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Damira (ダーミラ Dāmira) is the EX-Fusion of Mira and Dabura introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions.


Like all EX-Fusions, Damira shares traits of his fusees, other than the Metamo-Ring on his left arm. His suit is red, with a blue spiked cape. Damira displays a blue Dark Empire logo on a black tight. He also wears black wristbands. His horns are more forward-pointing than Dabura's.

Though Mira wasn't using his Super Mira form before fusing, Damira only appears in the form. Thus his pupils are yellowish-green, his sclera is red, and his white hair spikes up.


Super Mira

Main article: Super Fu The form that Damira takes upon fusing, and the only one he uses during the game is the Super Mira form utilized by Mira.

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