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The Dark Dragon Balls (暗黒ドラゴンボール Ankoku Doragon Bōru) are a set of Dragon Balls created by Xeno Dende for the Dark Empire. When created they scatter through time and space, and summon Dark Shenron when gathered.

The Shadow Dragons formed from the Dark Dragon Balls are more demonic than when they are formed by the Cracked Dragon Balls.


Xeno Frieza (One Star)

Frieza merged with the One-Star Dark Dragon Ball

The Dark Dragon Balls are a set of dark red Dragon Balls with a black colored star. When created, the Dragon Balls scatter through time and space, each ball merging with an evil entity to power them up.

The dark energy of the Dark Dragon Balls can cause transformations in their hosts, such as in the case of Xeno Janemba - who was able to transform into his Evil Demon form thanks to the negative energy of the Dark Dragon Balls - and Xeno Turles - who gained his Rampaging state thanks to the dark power combining with the power from the Fruit of the Tree of Might.

When all seven are gathered they can be used in the same way as the Earth Dragon Balls to summon Dark Shenron. A single wish from the Dark Dragon Balls produces enough negative energy to create a set of Shadow Dragons, similarly tainted with demonic energy.


Dragon Ball Heroes

Dark Empire Saga

Main article: Dark Empire Saga The Dark Dragon Balls are created by Xeno Dende on the orders of Mechikabura and Towa, but immediately scatter through time and space before they can be used to make a wish.

The first Dark Dragon Ball merges with Frieza from the Namek Saga, who is transported through time along with his henchmen Zarbon and Dodoria, and the second Dark Dragon Ball merges with Cell. Both villains join forces with the Dark Empire to fight the investigating Time Patrol, but they are defeated and their Dragon Balls are both taken by the Dark Empire. The third Dark Dragon Ball merges with Kid Buu from an altered version of the Majin Buu Saga, who uses the ball's power to brainwash Babidi's Forces. He absorbs Dabura and escapes through a portal to hunt down the other Dark Dragon Balls.

The fourth Dark Dragon Ball merges with Turles, who uses the ball to empower the Turles Crusher Corps. During his fight with Xeno Goku at the Tree of Might, the energy from his Dark Dragon Ball reacts to the Fruit of the Tree of Might, causing him to take on his Rampaging form. Xeno Turles is killed by Xeno Goku, and the discarded Dark Dragon Ball is later retrieved by the Dark Empire. The fifth Dark Dragon Ball merges with Xeno Janemba and allows him to take on an Evil Demon form, but Xeno Majin Buu enters through a portal and absorbs Xeno Janemba to claim his Dragon Ball, before escaping through another portal.

The sixth Dark Dragon Ball merges with Xeno Lord Slug, who fights a three-way battle against the Time Patrol, the Dark Empire and Xeno Majin Buu. Xeno Majin Buu and Xeno Lord Slug are both killed during the fight, and their Dragon Balls are seized by the Dark Empire. The last Dark Dragon Ball merges with Super Saiyan 4 Dark Broly, who is captured by Xeno Paragus while sleeping in Hell. After resisting Towa's attempt at brainwashing him and charging into the Demon Realm to fight Xeno Goku, Dark Broly is knocked out by the Time Patrol, Mira swooping in to take his Dark Dragon Ball.

The seven Dark Dragon Balls are united and used by Mechikabura to summon Dark Shenron at the summit of Mechikabura's Tower, where they remain until the entire Demon Realm is sealed inside the Time Labyrinth.

Demon God Demigra Assault Saga

Main article: Dark King Mechikabura Saga Demigra takes the Dark Dragon Balls during his escape from the Time Labyrinth, and uses them to create the seven Xeno Shadow Dragons. Xeno Syn Shenron later absorbs the other Dark Dragon Balls while fighting the Time Patrol, and all seven are destroyed when he is killed by Xeno Gohanks.


The Dark Dragon Balls merge with seven villains, each from a different time. They are collectively referred to as the Dark Dragon Ball Warriors (暗黒DB戦士 Ankoku DB senshi).

  • One-star Dark Dragon Ball: Frieza
  • Two-star Dark Dragon Ball: Cell (in World Mission it is merged with the game world main timeline Cell when he is granted his Xeno counterpart's Cell X Dark Evolution form via an anomaly created by Sealas)
  • Three-star Dark Dragon Ball: Majin Buu
  • Four-star Dark Dragon Ball: Turles
  • Five-star Dark Dragon Ball: Janemba (initially, later absorbed by Majin Buu)
  • Six-star Dark Dragon Ball: Lord Slug
  • Seven-star Dark Dragon Ball: Broly

Wishes Granted

  • Mechikabura wishes to be restored to his prime.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Heroes, the seven villains merged with the Dark Dragon Balls and the seven Xeno Shadow Dragons appear as playable characters. Additionally certain cards have a TAA Special Ability that allows the user to use the Dark Dragon Balls to summon Dark Shenron to wish to inflict damage or Stamina damage to the enemy team, as well as trigger additional effects depending on the type of ability.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, the game world Xeno Turles appears fused with the Four-Star Dark Dragon Ball during "Note's Adventure", the game world Xeno Lord Slug appears fused with the Six-Star Dark Dragon Ball in "Kagyu's Adventure", and Xeno Majin Buu (dubbed the Dark Dragon Ball Buu by Xeno Trunks) appears fused with the Three-Star Dark Dragon Ball in Kabra's Adventure". During Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 2: "Sealas Arrives!", the game world Cell briefly acquires Xeno Cell's Cell X form completed with Two-Star Dragon Ball thanks to Sealas using an anomaly to empower Cell with Dark Evolution, however Cell loses the Two-Star Dark Dragon Ball as soon as he reverts to his Perfect Form. In the Extradimensional Space he instead transforms into his Xeno base form, which he remains in until he is destroyed by the Dragon Ball Heroes.

In the Extradimensional Space in An Ambition That Must Be Stopped!, Mechikabura uses Sealas' anomaly to summon the seven Dark Dragon Ball villains to the Demon Realm, forcing the Time Patrol and the Demon Gods to fight them with the aim of using the released Dark Dragon Balls to wish for his youth. The Time Patrol instead start vaporising their opponents, completely destroying Dark Broly, Xeno Majin Buu and Xeno Janemba, forcing Mechikabura to abandon his plan and leave the game world.



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