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This article is about the Heroes saga. For the Xenoverse saga, see Demon God Demigra Saga.

The Dark Demon Realm Saga is the first original story arc in Dragon Ball Heroes, that ran through the God Missions. The first sub-story in the arc was later adapted into the first chapter of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission!. It is followed by the Dark Empire Saga.

It is composed of several sub-stories:

  • Dark Demon Realm Invasion
  • Assault on the Hell Gate
  • Birth of the Dark Demon Realm
  • Demon God Demigra


Future Trunks is made a Time Patroller

In the manga, shortly after his death at the conclusion of the Cell Games Future Trunks was revived by the Dragon Balls and headed back to his future, where he restored peace by destroying the evil Future Androids, and then Future Cell three years later. However soon after Future Trunks found himself in the Time Nest. Startled, he soon received another surprise as the Supreme Kai of Time appeared and attacked him, he managed to evade her and she explained that his usage of a Time Machine was against the law. After explaining that Towa and Mira were causing trouble, the Time Kai decides that Future Trunks can serve as a member of the Time Patrol, and gifts him with his "Xeno Trunks" clothes.

Xeno Trunks and Xeno Bardock face Mira

The Supreme Kai of Time and Xeno Trunks head to confront Towa and Mira in their hideout, but Mira quickly attacks with an energy blast, terrifying the Kai. Xeno Trunks manages to deflect it with his sword, however Mira sends the Masked Saiyan to combat him, finding himself overwhelmed in his base form by the Masked Saiyan, Xeno Trunks ascends to Super Saiyan and is able to fight on par with him, eventually managing to land a blow that cracks his mask.

Mira is enraged by this and transforms into Super Mira, however before Mira can overwhelm Xeno Trunks, he is hit with an energy wave from behind by the Masked Saiyan, whose mask crumbles - revealing his identity as Xeno Bardock. Xeno Trunks teams up with Xeno Bardock to fight Super Mira, and are able to fight on even grounds with him and eventually overwhelm him. However Towa teleports herself and Mira away before the battle can conclude.

After a brief conversation with Xeno Bardock, Xeno Trunks heads back to the Time Nest. The Supreme Kai of Time explains the Demon Realm to Xeno Trunks, when Demigra unexpectedly appears. After a brief conversation, Xeno Trunks prepares to fight after Demigra notices Tokitoki. However at that moment, Xeno Goku arrives.

Game Version

Dark Demon Realm Invasion

The battle begins in the Demon Realm

The Time Patrol learn that the Demon Realm has been unsealed, and enter the realm to investigate, where they are attacked outside Mechikabura's Tower by the Masked Saiyan. They manage to crack his mask, which causes Mira and the other Time Breakers to arrive to help him. The Time Patrol manage to completely break the Masked Saiyan's mask, which causes the Masked Saiyan to transform into a Great Ape, but they defeat him. The Masked Saiyan, revealed to be a brainwashed Bardock, is released from Mira's control, and he joins forces with the Time Patrol.

During the ensuing battle, Trunks and Bardock both power up into their Super Saiyan 2 forms, before transforming further into Super Saiyan 3s. Mira also transforms, first into his Runaway state before fully achieving his Super Mira form. Both the Supreme Kai of Time and Towa also join the battle, with the Time Patrol and Bardock cornering Mira and Towa.

Dabura appears to aid his sister

Super Mira and Towa battle the Time Patrol, but find themselves on the losing end of the battle. A dark portal appears behind Mira and Towa, and Xeno Dabura emerges from the portal to aid them in battle. Despite his help, the Time Patrol manage to deal a fatal blow to Towa, who collapses in Dabura's arms. Dabura despairs over the death of his sister as he and Mira escape with her body through a portal.

Assault on the Hell Gate

After Towa's death at the hands of the Time Patrol, there was peace for a time, however Towa's hatred caused her to revive as "Dark Towa". Thirsting for revenge, Towa travelled to the timeline of Dragon Ball GT and opened three Hell Gates, the gates of Ice, Fire, and Chaos.

