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"Yes... Yes! You're right on target, Comet Camori! Come and get us! DESTROY US!"

Comet Camori (グモリー彗星 Gumorī Suisei)[1] is the comet that Paragus attempted to use to destroy New Planet Vegeta.[2]


Before Comet Camori eventually crashed into the planet, destroying it, Broly crushed Paragus in his Attack Ball and threw it into the comet. Krang, the scientist working for Paragus, and Paragus' soldiers were the only ones killed by the comet, since the Dragon Team evacuated the Shamoians into a spaceship. Unbeknownst to the Z Fighters, Broly also managed to escape the planet in a space pod just before New Planet Vegeta was obliterated, albeit severely wounded.[3]


  • When Comet Camori was first introduced, Paragus was utilizing some purple shards to show Comet Camori with him "telling" Comet Camori to come and get them and destroy them while laughing maniacally. It is unknown whether these purple shards were intended to summon Comet Camori or if they were simply to view it.
  • Although it was labelled as a comet, the fact that the comet was depicted as being several times larger than New Planet Vegeta made it closer to a rogue planet.