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Dark Evolution is a technique that a Demon God with high magic power can use to force a transformation upon a chosen target.


A Demon God is capable of causing a warrior to undergo a dark evolution by giving the warrior a mixture of their Demon God power and Kili.

Putine invented the method of forcing this evolution. In the case of Xeno Cell, the Bio-Android was transformed into his Cell X form.

Towa studied Putine's technique to control the darkness, and used it to cause Xeno Lord Slug to transform into a Dark Super Giant form and merge with the Earth.

Video Game Appearances

During the side story Kagyu's Adventure in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Salsa uses the Dark Evolution technique while Xeno Lord Slug is transforming into his Great Namekan form, causing him to instead dark evolve into the Super Giant form.

In the chapter Sealas Arrives!, Sealas uses an anomaly to replicate the technique by altering Cell's evolutionary process, causing Cell to transform into his counterpart Xeno Cell's Cell X form. He reverts back to his Super Perfect form after being defeated, though in the chapter's Extradimensional Space he retains Cell X's Dark Dragon Ball.



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