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Connoisseur Cut is a technique used by Android 21 in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


The user rushes towards their opponent and grabs them by the throat, then stab them with an energy blade. Depending on the opponent, the user can copy their moves after the attack. The copied technique will replace the variation of Connoisseur Cut used (forward or backward, grounded or aerial) which gives them up to four different techniques.

Video Game Appearances

This is one of Android 21's special moves in Dragon Ball FighterZ. In FighterZ, The characters are divided in four categories determining what move Android 21 will copy:

Using the EX version of Total Detonation Ball resets all the stolen moves and increases its size and power depending on how many moves were stolen in the first place.


  • Although the different groups are not officially named, they represent Turtle School (blue), Saiyans (yellow), Aliens (purple), and Androids (green).
  • During the final boss of the Story Mode, Android 21 (Evil) starts the match with one copied technique from each of the four groups, which is almost impossible te recreate in normal play since teams are composed at most of 3 characters. The only way to achieve this would be to have Captain Ginyu in the opposing team and have him perform Body Change with a character from the fourth missing group from Android 21's team.