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The Core Area Warriors[1] are a collection of individuals whose goal is to destroy Zeno.

They come from different eras and universes, and were gathered by Fu with the intention to eventually release them to increase the excitement on the Prison Planet.[2]


Dragon Ball Heroes

Prison Planet Saga

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Universe Disturbance

The Core Area Warriors on the Prison Planet

In an extra chapter of the manga it is revealed that the Core Area Warriors agreed to partake in Fu's experiment so that the Universe Seed could be filled with energy.

One of the Core Area Warriors, Cunber, breaks out of the Core Area early due to his hunger for battle, he faces off against the gathered members of the Dragon Team and Time Patrol before eventually being defeated.

In the anime, Fu notes that the energy gathered on the Prison Planet means soon "they" will be revived. As the Prison Planet is about to explode the group appear to collect Cunber.

Universal Conflict Saga

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The Tuffle twins Oren and Kamin

Oren and Kamin attack Universe 6, taking down Hit, Cabba, Kale and Caulifla as they do so, leading to Vegeta and Future Trunks having to come to their rescue. During the fight with the Saiyan warriors from Universe 7 they are pushed back and revelling in how much fun they are having, enter the wounds of Kale and Caulifla to continue the battle though leave their hosts when Trunks and Hit set up a trap for them that would lead them to being hit by Vegeta's Final Flash.


The leader of the group Hearts

When the leader of the group, Hearts, arrives he shows his dominance over his enemies and states that using the Universe Seed he will take down Zeno, the Gods of Destruction and the Supreme Kai. Upon reading Hit's mind he determines that Jiren is the strongest mortal and heads to Universe 11 where his comrade Cunber is already preparing to face him after already having taken down Top. Hearts interrupts the battle between Jiren and Cunber by sending his ally ahead to Universe 3 and Zamasu takes over the battle with Jiren in his place.

Kamioren vs Bluegeta

Vegeta vs. Kamioren

Vegeta and Trunks chase after the group to Universe 11 only for Oren to take possession of Vegeta's body. When Goku unexpectedly shows up he uses the power of his Autonomous Ultra Instinct -Sign- to separate Oren from Vegeta. Oren and Kamin merge together to become Kamioren to battle against Goku though Vegeta takes over for him wanting revenge for being controlled. Hearts meanwhile summons Lagss to assist him in taking down Goku.

2019-06-22 171154

Cunber during his battle against Cooler

Eventually Vegeta defeats Kamioren using his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved form and Hearts sends Lagss along to assist Cunber in Universe 3. Hearts once again overpowers the Dragon Team before they are saved by Shin who along with Goku teleports everyone away. Content with the energy that was gathered in Universe 11, four of the Core Area Warriors next head to Universe 7 where they battle against the Dragon Team in the skies above the city. Meanwhile in Universe 3, Lagss finds herself defeated by Fu's modified Cooler. Cunber engages him in battle but he too is defeated after Cooler uses his Golden transformation.


Kamioren after merging with the Universe Seed

Back in Universe 7, Hearts finally fights Goku seriously and appears to win. At the same time Kamioren who is now in a losing battle against Android 17 and Piccolo is given the Universe Seed to merge with which causes them to grow to giant size. As the other Dragon Team members are quickly overpowered, Goku returns in his Autonomous Ultra Instinct -Sign- form once again to confront them. Goku eventually defeats and destroys Kamioren using his completed Autonomous Ultra Instinct form. Hearts receives the completed Universe Seed from Kamioren's remains and begins to merge with it himself. Zamasu watches with interest, saying he had been waiting for this moment.


Upon being released, the Core Area Warriors obtained the Universe Seed that Fu had been preparing.

Lagss and later Kamin traveled to Universe 3 in order to use their technology to build the Universal Release Device.

Video Game appearances

The Core Area Warriors are the main antagonists of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' Universal Conflict Saga. After the events in Universe 11, they travel to Universe 3, where they ally with Paparoni.


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