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Confront the Red Ribbon Army (ゆけ悟空!突撃開始 Yuke Gokū! Totsugeki Kaishi, lit. "Go, Goku! The Assault Begins") is the eighth episode of the Commander Red Saga and the sixty-fifth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on June 10, 1987.


As Goku is flying off towards the Red Ribbon Army stronghold, Colonel Violet uses the Dragon Radar that General Blue recovered from Goku to find the Seven-Star Ball. She returns to the Red Ribbon Army stronghold and hands the ball in to Commander Red in exchange for her fee. Staff Officer Black notices four Dragon Balls headed their way, and believe it to be Mercenary Tao returning to collect his fee.


Bulma and Oolong

Meanwhile, Bulma finds Goku headed for the stronghold, and Master Roshi decides to go rescue Goku. Bulma calls Yamcha for transportation, who decides to accompany Roshi. As the episode comes to a close, the narrator recaps the entire Red Ribbon Army Saga (the original Japanese version just uses the montage of music with no narration). Krillin is missing due to swimming to the grocery store for Roshi.


  • Launch has once again switched personas by this episode, this time to her tomboy mindset. Additionally, she doesn't react in rage when Bulma gets angry with her. She also seems to be more passive and co-operative compared to her previous appearances.
  • The woman on the beach who disrobes has her breasts exposed for a single frame, however they don't have any nipples drawn on them.


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