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Combatants (戦闘員 Sentōin),[1] usually referred to as "Frieza Soldiers" (フリーザ軍兵士 Furīza Gun Heishi), and also called Planet Warriors[2] are generic henchmen of the galactic conquerors Frieza and King Cold, they all work as part of the Frieza Force.

The combatants are commanded by those of higher rank to them, such as Cui.[1]


Two Combatants

Combatants come from numerous different races, most of them enslaved and subdued to the Frieza Force, however, they all wear the standard Battle Armor of the Frieza Force, in a variety of colors. The vast majority of them also wear a Scouter to detect their enemies power level and for inter-communication; the weakest members of the army can be seen carrying Arm Cannons to shoot enemies with instead of the usage of ki blasts.

In the anime adaption of Episode of Bardock, the soldiers under Chilled's command are all equipped with archaic white Battle Armor (that does not fully cover their upper body area), wrist protectors, arm cannons, belts, boots and cloth over their rear. Some who are positioned on the ship also wear gloves and helmets.

During Frieza's resurrection and revenge, Combatants would wear the classic battle armor model, while Frieza's mercenaries were given the updated new model battle armor.



Saiyan Genocide

Main article: Genocide of the Saiyans

Frieza's Soldiers try to stop Bardock

In the anime, a large force of combatants were sent from Frieza's Spaceship to hold down Bardock as he attempted to make his way from Planet Vegeta to Frieza aboard the ship. Frieza later went on to kill Bardock and his own soldiers as well as destroying Planet Vegeta using his Supernova. In the dub for "The End of Vegeta" and to a lesser extent "Fighting Power: One Million??", it is mistakenly implied that the Combatants were on Bardock's side instead of on Frieza's side during the confrontation.

Dragon Ball Z

Frieza Saga

Main articles: Namek Saga and Captain Ginyu Saga

Frieza's Reconnaissance team, Banan and Sui

In the manga, on Planet Frieza 79, a squad of twelve[3] low and mid level soldiers (Appule, Cranberry, Banan, Sui, Frog-Face, Krumbo, Nabana and five others) were directly selected by Zarbon and Dodoria to take part in the top secret mission to Namek under Frieza's command.[4]

Arriving on Namek they travelled from village to village in search of the Namekian Dragon Balls but have a eventual run in with Krillin and Gohan who oppose them. Aside from Appule, all members of this squad were wiped out in battle with three Warrior-type Namekians, though Cranberry was killed by Zarbon and as a result was later amongst those resurrected by a wish to the Dragon Balls.

In the anime there where far more soldiers brought to Namek, many of whom were killed by Vegeta when he rampages on board their ship. Anime only combatants who partook in the invasion included: Guprei as part of the village-attack squad, Namole, Strock, Captain Strong, Goose and Oggers as part of the army stationed onboard Frieza's spaceship, as well as Orlen, Raspberry, Blueberry and numerous other unnamed soldiers.

Trunks Saga

Main article: Trunks Saga Frieza along with his father King Cold head to Earth along with more combatants. It is only shortly after their arrival that they encounter the young Saiyan Trunks who with almost no effort dispatches of Frieza's minions followed by Frieza and King Cold himself.

Dragon Ball Super

Golden Frieza Saga

Main articles: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, Golden Frieza Saga, and Frieza's revenge

The Combatants on Earth

Following Frieza and King Cold's death. Sorbet, formerly a member of Frieza's support staff in the Third Stellar Region became the commander of the Frieza Force. They continued to salvage and conquer planets but were met with resistance and great struggle leading Sorbet to come to the decision to use Earth's Dragon Balls to revive Frieza and restore their former glory.

After Frieza's revival he took an army, (dubbed as the New Frieza Army), of one thousand (thousands in the Dragon Ball Super manga) combatants including powerful mercenaries with him to partake in his revenge against Earth and the Saiyans, Goku and Trunks. All of them were defeated in battle by the Dragon Team before being killed by Frieza himself for being a disgrace to him.

