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The Cube (キューブ Kyūbu) is a vehicle that can travel freely any where in the universe and between other universes.


The cube is the vehicle of the gods. It can be used to travel anywhere in the universe and can also go to other universes. Champa has a cube and it is promised to Hit by Vados if he wins the tournament. This cube is also used to transport Team Universe 6 and their guests to the Nameless Planet. Whis uses another cube to transport Team Universe 7 and their guests to Beerus' Planet to pick up Beerus and Monaka and then the Nameless Planet for the tournament.

During the Tournament of Destroyers, Hit has lost interest in obtaining the cube because of his entertaining fight with Goku, so he loses his fight with Monaka on purpose. As a result, Team Universe 6 loses the tournament, declaring Team Universe 7 the victors.

Video Game Appearances

"You mean a transport cube? Hmm...interesting... Ho ho ho! All right then, we have a deal."
— Vados agreeing to reward Hit with a Transport Cube in Xenoverse 2

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in New Parallel Quest 104: "Vados the Talent Scout", while recruiting Hit for the Tournament of Destroyers, Vados says she will reward him with anything he desires and Hit requests one of the Cubes as his reward. Vados refers to it as a Transport Cube and finding his choice of reward interesting agrees to his terms.[1]


  • Curiously, when Team Universe 7 was transported into Super Shenron, the cube's glass-like walls disappeared, yet Whis remained standing in his position atop the cube so he could communicate with him. After Super Shenron grants Beerus' wish and scatters, the cube's glass-like walls instantly returned.
    • This implies there was a breathable atmosphere inside Super Shenron thus the walls were not necessary until after returning to the vacuum of space where the Nameless Planet had been as the cube apparently produces a breathable atmosphere when the walls are in place during space travel.


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