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The Cooler Force[1] are a sub-army of the Frieza Force.[2] They are a planet subjugation force,[3] who deal with the strongest who can challenge them.[4]


Cooler considers his army as being separate from his brother's[4] and lists his conquered planets as "Cooler Planets", which are at least 256 in number, rather than "Frieza Planets".[5] The Frieza Force seems to view Cooler's army as a rival to their own.[6]

Out of all Frieza's soldiers, Cooler states that he only respects Captain Ginyu and that he would like to have him as a part of the Cooler Force.[4]

Like the Ginyu Force called upon by Frieza on Namek, Cooler's Armored Squadron compose the elder brother's own special fighting team. In the past, Cooler tested Salza against Captain Ginyu for the captain's position.[7] These three warriors serve as Cooler's subordinates throughout the course of Cooler's Revenge. Their dress is the customary garb of soldiers in Frieza's military; an extended length of armor juts from their left shoulder, while the uniforms themselves are in Cooler's primary colors of purple and white. They are shown to have a habit of blocking or reflecting ki blasts rather than dodging them, Dore however tried to evade Piccolo's homing blast, but in the end he decided to block it and thus met his end. Piccolo eliminated all of the Cooler's Armored Squadron after Cooler's revenge for his family's demise on Earth failed.

After merging with the Big Gete Star and becoming Meta-Cooler Core, the Cooler Force became composed primarily of Cyclopian Guards and the Meta-Cooler Corps. After their conquest of New Namek failed, Vegeta destroys the chip which contained the memories of Cooler and ends the Cooler Force.

Cooler escapes Hell in Dragon Ball GT

The biological members of this army, including Cooler himself, are shown to have escaped Hell in both Fusion Reborn in Age 774 and in the Super 17 Saga in Age 790 - but in both cases are killed and sent to Hell once again by the Dragon Team.

Known Members

A Meta-Cooler with Cyclopian Guards

Video game only
  • Future Warrior (a member of the Time Patrol who can become part of the Cooler Force in the Frieza's Spaceship Time Miniature rift and/or by taking on Final Form Cooler as their Patroller Academy Instructor in Conton City)
  • Samo
  • Keith
  • Maine
  • Ripper
  • Frieza Soldier race Combatants
What-if only
Fused members
  • Frieza Clan (A powerful Frieza Race family dynasty descended from the space pirate Chilled that Cooler, his father, brother, and nephew belong to; Cooler takes great pride in the Frieza Clan's honor to the point it is his main reason for seeking revenge on the Super Saiyan Goku for the humiliating defeat of Frieza during the Battle on Planet Namek)
  • Frieza Force (there are times when the Cooler Force and Frieza Force become aligned usually to take on a more powerful adversaries; while other times they may be rival factions to sworn enemies)
  • Time Breakers (Towa transports Cooler to the Battle on Planet Namek to defeat Goku alongside his brother Frieza, Metal Cooler Corps travel to the Cell Games via a Wormhole, and the Time Breakers intervene to resurrect Cooler alongside his brother to take part in Frieza's Revenge)
  • Time Patrol (an iteration of Final Form Cooler is among the Patroller Academy Instructors that train members of the Time Patrol e considers worthy to take part in his Initiation Test. However like other villains, Cooler seeks to recruit promising students into his Cooler Force which consists of Cooler's Armored Squadron and Metal Cooler Corps, however if he is the Conton City Hero's current instructor he will be recruited by Chronoa to investigate several time rifts during the events of the Infinite History Saga)
  • Organization of Babidi (participated in the Super Cell Games during the Tournament of Time on the behalf of Dabura)
  • Galaxy Soldiers (their leader acted as Cooler and New Cell's teammate in the Super Cell Games during the Tournament of Time).
  • New Cell (Cooler's teammate during the Super Cell Games; later betrayed Cooler after he attempted to destroy the Earth with a Supernova, which would have ended the Super Cell Games prematurely if it had succeeded.
  • New Cell Juniors (the offspring of Cooler's Super Cell Games teammate New Cell)

Video Game Appearances

Cooler Force's targets according to Xenoverse 2

In the video game Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzōningen, alongside his Armored Squadron, several other minor soldiers arrive on Earth with Cooler: Samo (an orange version of Fisshi), Keith (a purple alien), Maine (a green version of Neiz), and Ripper (a teal version of Dore). In the what-if story "Beautiful Treachery" in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Cooler has a messenger who is the same species as Cui. In the Extra Age scenario "The Revenge of Cooler" in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Cooler brings three Frieza Soldiers with him to Earth. In the next scenario, "True Final Form", he summons a further three soldiers to replace the defeated three, and summons another one every time a soldier is defeated.