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga

Frieza's new army

Following Frieza's second revival after the conclusion of the Tournament of Power, Frieza resumes his position as leader of the Frieza Force. He apologizes to his soldiers for making them wait so long and re-introduces himself, while announcing that the "Emperor of the Universe" has returned.

Dragon Ball GT

Super 17 Saga

Main article: Super 17 Saga A few years later, with Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu having opened an inter-dimensional rift between Earth and Hell, the Combatants made their escape from Hell and were defeated once again.

Film Appearances

Fusion Reborn

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Thanks to the explosion of Soul Cleansing Machine and the perversion of the Check-In Station, all of the Combatants escaped from Hell, but were sent back.


Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The new Frieza Force's cafeteria in Frieza's new spaceship

In the past, many combatants are seen during the annexation of the Saiyans. In the present, they are seen in Frieza's spaceship however their numbers have diminished due to most being killed during Frieza's revenge forcing the Frieza Force to send new recruits like Cheelai and non-combants like Lemo to find powerful warriors which leads to the discovery of the Saiyan survivors Paragus and his son Broly stranded on Vampa. Due to Paragus' hatred of the Saiyan Royal Family and Broly's high power level, Frieza is pleased by the discovery and both Cheelai and Lemo are rewarded for their efforts. One combatant named Daigen is encountered by Cheelai, Lemo, Broly, and Paragus in the mess hall of Frieza's new spaceship, where he drunkenly hits on an uninterested Cheelai and he claims to be the only full-fledged combatant onboard despite the presence of Frieza's Honor Guard though they are Frieza's personal bodyguards and not average combatants like Daigen. Broly angrily stands up to Daigen while Lemo tries to calm Daigen down by offering him a drink only for Daigen to attack Lemo. He then attacks Broly but his punches only anger Broly who starts choking Daigen forcing Paragus to use the Broly Control Mechanism to stop his son from killing Daigen who survives thanks to Paragus' intervention. However Cheelai stands up for Broly and while arguing with Paragus steals the remote and after Paragus leaves to speak with Frieza, she destroys it. It is revealed that Frieza desires the Dragon Balls to increase the height of his true form by five centimeters as he is sensitive about his height to the point he has a long history of killing any soldier that dare mock his height with veterans like Lemo considering such talk as a taboo subject, though Frieza's trusted attendant Berryblue gets away with referencing it when she correctly guesses Frieza's wish however she notes all soldier that dared were executed by Frieza himself.

The Frieza Force attacking a planet three days after its third conflict with the Dragon Team on Earth ends in defeat in Broly

The Frieza Force invades Earth to collect the Dragon Balls acquired by two weak operatives saving them from Goku and Vegeta. However only Broly engages the two while Frieza and Paragus observe from the sidelines with Frieza later killing Paragus to trigger Broly's transformation into a Super Saiyan only for Goku and Vegeta to fuse into Gogeta who forces Broly to transform into his Legendary Super Saiyan form, though Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta proves too powerful forcing Cheelai and Lemo to save their new friend by using the Dragon Balls to send him back to Vampa. Gogeta stops Frieza from killing Cheelai and Lemo, causing Frieza to cut his losses and leave Earth. Frieza however hopes Cheelai and Lemo who joined Broly on Vampa may tame Broly whom he still desires to have as a elite soldier. The Frieza Force is seen attacking a planet three days later as Frieza focuses on reestablishing his empire.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Dragon Ball Heroes

Prison Planet Saga

Main article: Prison Planet Saga

Cooler and King Cold

In the manga, Fu had brought King Cold alongside some of his combatants to the Prison Planet, where they have gathered the Four-Starred Special Dragon Ball. Eventually, the Combatants are slain by Hatchiyack, who also attacked and almost killed Cold. Cooler has a run in with his father and asks if Cooler will fight along side him and for him. However Cooler fires a Death Beam through him, killing him, not wanting to be taken advantage of and recovers the Dragon Ball from him.

Dragon Ball Legends

Main article: Dragon Ball Legends

The Dried Fruitz in Dragon Ball Legends

Numerous combatants serve Turles during the Tournament of Time. Additionally Roberry, Guprei, & Monrei appear as part of the Dried Fruitz team.

