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Crasher Cannon (クラッシャーキャノン Kurasshā Kyanon) is a technique used by Jeice and Burter.


Jeice and Burter extend their arms and fire a powerful beam of energy from their palm or index finger, which explodes on impact. Jeice's version of the attack is red while Burter's is bright blue.


Jeice and Burter both use the technique in their battle against Tien Shinhan who dodges everyone of their attacks. They notably later used a continuous form, very similar to the blasts used as a part of the Purple Spiral Flash, again against Tien Shinhan on King Kai's Planet.


  • Continuous Crasher Cannon – Jeice and Burter both use the attack together in rapid succession, creating a cascade of red and blue energy blasts. They have an enhanced version of this attack called Purple Spiral Flash, in which they spin together and unleash a flurry of ki blasts to rain down on the opponent.


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