Towa uses her magic on Super 17 in the God Mission 5 Special Movie, forcing a fusion between him and Android 18

Xeno Trunks arrives in the timeline, finding that the opening of the Hell Gates has caused villains to escape from Hell and run rampant. Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu have also returned, and they once again create Super 17. Trunks teams up with the Dragon Team to fight Super 17, who is aided by Dark Towa. Super 17 forcibly absorbs Android 18 during the battle, greatly increasing his power. During the battle Gohan is able to attain the Super Saiyan 4 transformation, and together the group are able to deal enough damage to force Super 17 and Towa to retreat into the Hell Gates.

Trunks faces off against many enemies inside the Hell Gates, including a resurrected Janemba. In the Ice Hell Gate he faces off against Super 17, who he manages to permanently put down. In the Fire Gate he fights the assembled Time Breakers, before facing off with Dark Towa again. The villains retreat into the Chaos Hell Gate, where Dark Towa, Super Mira and Xeno Dabura have a rematch with Trunks.

Trunks manages to defeat the trio who are suddenly taken out from behind by Broly, who arrives in his new Super Saiyan 4 Full Power form. He then proceeds to battle Trunks, but is defeated and killed once again.

Birth of the Dark Demon Realm

Demigra aids his past self

Chronoa detects a time-space distortion 75 million years in the past, and sends the Time Patrol to investigate. They are attacked by a brainwashed Great Ape Gohan but they manage to defeat him, and wonder about the source of his dark ki. They meet a young Demigra and ask him about the distortion, but he asks how they could know about it and attacks them. After forcing him to retreat, Chronoa suggests asking her younger self.

The Time Patrol arrive at Chronoa's home, but Chronoa is distrustful and tries to force them to leave. After forcing her to calm down, Chronoa explains her past to the Time Patrol, and gives her suspicions on Demigra's treatment of Tokitoki. Chronoa asks them to head to Demigra Castle and expose his scheme. On their way to the castle they spot Mr. Satan hiding behind a rock, menaced by Turles, Metal Cooler and Janemba, and save him from the villains.

The Time Patrol confront Demigra and his associates Gravy and Putine, only to find the present Demigra aiding them. He explains that he had become a Demon God and calls his past self a fool for not using Tokitoki's power to become a god, before amplifying his ki. He then teams up with his past self to fight the Time Patrol, both Demigras are defeated. Upon his defeat, Demon God Demigra states that he will definitely be revived again before vanishing.

Demon God Demigra

Demigra's Giant Demon God form

Demon God Demigra revives in the present and returns to his castle, allying with the Time Breakers. Mira attacks a city on Earth to lure out the Time Patrol, allowing Towa to kidnap Xeno Vegeta and brainwash him into the Black-Masked Saiyan. The Time Patrol confront the Time Breaker alliance and manage to release Xeno Vegeta from Time Breaker control. Demigra responds by transforming into his Final Form, but after being overwhelmed reveals that he has ascended beyond even that form and transforms into his Transcended form before retreating. The Time Patrol give pursuit, fighting their way past the Time Breakers and the returned Gravy and Putine, before engaging in battle with Demigra, Dark Towa, Xeno Dabura and Super Mira. In the end, they successfully defeat Demigra once more and seal him back inside the Crack of Time, but Towa gained enough energy from the events to break the seal on Mechikabura.

Game and Manga Differences

  • Besides the appearance of the main characters, and the transformation of Super Mira due to being enraged that Xeno Bardock is broken out of his control, the stories are almost completely different, the manga version taking place at the time Future Trunks was first recruited as a Time Patroller while the game's storyline is taking place long after.
    • How Future Trunks was recruited as a Time Patroller is shown in the manga chapter, a part of the story not shown in any of the games.
  • The King Piccolo Saga and Baby Hatchiyack Saga are only connected to the Dark Demon Realm Saga as a whole in their trailers, as neither Towa or the Time Patrol appear in the sagas during the game.


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Battles Featured

  • Xeno Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Xeno Bardock (Masked Saiyan)
  • Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan) and Xeno Bardock vs. Mira

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1 "Dispatch! Time Patrol"




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