What-if scenarios

Episode of Bardock

Main article: Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

Cabira and Toobi attack Planet Plant

Long before the start of Dragon Ball the Frieza Force learnt of the existence of a powerful healing elixir that is used by the Inhabitants of Plant so they sent an Attack Ball with Toobi and Cabira to check it out, the two caused some havoc before encountering Bardock, a Saiyan who was sent back in time, who easily defeats and kills them. After ten days of not hearing from his two henchmen, Chilled decides to take his crew with him and check things out himself.

In the manga adaptation, Chilled kills his Frog-Face's race soldier for standing in front of him before warning his men to never do so and explain his plan of discovering his lost henchmen's whereabouts. Once arriving there in the animated film he and his men dressed with cloaks to hide their true identity and claimed they're from the Galactic Patrol who came to "help the locals" asking them about "two wanted evildoers (to know about Toobi and Cabira's fates)" they're looking after, then after receiving the news that the two were killed by Bardock they start questioning them about the special liquid and charging an attack when being refused of answers by the locals. Ipana (who in the manga version suspect Chilled to be evil for having blood dripping on his hand from his recent kill) rashes to call Bardock who quickly dispose of Chilled's men, then challenging the tyrant himself after confusing him to be Frieza, after a quick fight with Chilled, the tyrant's proving to be far too much for the Saiyan who then remembers his dead crew members and Ipana injured, Bardock turns into a Super Saiyan and defeats Chilled by sending him outside the planet.

Afterward, Chilled is being rescued by his other soldiers who try to heal him, but he passes away after telling them to warn his family of the "blond being called Saiyan".


Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Several types of Combatant are encountered in the game first appearing on Namek in the Frieza Saga Episode 1. Banan and Sūi are replaced by a Frieza Force Commando and a Frieza Force Officer. The Officer is the one responsible for damaging the Nameless Namek's Spaceship with a Ki Blast. At times some Combatants are referred to in dialog boxes with the name Frieza Force Soldier A and Frieza Force Soldier B though these are just generic identifiers and cam be used on combatants regardless of type. Appule and other members of his race with identical coloration are classified as Frieza Force Grunts that are generally responsible for setting up bases (smaller versions of Frieza's Spaceship) on colonized worlds among other tasks. Other members of Appule's race appear as Guards, Scouts, and Guerrillas with varying skin and spot colors based on their type. Above Officers, their are Corporals and Sergeants, Above Commandos are Super Commandos and Elite Commandos. Officers, Corporals, and Sergeants are all humanoid aliens with varying skin and hair colors based upon their type. Commandos, Super Commandos, and Elite Commandos are all burly humanoid aliens with varying skin and hair colors based upon their type as will. Elite Commandos and Sergeants only start appearing after Goku arrives on Namek. Additionally Combatants employ unmanned planes as drones to aid then in battle. Attack Drone are designed as offensive units, while Assist Drone can boost a combatants base power level, and Recovery Drone are the go-to medical units restoring health in the field and on the front lines. Some combatants can summon Drones to aid then in battle.

