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Dangerous Liquid Bomb (デンジャラスリキッドボム Denjarasu Rikiddo Bomu) is a Rush Attack used by Super Buu.


Super Buu shoots out of his solid form and liquefies himself to force his body into the opponent orally.


Super Buu forces his way inside of Vegito for a surprise takeover

He uses this technique twice, first on Smitty.[2] On this occasion, Super Buu engorges the gunman, causing his body to expand to the point it can no longer take and explodes soon after. He uses it once again, with Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, and Gohan absorbed, on Vegito[3] in a surprise attempt to take control of Vegito's body this time (rather than over-engorge him as he did with Smitty). The effects are seen through Vegito's hyper muscle growth, as Super Buu becomes an addition to Vegito's muscle mass until Vegito reclaims control. Once inside, Buu attempts to take control of Vegito's body by forcing him to move his body at Super Buu's will, and explains that if Vegito attempts to power up, it will also make Buu stronger. However, Vegito quickly realizes a way to dispel Super Buu from his body; by manipulating his ki, Vegito manages to trap him and literally beat Super Buu as he pops up on various points on his body as a large lump. Eventually, Buu makes his way to Vegito's back, so the fusion slams himself backwards against the ground. Super Buu shoots back out Vegito's mouth the same way he came in, leaving himself very exhausted from the failed takeover. In the manga, Super Buu enters his opponent's body and explodes once he is inside.

Video Game Appearances

The Dangerous Liquid Bomb was named in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, where it appears as Super Buu's meteor attack.



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