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Due to a lack of an official translation, some Dragon Ball Online content may not be entirely accurate.

Cloned Dr. Gero (닥터 게로 클론) is a leader of the Red Pants Army in Dragon Ball Online, taking up his previous self's position in the organization as an inventor and one of the primary leaders.


Cloned Dr. Gero appears identical to how Dr. Gero appeared in the manga.


Unlike the original Dr. Gero, his clone lacks any affection for Dr. Gero's son or Android 16 who was created in his son's image, which caused the original Dr. Gero to program him to be non-aggressive and chose not to deploy against Goku due to not bearing the thought of his destruction, while in contrast, his clone had no qualms about creating multiple Android 16 copies which he coldly unleashed upon the Time Patrol.


In Age 1000 Gero's clone and the other leaders of the Red Pants Army are defeated by the Time Patrol, Gero clone himself is personally defeated when the Time Patrol infiltrate his old laboratory, fight their way through his minions and confront him and his Android 19000s in his supercomputer's room, they then fight and defeat him, destroying Gero for the last time.


Cloned Dr. Gero is capable of taking on the Youth prior to them achieving their race's transformation.

Techniques and special abilities

Video Game Appearances

Cloned Dr. Gero in Dragon Ball Online


  1. Quest refers to him as "Android Dr."

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