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"I commend you for harnessing so much power in that last attack."
— Jiren complementing Vegeta before knocking him out with Counter Impact.

Counter Impact (カウンターインパクト Kauntāinpakuto)[1] is a variation of Power Impact used by Jiren.


After successfully blocking an opponent's attack, Jiren teleports to his distracted opponent and surrounds them within a sphere of ki, electrifying them before it detonates.


In the Tournament of Power, Jiren used this technique against Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, after taking on his Final Flash, which caused him to drop to his base form.

Video Game Appearances

Counter Impact was named and appears as one of Jiren's special attack Dragon Ball FighterZ. In the game, Jiren holds hand outward, surrounding with red aura to anticipate opponent's attack. If a projectile or ki blast of any kind come in contact with Jiren in this state, he will teleport infront of the opponent and counter with his signature Power Impact at point blank, the ki blast rapidly expand in size, engulfing the opponent before explode and blasting them away. Jiren user can hold down the button to extend the counter state.


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