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"Countdown" (カウントダウン Kauntodaun) is the two hundred sixty fifth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred fifty-ninth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Babidi suggests they all return to the surface, as Majin Buu will soon be at full power and might destroy the ship when he emerges from his ball. Supreme Kai agrees, even though he won't allow that to happen. "Paparapapa!!" They are suddenly transported outside, along with Majin Buu's ball. Babidi asks Dabura if he can defeat that Earthling, and Dabura says there is no doubt. Gohan remembers his father's words and tries getting angry as he turns Super Saiyan. Babidi says he won't be done in like father, as he has greater magic power than Papa and Dabura's here this time. The meter on Majin Buu's ball begins beeping, and Babidi looks down to see that it’s already full. Babidi is extremely elated with excitement.

Supreme Kai can't believe Goku has already taken so much damage. Gohan realizes it must be because his father and Vegeta are likely both fighting at the level well beyond Super Saiyan, and so the damage must be incredible. Meanwhile, Goku takes a punch to the face, and then Vegeta takes a punch to the face. The two of them clash, and a cloud of smoke builds up around them. Trunks and Goten wonder if those incredible ki belong to their fathers. Trunks wonders what's actually going on, since their locations keep changing.

Goku and Vegeta break, and catch their breath. Goku says they're equals, and figures Vegeta has trained even more than he had. However, Vegeta tells Goku that the difference has never changed when he watch Goku fight Babidi's monster. That's when Vegeta secretly decided to fall under Babidi's control so difference with Goku would be gone. Goku asks if the pride-filled Vegeta would really let himself be controlled just because he wanted to get strong. Vegeta proclaims he wanted to return his former self but was influenced by everyone, had a family, and even grew to like Earth. That's why by letting Babidi control him, Vegeta would return to his original evil self and feels really now. Goku wonders if that's really true, as smoke starts to shoot up from Majin Buu's ball.



  • Goku (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Vegeta (Majin Vegeta)

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