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Continuous Crasher Cannon (連続クラッシャーキャノン Renzoku Kurasshā Kyanon) is a Continuous Energy Bullet variation of the Crasher Cannon used by Jeice and Burter.


Jeice and Burter fly around together and fire multiple red and blue blasts of Crasher Cannon from their palms, which form a monsoon of energy blasts that rains down upon the opponent, inflicting massive damage.


Crasher Cannon2

Burter's Continuous Crasher Cannon

They first use this attack against Goku, who dodges every one of their blasts seemingly without moving at all. Angered, Jeice and Burter then resort to the Purple Spiral Flash, which Goku is able to deflect merely by screaming. Later, during their battle against Tien Shinhan on King Kai's Planet, Burter and Jeice team up and fire a flurry of energy blasts at Tien, who is able to defend against them as well.


Video Game Appearances[]

In Super Saiya Densetsu, it is named Continuous Energy Wave.

In the Budokai Tenkaichi series, it is named Full Power Energy Ball and is one of Burter's Blast 2.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Ultimate Mission, Ultimate Mission 2, Ultimate Mission X, and World Mission, it is named Rising Shot (ライジングシュート) and is Burter's Super Attack.