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This article is about the Demon's Dark Energy transformation. For other "Dark Forms", see Dark Form.

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Dark Demon[1] is a powerful transformation that can be undertaken by a member of the Demon Realm race who absorbs the special energy contained in the Demon Realm or Dark Energy based on the Demon Realm's energy.

Usage and Power

Dark Towa as a member of the Warriors of Darkness in World Mission

The only user of the Darkness Demon form is Towa, who after being resurrected by her extreme hatred in the Dark Demon Realm Saga manages to attain it. This form greatly amplifies both her physical strength and her magic power, and she becomes capable of easily forcefully merging Android 18 into Super 17, and also summoning Hatchiyack to Baby's side.

In Ultimate Mission X Towa transforms into this form by absorbing Dark Energy in order to gift her with enough power to defeat the Time Patrollers, however, she and Super Mira are defeated.

In Dokkan Battle, it is called Darkness.

In the English localization of World Mission, it is called Dark Towa.

Video Game Appearances

Darkness Form Dokkan Battle cards


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