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The Core People (芯人 Shin-jin) are a race of beings from World Core. The Core People are the true race all Kai and Supreme Kai come from before being given their respective role. They usually have a humanoid appearance with hair, pointed ears and distinctive attires. Their planet holds roughly a population of 80 Core people at one time. In Dragon Ball Fusions, they are considered part of the Offworlder race.



Four Core People (The four Kais)

The Core People are born from magical fruits that grow off of the Kaiju, appearing as male and female. The average Core Person possesses special abilities that far surpass that of any sort of un-trained normal being. Core People live leisurely lives, studying various things at a castle-like school. A Core Person's lifespan is roughly 75,000 years, however, those born from golden magical fruits can live for several millions of years.


Core People in the Super Exciting Guide

Whenever one of the Kai on the Kai planets passes away, the Core People draw lots among themselves to choose who will take the Kai's place and become a new Kai. The Supreme Kais, however, are chosen only from among Core People born from a special golden fruit that is particularly rare. However, it is possible for a Kai to attain the position of Supreme Kai as shown by Chronoa who became Supreme Kai of Time after she raised Tokitoki into an adult. Additionally, Gowasu was originally training Zamasu to become a Supreme Kai and briefly made him a temporary Supreme Kai so he could use a Time Ring and they could travel 1000 years into the future to observe how the Babarian had progressed as a species. In the God Mission 3 (GDM3) Trailer for Dragon Ball Heroes, the Wairu, Fen, and Zen work under Chronoa as members of the Time Patrol with Chronoa bringing them to Demon Realm to backup Beat, Note, and Xeno Trunks in the Time Patrol's battle with the Masked Saiyan and Mira of the Dark Empire.

All Core People possess sharply pointed ears. Core People born from ordinary fruit have a humanoid appearance, though their appearances are distinct from humans and golden fruit Core People, sometimes possessing traits such as whiskers. Core People born from golden fruit all have the same general appearance, usually possessing mohawks, and closely resemble humans, only differing in hair/skin color and other minor details.

Occasionally, there are Core People who are born evil. Those delinquent Core People are cast into the Demon Realm ruled by the Demon Supreme Kai, where they live with the King of the Demon Realm and are secluded from civilizations.[1] However as shown by the incarnations of Zamasu, it is possible for a pure-hearted Core Person to become evil later in life as Future Zamasu and Goku Black were driven to exterminate mortals due to their shared belief that mortals were a blight upon the Multiverse and even murdered their fellow gods due to them allowing the mortals to continue to exist with the exception of Future Zeno which ultimately doomed his plans to failure when Future Zeno erased Infinite Zamasu after being summoned by Goku using Zeno's Button.

Demon Realm Race[]

Young Mechikabura laughing


It is heavily implied by the events of the Dark Demon Realm, Dark Empire, Universe Creation and Infinite History Sagas that those of the Demon Realm Race are Demon Realm Core People.

Demigra and his two allies originated in the Heavenly Realm as assistants to Chronoa before being cast out to what would become the Demon Realm. Additionally, Demigra wears green Potara Earrings (which only a Supreme Kai may wear), with Demigra even being Supreme Kai of Time in a time altered by Fu.

Mechikabura was originally a candidate who competed with Chronoa to become Supreme Kai of Time as both were given a Tokitoki Bird Egg to raise and according to Super Exciting Guide and Twel-Boo Mysteries no one can become a Supreme Kai aside from a Core Person born from a golden fruit. However, Chronoa managed to successfully hatch and raise her Tokitoki into an adult while Mechikabura's attempted to speed up the growth of his Tokitoki with Dark Magic which caused various problems and he also created a fake called Dogidogi which he tried to pass off as the real thing but failed. Demigra also became Mechikabura's underling at this time. Due to his malice, Mechikabura was sealed in a space beyond time that eventually became the Demon Realm where Mechikabura founded Dark Empire and became the Dark King. Additionally, Mechikabura wears a Supreme Kai-like uniform and green earrings which are seemingly Potara.

In the Universe Creation Saga, Salsa is also revealed to own a pair of Potara, which he lends to Goku and Vegeta. Demigra's earrings are also confirmed to be Potara as are the earrings worn by his secretary Robelu, providing evidence that they are Demon Supreme Kai.


Supreme Kai of Time
Supreme Kai Chronoa 1

Time Power Unleashed Chronoa

The Core Person acting as Supreme Kai of Time is capable of using Time Power Unleashed to take on a powerful transformation.

The current Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa can utilize this form in Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle which has the apparent side effect of her seemingly growing up into a voluptuous female form with a clock-like Halo. In this state, she has the power to cast a powerful Sealing technique called Time Labyrinth that can seal targets inside the Crack of Time.

