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Daigen (ダイゲン Daigen) is a soldier in the Frieza Force.


Daigen is a tall muscular alien humanoid with light purple skin and short, wavy dark navy-blue hair. He wears the new black and green variant of the Frieza Force Battle Armor.


Not much is known about his personality, but it is shown that he seems to have little respect for women when he put the moves on Cheelai and wouldn't take no for an answer. Though he was obviously drunk at the time thus it unknown what his normal personality is like when he's sober. While drunk he is very confident in his power and even boasted about being the only full-fledged combatant onboard Frieza's Spaceship despite the presence of the Frieza's Honor Guard who are Frieza's elite bodyguards.



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Daigen being lifted up Broly

At the cafeteria in Frieza's new spaceship, a drunk Daigen decides to make a move on Cheelai, who rebuffs his advances. Daigen, however, is stubborn, and keeps on harassing her. Lemo tries to prevent a conflict, and politely offers to buy a Daigen a drink, but the soldier belligerently knocks him aside, which angers Broly and causes him to attack Daigen after a failed attempt at warning him to stop, only to be stopped by Paragus by shocking Broly through his collar.



Daigen is likely quite strong for a combatant as even though his attacks were completely useless against the likes of Broly, he was able to at least stay conscious despite being briefly choked by the Saiyan (who wasn't using his true strength). Additionally, he claimed to be the only full-fledged combatant brought along to Earth on that occasion (even though the much more powerful Frieza's Honor Guard were stationed on the spaceship as well).

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