Frieza Force Soldier Melone from "Rogue Chef Melone" in Kakarot

All combatants on Namek have been given orders to kill anyone they find on Namek which includes any unfortunate tourists like the alien couple from "Tourtists in Trouble" or visitors like Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin. However the soldiers that find the Namekian Child survivor Necke decide to take him prisoner to be interrogated about the Dragon Balls, only to be defeated by Gohan who helps the traumatized child (who's village was destroyed by the invaders) deal with a odd stress disorder that causes him to be unable to absorb nutrients from water forcing him to consume solid food in the form of Namekian Fruit collected by Gohan. In "Rogue Chef Melone", Gohan and Krillin encounter lower rank variant of the Frieza Force Officer called a Frieza Force Soldier. They easily defeat the soldier who they both note is weak. Eventually they discover he is actually a Frieza Force deserter who claims to be a famous chef and explains he joined the Frieza Force so he could join the invasion of Namek where several rare fruits can be found which he wishes to use as ingredients. Unfortunately he has had no luck finding them and assumed that Krillin and Gohan were Frieza Force members sent to bring him in for desertion due to the Battle Armor they recently acquired from Frieza's Spaceship at Vegeta's suggestion. Gohan decides to help Melone find the fruit he seeks. They manage to collect a Yuckermelon, an Ajisa Orange, and a Rollonut. They bring the fruit back to Melone who explains their culinary use. During his explainations of the Yuckermelon and Ajisa Orange, he mentions they can increase the power of a certain race and Gohan asks which race he is referring too. Melone then reveals it is his race and eats the two fruits causing his ki to skyrocket and produce a reddish orange flaming aura. Gohan and Krillin brace for a fight thinking Melone tricked them, however Melone surprises them by saying he will make them the Ultimate Fruit Juice. Melone reveals he needed to increased strength granted by the fruits to crack open the Rollonut. He cracks it open and uses it and the other two fruits to create the Ultimate Fruit Juice which he gives to Gohan out of gratitude for helping him. Gohan and Krillin both note they thought he was going to fight them and think to themselves that the Frieza Force sure has some weird people within its ranks. During the Sub Story: "Close Encounters of the Troublesome Kind", it is revealed that Melone survived the destruction of Planet Namek, having been rescued by the alien tourist couple from the Frieza Saga: Episode 4, Sub Story: "Tourists in Trouble" and due to Frieza death, he decided to quit the Frieza Force for good to become a galactic travel guide who would give the tourist couple a food tasting tour of various planets, with them having come to Earth to sample the delicous tail meat of a Durasaurus which Piccolo acquires to get them to leave Earth due to the threat of the Mysterious Monster though the tourist eat it before Melone can get a taste. He gives Piccolo some Ultimate Fruit Juice as an apology for the trouble and decides to take the couple to Planet Yardrat to try the local sweet potatoes. Additionally, there is a former Frieza Force Grunt known as Former Frieza Force Soldier who can be found in Jingron Village in the Continent Central Area who will tell the story of how he left the Frieza Force if spoken to by Piccolo. He reveals he was badly injured in a fight after decending to Earth and thought he would die only to be rescued by a local village girl (known simply as Protective Girl) who treated his wounds, causing him to feel ashamed at taking part in the invasion (presumably Mecha Frieza's indicating he was injured by Future Trunks) so he decided to repent by working for Jingron Village's town militia, protecting the town and the girl who saved him.

In Age 774, Appule is resurrected and due to the power vacuum created by the death of Frieza and his father, he manages to take control of the remnants of the Frieza Force on Earth promoting himself their new leader in Frieza's absence.