There is also a corrupted version called Brainwashed Berserk which Chronoa utilizes while under the influence of Dark King Mechikabura who has a hybrid state that combines his demonic Dark King form with Time Power Unleashed (as Mechikabura once completed with Chronoa for the position of Supreme Kai of Time).

Saiyan Hybrid

The Half-Saiyan/Half-Core Person Fused Zamasu is able to utilize the Super Saiyan Rosé state - albeit with white hair. In the anime, he is also able to utilize the Halo form. Due to being half-immortal in the anime, he also takes on a Mutation. In Dragon Ball Heroes, an incarnation of Goku Black known as the Crimson-Masked Saiyan achieves Super Saiyan Rosé 2, Super Saiyan Rosé 3, and Super Saiyan Rosé Full Power.

Hero Avatar
Img 07

The Supreme Kai Avatars in their Time Power Unleashed states achieved via Super God Class-up in Super Dragon Ball Heroes

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Earthling users of the Supreme Kai Avatars for Dragon Ball Heroes can use the advanced time travel technology of the Dragon Ball Heroes machines to transform into either a Supreme Kai Hero (Male), Supreme Kai Elite (Male), or Supreme Kai Berserker (Female) Hero Avatar depending upon their Avatar's selected Battle Type (Hero, Elite, or Berserker). In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, the Earthling Zen uses a Supreme Kai Hero as his Avatar which he can transform into using the Hero Switch. The Earthling-Saiyan hybrid Beat can also select Supreme Kai as his Avatar's race in World Mission which he can transform into using the Hero Switch.

Img berserker Supreme Kai

Supreme Kai Berserker using their Ultra Instinct Sign enhanced Time Power Unleashed form achieved via Ultimate Class-up Sign in Super Dragon Ball Heroes

The Supreme Kai Avatars can utilize Class-up to achieve power comparable to a Super Saiyan 2, while Super Class-up grants them power equivalent to Super Saiyan 3. God Class-up gives them power comparable to Super Saiyan God.

Super God Class-up grants them their Time Power Unleashed state (presumably due to the Supreme Kai Avatars being Time Patroller disciples of Chronoa in Dragon Ball Heroes) which is comparable to Super Saiyan Blue. Ultimate Class-up Sign further enhances their Time Power Unleashed state to Ultra Instinct Sign causing their eyes to turn silver while they retain their Time Power Unleashed form's attire.


In some video games, Shin is capable of transforming into Kibito Kai simply by powering up. After Good Buu regains the memories of Grand Supreme Kai, he gains the ability to transform into Grand Supreme Kai gaining his Potara, pointy ears, mohawk, and Supreme Kai attire. Unfortunately since Kid Buu retained most of Grand Supreme Kai's divine power which was inherited by his reincarnation Uub, Grand Supreme Kai Good Buu is unable to utilize Kai Kai Matoru.

Known Core People[]

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Other Dimension
  • Litee (attendant Supreme Kai)


  • In the original manga, Shin and Kibito are the first and only members of their race to have their real names revealed.
  • The Core People in the series are shown to have either male or female appearances and personalities, for example, Old Kai behaves like a lecherous old man (similar to Master Roshi) and Chronoa, who has a girlish appearance, is attracted to wild, tough, and handsome older men that are also open-minded and even called Bardock dreamy. They can even show attractions to members of other races (as Chronoa is implied to be attracted to Bardock and Old Kai often reads Dirty Magazines featuring human women).
    • Additionally, in Xenoverse 2 it is revealed that Old Kai was hopeful that Chronoa had grown into an attractive girl which Chronoa used to her full advantage to convince him to assist the Time Patrol. However, Old Kai was disappointed that Chronoa had not changed at all in appearance since the last time he saw her. Old Kai is not attracted to her childlike appearance and even complains how "small" she is and admits he was hoping she'd have been more mature (and voluptuous). Presumably, he is unaware of her Time Power Unleashed form which causes Chronoa's appearance to age into a more voluptuous appearance (which would likely be more to Old Kai's liking). This implies that Core People are capable of feeling attracted to other Core People (at least those with opposite gendered appearance).
    • However, because Chronoa has a girlish base form, Old Kai does not act lecherous towards her and thus she does not have to put up with his lecherous behavior as some of the female Time Patrollers are forced to deal with.
    • It is unknown if Core People engage in any form of romantic and, or sexual activities themselves though Chronoa is quite the romantic as she worries about Android 18 and Krillin's relationship never occurring as a result of Cell absorbing both 17 & 18 in the Android Warfare Saga (apparently recognizing that Krillin only destroyed the Shut Down Remote and protected 18 after Cell had absorbed 17 and realized that had those events never occurred it could prevent 18 and Krillin's marriage from occurring). Chronoa even admonishes Time Patrol Trunks for being so dense when it comes to romantic matters.



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