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|FamConnect = [[Dragon (Conton City)|Conton City dragon]] (creation)<ref name="XV2"/>
|FamConnect = [[Dragon (Conton City)|Conton City dragon]] (creation)<ref name="XV2"/>
{{Nihongo|'''Chronoa'''|クロノア|''Kuronoa''}}, the {{nihongo|'''Supreme Kai of Time'''|時の界王神|''Toki no Kaiōshin''|lit. "Kaiōshin of Time"}}, is a deity who watches over the flow of time from the [[Other World|cosmos]]. She is mentioned in ''[[Dragon Ball Online]]'' as the {{Nihongo|'''Lord of Time'''|界王時間|''Jiè Wán Shíjiān''|lit. "World King of Time"}} and is a major character in the [[Dragon Ball Xenoverse (series)|''Xenoverse'' series]].
{{Nihongo|'''Chronoa'''|クロノア|''Kuronoa''}}, the {{nihongo|'''Supreme Kai of Time'''|時の界王神|''Toki no Kaiōshin''|lit. "A God of Time and a Boundary King"}}, is a deity who watches over the flow of time from the [[Other World|cosmos]]. She is mentioned in ''[[Dragon Ball Online]]'' as the {{Nihongo|'''Lord of Time'''|界王時間|''Jiè Wán Shíjiān''|lit. "Boundary King of Time"}} and is a major character in the [[Dragon Ball Xenoverse (series)|''Xenoverse'' series]].
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{{Quote2|She hired lots more Time Patrollers to deal with the vast amounts of changes to history. Toki Toki City was overflowing with time rifts, and was at breaking point. That's when the dragon appeared, pushing the city over the edge. So Chronoa chose to transform Toki Toki City into Conton City. She said at the time, "It's just faster this way, don't you think?" Well, I can't say she was wrong... Still, I would keep this to yourself.|Time Patroller Salma recalling destruction of Toki Toki City and creation of Conton City in ''[[Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2]]''}}
{{Quote2|She hired lots more Time Patrollers to deal with the vast amounts of changes to history. Toki Toki City was overflowing with time rifts, and was at breaking point. That's when the dragon appeared, pushing the city over the edge. So Chronoa chose to transform Toki Toki City into Conton City. She said at the time, "It's just faster this way, don't you think?" Well, I can't say she was wrong... Still, I would keep this to yourself.|Time Patroller Salma recalling destruction of Toki Toki City and creation of Conton City in ''[[Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2]]''}}[[File:Conton City Dragon.png|thumb|The giant Dragon created by Chronoa power that caused the destruction of Toki Toki City floating in the skies north of Conton City in ''Xenoverse 2'']]
[[File:Conton City Dragon.png|thumb|The giant Dragon created by Chronoa power that caused the destruction of Toki Toki City floating in the skies north of Conton City in ''Xenoverse 2'']]
At some point in Age 851, Chronoa was forced to hire more Time Patrollers to deal with multiple time rifts that were appearing in Toki Toki City and called in Elder Kai to assist her with training new recruits, while Trunks and the now legendary Time Patroller, the Future Warrior were focusing on tracking down Mira and Towa who were still at large. Eventually, a rumor started in town about exactly how powerful divine beings such as Chronoa and Elder Kai actually were. Hearing these rumors, Chronoa and Elder Kai decided to demonstrate their power. Chronoa used her power to animate the dragon statue that adorn the Dragon Ball Pedestal in Toki Toki City. However, her power caused it not only to move as if it were alive but also caused it to grow in size. Chronoa never expected it to grow so large. As Toki Toki City was already on the brink with all the time rifts, the dragon just pushed things over the edge and Toki Toki City was ultimately destroyed. Chronoa decided to turn the ruins of Toki Toki City into Conton City and the dragon eventually ended up floating in the skies north of the newly built Conton City. Chronoa and Elder Kai also decided to erect powerful barriers around both the Time Nest and Conton City to prevent an attack like Demigra's from ever happening again. To prevent accidents within Conton City, Chronoa enacted several laws such as prohibiting the use of energy attacks such as the Kamehameha within Conton City and requiring Time Patrollers to obtain a Flying License in order to fly legally within Conton City, a privilege usually reserved for only Elite members of the Time Patrol.
At some point in Age 851, Chronoa was forced to hire more Time Patrollers to deal with multiple time rifts that were appearing in Toki Toki City and called in Elder Kai to assist her with training new recruits, while Trunks and the now legendary Time Patroller, the Future Warrior were focusing on tracking down Mira and Towa who were still at large. Eventually, a rumor started in town about exactly how powerful divine beings such as Chronoa and Elder Kai actually were. Hearing these rumors, Chronoa and Elder Kai decided to demonstrate their power. Chronoa used her power to animate the dragon statue that adorn the Dragon Ball Pedestal in Toki Toki City. However, her power caused it not only to move as if it were alive but also caused it to grow in size. Chronoa never expected it to grow so large. As Toki Toki City was already on the brink with all the time rifts, the dragon just pushed things over the edge and Toki Toki City was ultimately destroyed. Chronoa decided to turn the ruins of Toki Toki City into Conton City and the dragon eventually ended up floating in the skies north of the newly built Conton City. Chronoa and Elder Kai also decided to erect powerful barriers around both the Time Nest and Conton City to prevent an attack like Demigra's from ever happening again. To prevent accidents within Conton City, Chronoa enacted several laws such as prohibiting the use of energy attacks such as the Kamehameha within Conton City and requiring Time Patrollers to obtain a Flying License in order to fly legally within Conton City, a privilege usually reserved for only Elite members of the Time Patrol.

