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Crusher Destructo-Disc is a combination of the Hyper Crusher Ball and Flash Destructo-Disc used by the EX-Fusions Fuber and Tiradoola in Dragon Ball Fusions.


The user creates two white Energy Spheres which orbit around the user while rising upward to form a large red energy disc which they then throw at their opponent.

Video Game Appearances

This technique was named and first appeared in Dragon Ball Fusions as a Special Move used by Fuber and Tiradoola. Additionally it can also be learned by certain Freeform Fusions involving a Hyper Crusher Ball user and a Flash Destructo-Disc user.


  • Crusher Destructo-Disc uses the same animation as Destructo Spirit Ball and Whirlwind Spin as they all feature twin energy spheres combining into a large energy disc. The only difference between the three techniques is the color of the energy disc. Crusher Destructo-Disc has a red disc that has the same color as the Crusher Ball, while Destructo Spirit Ball has a yellow disc like the Destructo-Disc and Spirit Ball, and Whirlwind Spin has a blue energy disc.