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The Cooler Wars is the conflict waged by Cooler Force against the inhabitants of Earth and New Namek as retribution for the death of Frieza. They are the main events of Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge and it's sequel Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler.


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When Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta killing almost all the Saiyans, his older brother Cooler and his men saw the Attack Ball containing a baby Saiyan heading to Earth but decided it not to destroy it as it wasn't his business. Cooler had a rivalry with his brother and didn't like him. He had a force of his own, the Cooler Force which was a sub-army of the Frieza Force. They attacked and selled planets until late Age 762 when rumors spread that Frieza had been killed on Namek by a Super Saiyan.


Invasion of Earth

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Sometime after Frieza's supposed death, Cooler decided to attack Earth and kill that Saiyan who defeated his brother personally. Even though Cooler despised his brother, he felt that his family being killed by a Saiyan is a disgrace and wanted to make up for it. He along with his elite force, Cooler's Armored Squadron, attacked the planet and begun their search for Goku. Cooler's Armored Squadron's members Salza, who was the captain, Dore and Neiz found Goku's friends who were camping in the woods and attacked them. They easily bested Gohan and Krillin, which allerted Goku who arrived to stop them. The villainous trio realised he was the one who killed Frieza and attacked him but was overpowered forcing their leader Cooler to deal with him personally. Gohan recovered and attempted to help his father but was blasted by Cooler's Eye Laser causing Goku to step in the way and got severly injured in the back. However, Goku proceeded to counter with a Kamehameha, which although Cooler successfully parried the attack, caused him to realize Goku was most likely still alive, and even speculate he was indeed a Super Saiyan and that might have been the reason Frieza was killed.

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Goku and his friends managed to escape and hide from Cooler and his men who started to search for them, even destroying everything in their path in order to draw them out. Meanwhile, Gohan and Icarus went to Korin Tower in order to take some Senzu Beans wo heal his dad. On their way back, they were spotted and attacked by Cooler's men. Icarus was blasted and injured while Gohan tried to fight but was easily overpowered before being saved by Piccolo who told him to go back. The Namekian easily disposed of both Dore and Neiz and managed to overpower Salza too forcing Cooler to save him once again by blasting Piccolo who mistakenly thought he was attacked by Frieza.

Goku vs. Cooler

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Gohan arrived in time but Salza who followed him blasted the Senzu Beans. Krillin tried to fight him but was easily defeated. Gohan gave Goku an extra Senzu bean he was given to by Yajirobe and went to fight Salza but was quickly defeated as well. Soon, Goku recovered but before fighting Salza, Cooler arrived holding Piccolo's unconscious body. He further blasted Piccolo, causing Goku to get angry and power up, sending Salza into the rocks. He then attacked Cooler and overpowered him forcing him to admitt that he is impressed and reveal his big secret. He had one more transformation left. He transformed becoming bigger and much more powerfull and attacked Goku who noticed that he was even stronger than Frieza.


Cooler brutally beat Goku, who couldn't do a thing even by using the Kaio-ken. Cooler was dissapointed with Goku, questioning how this supposed Super Saiyan power defeated his brother and started to laugh and destroy the surroundings. Goku then thought of his injured friends and the danger the planet was coming into, transforming at last into a Super Saiyan. He then easily overpowered Cooler, who desperate, tried to blow up the planet by using his Supernova Cooler. The attack proved too strong for even Goku who struggled to block it. Goku managed to resist and used a Kamehameha to send it back to Cooler who got blasted into the Sun dying. Soon, Gohan, Krillin and Icarus recovered and tried to help the injured Goku but were ambushed by Salza who survived. Before managing to attack he was pierced and killed by the recovering Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon.

Invasion of New Namek

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A few years later, in Age 767, the New Namek was attacked by a mysterious force. Dende, the new Guardian of the Earth sensed it and asked Goku and his friends to go there to stop the invasion. Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, Yajirobe, Master Roshi and Oolong arrived on the planet only to see it swalloed by the Big Gete Star, a computer chip that evolved into a artificial intelligence controlling many planets. It appeared that the Big Gete Star managed to find Cooler's supposely dead body in space and merge with him, bringing him back to life into the form of Meta-Cooler Core. Goku and his friends arrived and watched an army of droids, the Cyclopian Guards taking the Namekians as hostages.

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Suddenly, a familiar vocie was heard and a metallic cybernetic version of Cooler, Meta-Cooler, appeared suprising everyone. He explained to them how he survived and ordered his Guards to attack them. Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin fought the droids who proved to be tough opponents taking no damage. Piccolo told Gohan and Krillin to focus and use their full power. Piccolo easily overpowered them, while Gohan and Krillin, despite initially succeeding, were capture by them and were taken inside the Big Gete Star. Piccolo destroyed the remaining droids and went there to save them.

Vegeta's arrival


Meanwhile, Goku begun his fight with Meta-Cooler, who was much stronger than the previous Cooler forcing Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan. Goku managed to cut his arm, but the Big Gete Star restored it making him even more powerful. Cooler overpowered Goku and attempting to chock him to death but Vegeta arrived kicking him away. Vegeta also transformed into a Super Saiyan and charged at Cooler but was quickly overpowered. The two Saiyans continued to fight but could not damage. After attacking together, they managed to destroy Meta-Cooler, only to see that an army of Meta-Coolers had arrived to stop them. They desperately used their remaining power to destroy them but were eventually captured and moved into the Big Gete Star were the Meta Cooler Core greeted them and revealed his plan to take their energy.

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Meanwhile, Piccolo arrived there too only to be ambushed by an upgraded Meta-Cooler. Cooler tried to absorb Goku's and Vegeta's powers but the two Saiyans resisted and escaped from their chains causing mass explosions inside the Big Gete Star causing all of remaining Meta-Coolers and droids to be destroyed. Cooler decided to fight himself seizing Goku and attempting to crush him, but Vegeta used a Destructo Disc to cut his arm giving Goku the opening he needed to blast him and destroy him. Soon, the two escaped and were healed by the Senzu Beans. New Namek was thus safe again so Goku and his friends went back to Earth. Vegeta went on his own and even destroyed the micro-chip thus ending the Big Gete Star and Cooler forever.


  • The Cooler Wars had some similarities with the Battle of Planet Namek, Frieza and Cold's invasion as well as the Android conflict.