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Cynthia (シンシア Shinshia) is one of the teachers at the hovercar training facility in which Goku and Piccolo attended.


Cynthia has round curly auburn hair with brown eyes, wears a white shirt, a red tie, a blue jacket with the letter C on it, and even wears a short light blue skirt with short light blue heels.


In the anime, she appears on the surface to be friendly and nice. However, as a driver her personality switches, becoming rash and wild in her speech and behaves in a manner unbecoming of a driving instructor, as she drives aggressively and recklessly, even encouraging Piccolo to race with Goku.

In Kakarot, her personality however is similar to Yuzukar and behaves as one would expect a driving instructor to, reprimanding Piccolo if he drives recklessly.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Trunks Saga[]

Dragon Ball Z Driving School 100

Cynthia going crazy while driving

Cynthia is beautiful and stylish, but under this exterior, she is really a speed demon in that her personality completely changes the moment she takes the wheel. Even her speech style changes, becoming extremely rash and wild. Cynthia was assigned to be Piccolo's driving instructor. She coaxes Piccolo when he races with Goku. The complete opposite is seen with Goku's driving instructor, Yuzukar. The race ends with a crash, but Piccolo and Goku save Cynthia and Yuzukar from the explosion.

Video Game Appearances[]

Driving Lessons

Cynthia and Yuzukar in Kakarot

In Kakarot, she and Yuzukar appear as driving instructors for Goku and Piccolo in the game's adaption of Goku and Piccolo taking a driving test from "Goku's Ordeal". However, unlike her anime counterpart, she is as portrayed as being as nervous and fearful as Yuzukar who reprimands Piccolo for his reckless driving.

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