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The Dark Factor (暗黒因子) (or Black Element) is the life energy possessed by the Dark King.


The Dark Factor can be used to resurrect a Dark King who has been sealed away, or can be given to another demon to turn them into the new Dark King.[1] An enhanced Demon God state can also be achieved by one who uses a small amount of the dark factor.


Mechikabura is the original user of the dark factor, and the first Dark King. After his defeat and subsequent sealing, his dark factor hid inside the nearby Time Patrollers. The dark factor was collected by Towa, who used most of it to transform Fu into the new Dark King, and used a small portion of it on herself in order to achieve an enhanced Demon Goddess state.

The dark factor can be manipulated for a variety of purposes, it can be used by it's prior owner to possess it's new host, to manifest weapons, for a variety of attacks, as well as as an energy source - great enough to power up the Universe Tree.


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