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The Danish Dub is the major Danish version of the Dragon Ball Z anime series. The dub is based upon the original Japanese footage, though it uses the English theme instead of the Japanese theme. It first aired August 2, 2002 on DR1. Then on the Danish children's network DR Ramasjang at January 17, 2011.

The dub is staring Caspar Phillpson as Goku.


The dub was done by DR (Denmarks Radio) who started out buying the first 26 episodes of the Saiyan Saga, afterwards, they purchased more episodes, but for unknown reasons, they stopped buying episodes at episode 79. In 2011, they did a rerun at DR Ramasjang (a children's channel), in the rerun, the show continued until episode 104 (end of Frieza Saga) which is a new record for Danish airing of Dragon Ball Z. After passing episode 104, the show restarted. It is currently unknown what DR is doing while the start of the series is running. Unlike other anime in Denmark, the dub is completely uncut with the original music and sound effects, though it shows the American intro and credits.

Errors Corrected

Raditz error in episode 2: NO

Piccolo's blood in Episode 4: NO

Animation error with Gohan in episode 6: NO

Over 9000 quote in episode 24: YES

Weeks to catch Bubbles error: YES



  • Translator: Søren Lampe

Names in Danish


Gohan to Nappa: Your mom is a toady, ugly old HEROOOOOOOON!!

Piccolo to Gohan: Grrr... Show me how strong you are or else you will get a beat afterwards!

Oolong to Shenron: You know. These Saiyans, can you beat them and save Earth?

Gohan running away from dinosaur: It doesn't look like you to hunt such a little boy like me!!


The movies was also dubbed, with the same voices and studio doing the translation. But the dubs were based upon the AB Group dubs. The movies that were dubbed was:

These Specials were dubbed:


  • The ¨Russian Roulette¨ scene in ¨Princess Snake¨ is still there in this dub.
  • When the episode starts, the title is not shown on a title card but the Narrator (Jørn Gottlieb) tells you the title during the summary of the last episode.
  • The Dragon Ball manga first came out in Denmark in 2000, so the dub was not done until 2001.
  • The Spirit Bomb changes name from Genkidama to Gendikama in episode 29.
  • You can watch the episodes at both 3: 20 (GMT) and 7: 10 (GMT) at the webpage DR.DK/nu/live
  • Almost all of the Danish names are from the Danish version of the Dragon Ball manga.
  • When the intro ends, the narrator reads the title as "Dragon Ball", not Dragon Ball Z.
  • The Danish voice of Frieza is considered as the best Danish voice.
  • There has never been a Danish dub of Dragon Ball, neither Dragon Ball GT or Dragon Ball Kai. Therefore, if the Danish speakers wanted to know what happened before, they needed to read the Dragon Ball manga
  • An unexpected video tape error occurred in Episode 87. When the error occurred, there was text on the screen reading "Båndfejl, vi beklager." which means "Tape error, we're sorry."; the error occurred as Piccolo thought about Goku's strength. The error conquered the first half of the screen, covering most of Piccolo's face.
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