Cooler gains additional henchmen in several what-if scenarios in the Nintendo DS game Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2. In his own saga, he uses the Dragon Balls to revive the Ginyu Force, Dodoria, and Zarbon to act as his henchmen. In Gotenks' scenario, he uses a control device developed by the Big Gete Star to control Broly.

In Xenoverse 2, Frieza and his underlings openly express their anger, disgust and feeling of betrayal if the Future Warrior wears the Battle Suit (Cooler's Armored Squadron) in their presence.[4] In addition to Battle Suit (Cooler's Armored Squadron), Battle Suit's worn by Dore and Neiz Battle Suit (Dore) and Battle Suit (Neiz) appear as equipment sets that can be purchased at the TP Medal Shop in Conton City. Additionally Dore's Scouter (complete with helmet) appears as an obtainable Accessory. Inside the Frieza's Spaceship Time Miniature rift, the Cooler Force appears as one of the factions that the undercover Future Warrior can join as they raise through the ranks of the Frieza Force, with Cooler traveling to the ship personally to recruit them. While Salza, Neiz, and Dore do not appear physically, Cooler's Armored Squadron is mentioned by several characters within the rift including Cooler and some members of the Ginyu Force will mention their rivalry with Cooler's Armored Squadron. The Future Warrior can choose whether to remain with the Frieza Force or join the Cooler Force which will determine which side they will fight for in the subsequent conflict between the Cooler Force and Frieza Force as Cooler seeks to usurp his brother's position as Universe 7's Universal Emperor. If the Future Warrior chooses to join the Cooler Force, they will join Cooler in his campaign to make himself the ruler of Universe 7 with the Future Warrior being given command over the Frieza Force.which ends up becoming subordinate to the Cooler Force, with the Future Warrior acting as Cooler's second in command. If they are a Saiyan, Cooler even considers allowing them the opportunity to rebuild their race provided they and their descendants remain loyal to the Cooler Force. After Cooler's takeover, the Future Warrior can assist Cooler in training to grow stronger as while Cooler spares his younger brother's life, he continues to hone his strength to maintain his rule over Universe 7, especially to prevent his brother from reclaiming his position. This leads to Cooler transforming into Metal Cooler as a transformation. If the Future Warrior is a member of the Frieza Race, they can challenge Metal Cooler for the position of Universal Emperor and supreme leader of the Frieza Clan. If the Future Warrior sides with Frieza, this will lead to Frieza Force prevailing in the conflict with the Cooler Force, with the Future Warrior becoming Frieza's second in command, though Frieza allows Cooler to live and as a result seeks the Future Warrior's aid in training allowing him to achieve his Golden Frieza form. After helping Frieza achieve Golden Frieza, the Frieza Race Future Warrior can overthrow Frieza to takeover the Frieza Force. Despite both brothers desiring to overthrow them, they are willing to put aside their differences in order to ensure the Frieza Clan remains in control of Universe 7 Cooler and Frieza, by helping the new Universal Emperor achieve their Turn Golden form. During Frieza's Siege, Cooler and the Metal Cooler Corps of the Cooler Force will join the Frieza Force in its invasion of Conton City, however they seem to come from an early period of the Frieza's Spaceship Time Miniature rift as Frieza retains his position of Universal Emperor though Cooler, Metal Cooler, and the other Frieza Force members will comment on the Future Warrior betrayal (due to them being unaware that the Future Warrior is actually an undercover Time Patroller investigating what created the Time Miniature rift.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, the game world Cooler Force consisting of the game world Cooler and his Armored Squadron come to the aid of his nephew Kuriza and his henchmen Avo and Cado who due to an anomaly had come to Earth in Age 764 to assist King Cold and Mecha Frieza in fighting Beat and Note of the Dragon Ball Heroes team. Though Cooler admonishes his brother and father for being defeated despite assistance from Kuriza and his subordinates, after Beat and Note kill Salza, Neiz, and Dore, Golden Cooler allows Final Form Kuriza and Aka to fight alongside him, as a way of allowing Kuriza and Aka to regain their honor. However they are eventually killed by Beat and Note, though the pair are left exhausted from their battles with Mecha Frieza, King Cold, the Armored Squadron, Kuriza, Cooler, Avo, Cado, and Aka.



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