  • Frieza Force Grunt - A low-ranking soldier in the Frieza Force with spotted bluish skin and an elongated cranium. Many like him were commanded to establish bases on colonized planets, along with other tasks. A type of combatant that are members of Appule's race in Kakarot. Appule is identical in appearance to this type.
    • Former Frieza Force Soldier - A soldier who was injured while invading Earth and was saved by the Protective Girl who lives in Jingron Village, causing him to feel ashamed and deciding to repent by going AWOL and joins the town militia to protect Jingron Village and the girl who saved him.
  • Frieza Force Guard - Run-of-the-mill Frieza Force soldiers with somewhat high power levels. They possess no special equipment or abilities, making them relatively easy to best in combat. A type of combatant that are green skinned black spotted members of Appule's race in Kakarot. One appears among the group of soldiers that threatens the alien couple searching for Maristone on Namek in the Sub Story "Tourtists in Trouble".
  • Frieza Force Scout - Frieza Force soldiers with extensive combat experience and high power levels. They make use of a variety of close-combat moves, though they can be difficult to manage from a distance in large numbers. A type of combatant that are yellow skinned red spotted members of Appule's race in Kakarot. One appears among the grouo of soldiers planning to take in the Namekian survivor Necke in for interrogation about the Namekian Dragon Balls in the Sub Story "Victimized Namekian". Another one appears among the group of soldiers that threatens the alien couple searching for Maristone on Namek in the Sub Story "Tourists in Trouble".
  • Frieza Force Guerrilla - Frieza Force soldiers with considerably high power levels. The moves they employ don't differ across race, but their experience on the front lines makes them incredibly proficient and surprisingly dangerous. A type of combatant that are red skinned yellow spotted members of Appule's race in Kakarot. Two appear as subordinates of the Frieza Force Corporal Alien in Kakarot.
  • Frieza Force Officer - Obnoxious low-ranking soldiers with short hair. They are an integral part of colonization forces and thus can be found all over. They are not very strong and can easily be defeated. A yellow skinned black haired humanoid alien type of combatant in Kakarot. One officer replaces Sūi as the one responsible for damaging the Nameless Namek's Spaceship in Kakarot.
    • Frieza Force Soldier - A lower racked variant of the Frieza Force Officer type which appears briefly as an enemy in the Sub Story "Rogue Chef Melone" in Kakarot. Melone is this type of Combatant. Additionally, he is known as the Mysterious Warrior when he appears as a enemy during the Sub Story "Close Encounters of the Troublesome Kind".
  • Frieza Force Corporal - Smart and confident soldiers. They are more powerful than lower-ranking soldiers, with their melee attacks being particularly dangerous. A teal skinned blonde haired humanoid alien type of combatant in Kakarot. One appears among the group of Combatants planning to take in Necke in for interrogation about the Namekian Dragon Balls in the Sub Story "Victimized Namekian". Alien is a member of this type.
  • Frieza Force Sergeant - A selective group of adept soldiers. They excel at both close-range and long-range attacks, and their powerful moves can make them extremely deadly in large numbers. A green skinned silver haired humanoid alien type of combatant in Kakarot.
  • Frieza Force Commando - Crude and tough low-ranking soldiers. Though they are skilled at melee combat, they are easy to defeat. A burly tanned skin black haired humanoid alien type of combatant in Kakarot. One Commando replaces Banan as one of the combatants that find Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan shortly after they arrive on Namek in Kakarot.
  • Frieza Force Super Commando - Able-bodied, powerful soldiers. They possess strong moves that are sure to leave a mark. A burly grey skin red haired humanoid alien type combatant in Kakarot. One appears as part of the group of soldiers that planned to take Necke in for interrogation about the Namekian Dragon Balls in the Sub Story "Victimized Namekian". Another one appears as among the group of soldiers that threatens the alien couple looking for Maristone on Namek in the Sub Story "Tourtists in Trouble".
  • Frieza Force Elite Commando - Elite soldiers that stand out among other elites. Their tenacity and efficient movements can prove challenging to deal with in longer battles. A burly purple skinned white haired humanoid alien type of combatant in Kakarot.
  • King Cold's Subordinate - King Cold's most powerful combatants, they are an optional boss in Kakarot.
  • Frieza's Mercenaries - Powerful combatants who appear in Resurrection ‘F’ and it's adaptations. Noting a lack incompetent soldiers upon his revival, Frieza recruited several mercenaries to serve as elite combatants during his revenge. These mercenaries wore the latest type of Frieza Force battle armor and were powerful enough to prove troublesome for the Z Fighters during the battle, despite this, they were, however, all defeated and killed. The most powerful and high ranking of Frieza's mercenaries was Shisami. Other than Shisami, the only named mercenary who fought during Frieza's revenge was Chidoru. There were at least four others present at the battle however.

Notable Combatants


Manga and Anime

Combatants vary in their battle power, however, the average low-class Combatants possesses fairly low power. The weakest soldiers in Frieza's empire utilize Arm Cannons - which allow them to accomplish feats above what they would otherwise be capable of due to their lack of ki manipulating capabilities.

When invading Moori's village, the specially picked Combatants for the invasion of Namek viewed a power level of 1,000 as pathetic but were unable to stand up to someone with a power level of 3,000, placing them between this range.

It is said that the Combatants at the time when Frieza was brought back to life where weaker than those from when Frieza had previously been alive.


One of Frieza's mercenaries, who are much stronger than the average Combatants

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, when Frieza brought an army of one thousand soldiers to Earth four months later during his revenge - a few hundred of them together proved to be trouble for the likes of Krillin, Master Roshi, and Tien Shinhan - with Krillin needing Gohan to save him at one point from the soldiers he was fighting. However, it was stated by Frieza than base Gohan would be able to defeat the entire 1,000 soldier army by himself in an instant if he wanted.

