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Dale Kelly

Dale Kelly (sometimes credited as Dale D. Kelly or Kelly Dale) is a voice actor, part of the original Funimation cast for Dragon Ball Z. He played the role of Captain Ginyu, and was also the narrator for episodes 68-194 (54-179 edited).

Dale Kelly left FUNimation in 2001, and Brice Armstrong replaced him as Captain Ginyu for the video games and episodes 68-74 remastered (54-60 edited). Kyle Hebert replaced Kelly as the narrator for 195-291 (180-276 edited), movies, and episodes 1-67 remastered (On DVD, Hebert's narration was originally heard starting with episode 172 [157 edited]). Kyle also re-recorded Kelly's narration in the remaining episodes and specials for the season boxed sets. Although Kelly's voice has been removed from the Dragon Ball series, certain scenes with Captain Ginyu laughing or screaming retain his voice in the remastered sets. Dale was also a prominent figure in the music department for Dragon Ball Z, as he is known for producing the soundtracks for the two Dragon Ball Z specials.

Notable roles and credits

Voice roles

Music credits

  • Dragon Ball Z - Music Supervisor
  • Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks - Music Producer: Garden of Grace
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku - Music Producer
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