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Dark Evolution is a type of transformation that a Demon God with high magic power can force upon a chosen target.


A Demon God is capable of causing a warrior to undergo a dark evolution by adding their Demon God power with their target's "kili", a soul's energy.

Putine invented the method of forcing this evolution. In the case of Xeno Cell, the Bio-Android was transformed into his Cell-X form.

Mechikabura transformed Xeno King Vegeta into the personification of his magic power, causing Xeno King Vegeta to undergo a dark evolution into a form that turns his hair black with one red spike and gives him red and black eyes.

Towa studied Putine's technique to control the darkness. Towa used this to cause Xeno Lord Slug to undergo a dark evolution into a Dark Super Giant form and merged with the Earth.

After fusing with a Dark Dragon Ball, Xeno Turles can undergo Dark Evolution by eating the Fruit of the Tree of Might which allows him to achieve his Rampaging form due to the dark power of the Dark Dragon Ball merging with the power granted by the divine fruit.[2]

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Online, Cell takes on his Cell-X dark evolution through unknown means after his revival.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, in Chapter 1, Side Story: "Note's Adventure", after Note convinces Caulifla and Kale not to trust the Xeno Turles Crusher Corps in the Tree of Might anomaly, Xeno Turles (Fused with Dark Dragon Ball) angered that the female Saiyans have rejected his offer to give them Fruit of the Tree of Might if they protected the Tree or Might (Note lies to the girls saying the fruit won't make them stronger as Turles said as mortal arguments against eating it likely wouldn't sway Caulifla given her desire to ger stronger and background as a crime boss) undergoes Dark Evolution after consuming Fruit of the Tree of Might to enter his Rampaging form. Rampaging Turles confronts the three girls with his henchmen, though they are all slain and Xeno Turles is defeated. However Rampaging Xeno Turles is given power by Demigra allowing him to continue fighting though this time in a mindless berserker state as previously Rampaging Xeno Turles could control the form. Regardless he is defeated again and killed for good. However unbeknownst to Note, Demigra and his fellow Demon Gods from the real world Dark Empire decide to use the game world anomalies created by "the menace" to make their own alterations.

In the Chapter 2, Side Story: "Kagyu's Adventure", the Namekian Berserker Kagyu investigates an anomaly on Earth that occurs before the Tournament of Power. He finds Xeno Lord Slug and the captains of his Demon Army invade Earth. Fortunately, Piccolo arrives to join him the battle against the demonic invaders. Unfortunately, Demon God Salsa alters the anomaly to cause Piccolo's fusion to come undone. Fortunately, the defusion leaves Piccolo, Nail, and Kami with a mental connection that allows them to coordinate extremely well as a team compensating for the loss of the Nameless Namekian's Super Namekian power. They force the captains to flee back to Xeno Slug. After defeating Slug and his remaining henchmen after Slug kills Xeno Zeeun for daring to make excuses for retreating, Salsa reveals his presence and convinces Xeno Slug to transform into his Great Namek form and just like Towa, triggers Dark Evolution causing Slug to become a giant boss Xeno Lord Slug (Super Giant). In order to defeat him, Kagura must defeat Salsa and Xeno Slug's captains whom Salsa powered up with Villainous Mode. Upon KOing Salsa and the captains, Kagyu will perform a Penetrate!-like finisher that weakens Super Giant Xeno Slug enough for Piccolo to kill him with a Ki Blast, while Kagyu distracts Salsa, who flees after Xeno Slug is slain which fixes the anomaly allowing Piccolo to fuse with Nail and Kami again.

In Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 2: "Sealas' Arrives", the menace behind the anomalies is revealed to be the rogue first Time Patroller and the former disciple of Chronoa's, Sealas who appears to stop Great Saiyaman 3 from killing Cell and the Anomalous 2nd Frieza (killed previously in an anomaly within Age 764 by Beat and Post-Spirit Control training Goku's Combined Kamehameha, but revived by an anomaly) after he and the Heroes defeated them. Through an anomaly, Sealaa powers up Cell causing him to undergo Dark Evolution allowing him to take on the Cell X form of his counterpart Xeno Cell. However the Heroes and Great Saiyaman 3 defeat Cell X and Golden Frieza, however this was all part of Sealas' plan as he planned to have his A.I. partner Ahms collect their data before allowing it to absorb the now weakened Cell and Frieza.



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