Statements by authors and guidebooks

Daizenshuu 7 states Frieza's lowest level scouts power levels are beneath 1,500 (as shown by Frieza's Reconnaissance Team: Banan and Sui). The guide also refers to Saibamen as having power rivaling a low-level combatant.

By Age 779, the combatants in Frieza's army are all second-rate warriors, aside from the powerful mercenaries, who are troublesome to the Z Fighters during Frieza's revenge and are taken out by Gohan.[6]


  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Instant Rise - An evasive technique where the user uses Rapid Movement while ascending. Used by several soldiers in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Energy Wave – A basic energy wave blast.
  • Continuous Energy Bullet – A rapid fire of ki blasts. Usually used by several soldiers in conjunction.
  • Life-Risking Blow! – A physical charge attack. Used by several soldiers in conjunction.
  • Dragon Dash – A boost in flight speed used by several soldiers.
  • Energy Punch - A ki-enhanced punch used by several soldiers.
  • Sledgehammer - A strike move where the user cups his hands together and reels back, then slams their fists on the opponent like a sledgehammer.
  • Shapeshifting - Combatants in Age 1000 who are located in Paella's castle have the ability to shape shift into statues of Pilaf, Mai, and Shu.
  • Beam Strike - Used by Combatants in One Piece Treasure Cruise.
  • Poison - Used by Combatants in One Piece Treasure Cruise.

Transforming Ability
Villainous Mode

Main article: Villainous Mode A Dark Magic power up used by Appule and Raspberry in the Xenoverse series.


Main article: Supervillain Used by Combatants during the alternate timeline of Age 779 in Xenoverse 2.

Fruit Power-Up

Members of Melone's race can power up by eating certain fruits. Yuckermelons give his kind a rush of energy and Ajisa Orange can temporarily increase his power sevenfold. Eating both fruits together causes his ki to skyrocket to the point it puts Gohan and Krillin on guard and gives Melone the strength to crack the hard shell of a Rollonut allowing him to combine its contents with the melon and orange to create the Ultimate Fruit Juice. After eating both fruits, Melone's body emits a flaming reddish orange aura. However, the power up is temporary and eventually wears off. Used by Melone in Kakarot.


On Earth, Towa turns several combatants into Villainous Enemies. Grants the user a black and crimson aura of Evil Ki and makes them much stronger.

Dark Ki

Main article: Dark Ki

Several Combatants were brainwashed in Dragon Ball Legends by Babidi. They were massively powered-up and surrounded by a dark mist. After the death of Babidi under Giblet's hands, it is unknown if they were freed or if they are now under the mastermind's control.

A soldier piloting a hovercar

A Vewonean soldier wielding a Laser Sword

  • Arm Cannon - Many of Frieza's soldiers utilize arm mounted cannons in combat.
  • Battle Armor - Elastic armor worn by members of the Frieza Force.
  • Beam Gun - Cheelai and some soldiers wield Beam Guns instead of Arm Cannons.
  • Scouter - A device used by members of the Frieza Force to detect ki and calculate a warrior's battle power.
  • Hovercar - Combatants sometimes utilize Hovercars in combat, notably the soldiers under the command of the Guard Troops.
    • Blaster - The hovercars utilized by Frieza's soldiers feature underbelly blaster weapons.
  • Laser Sword - High-tech swords that emit a blade of energy. Used by some Vewonean and Sinkleean Combatants in Dragon Ball Online.
  • Medical Machine - A high-tech machine filled with healing fluid. Used by injured members of the Frieza Force.


  • An English speaking Hispanic Dragon Ball Z YouTuber by the name of KaggyFilms (Real Name: Alejandro Saab) voiced one of Frieza's Combatant in the English FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball Super.
  • Combatants appear as enemies in the special "Clash!! Emperor Frieza Attacks!" of One Piece Treasure Cruise under the name of "Frieza Soldier Lethal Underlings".



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