest position of power attainable by a Demon of the Demon Realm.[1]


As the Dark King, a Demon Realm warrior has ultimate authority over the entirety of the Demon Realm and its inhabitants. Their appearance also undergoes a drastic change. As the leader of the Demon Realm, they possess life energy referred to as the Dark Factor.

Mechikabura's hair flows outward into a spikier shape, and he gains golden horns shaped like a crown on his forehead, along with long red marks running down the sides of his face. His outfit changes from his red Kai's garb to a black-and-gray robe and coat with gold adornments and a spiked red cape. Unique to Mechikabura are his two versions of the Dark King form - his base state (which was a Demon God form) and the Time Power Unleashed form, the latter of which turns the red accents of his appearance black (lengthening his horns and even completely covering the sides of his face).

Fu's transformation does not noticeably affect his hair besides lengthening his front bang, but creates red marks on the sides of his face. He dons a caped black-and-purple outfit with gold lining, similar to a formal military uniform. In place of his glasses is a red-and-gold monocle worn over his left eye. When taking the form for the first time in the anime, Fu's cape was covered in bright purple energy (before blasting said energy at Vegito Blue).

Usage and Power

Mechikabura was the original Dark King, and assumed the transformation after regaining his youth and escaping the Time Labyrinth. As he was sealed away, he released the black element/dark factor which went into those nearby. Towa eventually obtained this energy and placed it into Fu, turning him into the new Dark King, while Towa herself enhanced her Demon God form with the dark factor's energy.[1]


Time Power Unleashed

Time Power Unleashed Mechikabura

Main article: Time Power Unleashed By absorbing space-time energy using his Chaos Ball, Mechikabura gained the ability to take on the Time Power Unleashed form on top of his perfect Demon God state.

After Fu transformed into the new Dark King, he gained the ability to summon parts of Mechibura's Time Power Unleashed state including his clawed hands and even a giant avatar made of his chestplate while Fu was being possessed by Mechikabura.

Dogidogi Completely Absorbed

Main articles: Dogidogi and Absorption

Dark King Fu with Dogidogi Completely Absorbed in his Imperfect

After attempting to absorb the time birds he caught, Tokitoki instead reverted him to a youthful appearance only managing to absorb Dogidogi. In this form Fu's Demon God mark shrinks to a small line below his right eye and one of Dogidogi's wings grew out of his back.

In this state, Fu's abilities are still imperfect due to him not mastering Dogidogi's powers yet.


Dark King Fu, with Dogidogi Completely Absorbed, in his perfected state

When Fu manages to perfect his new abilities and master Dogidogi's power, his new form turns complete. The evolution form made his Demon God mark grow around his eye and Dogidogi's second wing grow from his back.

After ascending to this state, Hearts believes that Fu has become an existence akin to the Omni-Kings.

Universal Tree Power

Main article: Universe Tree

Dark King Fu with Dogidogi and the Universe Tree's power absorbed

While with Dogidogi absorbed, Fu took all the power from the Universe Tree gaining a large boost of power and a gigantic ki that can be used as whips.

Video Game Appearances

Mechikabura appears as the Dark King in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the cutscenes for the Dark King Mechikabura Saga added in Universe Mission 7. He became a playable character in Universe Mission 9. Dark King Fu was added as a playable character in Big Bang Mission 5.




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