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"Using a Time Machine is a mortal sin against the cosmic balance. And abusing the natural flow of time could hold serious repercussions for the fabric of reality itself. And because of you and your actions, despite your noble intentions, these recent events could bring an end to the universe as we know it. If you want to atone for this, you must work for me, Trunks."
— Chronoa's warning to Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Chronoa (クロノア Kuronoa), the Supreme Kai of Time (時の界王神 Toki no Kaiōshin, lit. "A God of Time and a Boundary King"), is a deity who watches over the flow of time from the cosmos. She is mentioned in Dragon Ball Online as the Lord of Time (界王時間 Jiè Wán Shíjiān, lit. "Boundary King of Time") and is a major character in the Xenoverse series.


Chronoa is a short and petite Supreme Kai of a youthful and pretty appearance with pinkish-red hair and pink/purple skin. Like most Supreme Kais, she wears a pair of Potara earrings and robes similar to the worn by the Supreme Kais on the Sacred World of the Kai, though it has a more casual design. Her outfit also sports a pair of high heeled boots, which may be to compensate for her short stature, as she is also noticeably shorter than Future Trunks and Goku. Despite her young appearance, she is at least 75 million years old and was alive during the time period when Beerus sealed Old Kai in the Z-Sword, which would make her one of the oldest known living Supreme Kais. In Xenoverse 2, Elder Kai reveals that he is about 1,000 years older than her, indicating she is the second oldest Supreme Kai living in Universe 7.


Despite her role, Chronoa has a friendly, good-natured, if somewhat sassy personality most of the time. Befitting her somewhat childlike appearance, Chronoa can be prone to angry outbursts, like when Tokitoki ruined her introduction to the Future Warrior by perching on her head causing her to angrily yell at the divine bird for sitting on her head and making her look foolish in front of them. She, however, is quite benevolent as she allowed Future Trunks' alterations to remain as she understood Trunks' intentions were noble and ultimately for the greater good. However this did not stop her from deceiving Trunks: Xeno into working for her by claiming it was to make up for his sin of using the Time Machine to alter history, when in reality he had actually committed no crime and Chronoa just really needed an assistant, though it is implied that Chronoa didn't think Trunks would take her words as seriously as he did. Chronoa is also shown to think quite highly of herself to the point she believes the meals she cooks are fit for a god, when in reality she is a notoriously horrible cook (it is implied that her poor cooking skills are well known as Whis immediately stopped reaching for a pudding cup when he realized it had been made by her). In fact, her cooking is known to taste awful and give people stomach cramps (capable of putting even the likes of Goku out of action). She, however, is oblivious to this as she mistook Whis' criticism of her cooking (which enraged Beerus to the point that it ironically almost result in another alteration to the history of Age 778), as a compliment and seemed oblivious to the fact that she almost caused another time distortion due to angering Beerus to the point Whis claims that the God of Destruction was capable of extinguishing at least two suns. Chronoa is also a terrible housekeeper as there is a lot of junk around her home in the Time Nest; it is implied that she can be somewhat lazy as she apparently dislikes doing things that require a lot of work, as she is quick to pawn off the task of searching through all the Time Scrolls to find where the wormhole had sent Broly and Bardock to her assistant Trunks: Xeno in Xenoverse, left the time rifts in Conton City open as they were mostly stable and eventually decided to just leave them in Conton City permanently after the 2nd Future Warrior recovers all of Towa's Distorted Time Eggs. She also chose to build Conton City on top of the ruins of Toki Toki City instead of rebuilding it after it was destroyed by the Conton City Dragon she accidentally created as it would be a lot faster.

In Xenoverse 2 after an update, due to someone (implied to be Elder Kai) complaining the Expert Mission rifts scattered throughout Conton City were an eyesore, Chronoa decides to merge all the weakened rifts into one big rift which she places near the Time Machine Station to allow the Time Patrol to use the completed Expert Missions for training as a compromise, though she tells the Future Warrior that it would be dangerous to combine any of the rifts that have yet to be weakened so any rifts that have not been weakened will remain in their normal location until its Expert Mission is completed and the rift is weakened, causing it to be merged with the large Expert Mission rift. She chooses to do this instead of simply closing the rifts which are implied would be too much work for her, thus indicating that unless absolutely necessary, she tends to prefer finding solutions or compromises to problems that allow her to avoid less work while at the same time benefiting herself or the Time Patrol, the latter of which she can use to justify said decisions due to it being beneficial to everyone. However, despite these quirks, in her role as the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa takes threats to history like Demigra and the Time Breakers' seriously, to the point she was quick to remind both Old Kai and Trunks: Xeno that Towa is still a threat after the 2nd Future Warrior prevents Towa from killing Shenron in Age 850. She is also very protective of the Time Nest and Time Vault, as she refuses to allow anyone (even Beerus) to fight near it out of fear it could be damaged or destroyed. She is also shown to be more willing to take action during these times to the point she (with the assistance of Old Kai) takes on the arduous task of searching through all the Scrolls looking for the source of the massive time distortion caused by Towa killing Shenron in Age 850, while sending Trunks: Xeno and the 2nd Future Warrior to check on Conton City. She is also extremely protective of Tokitoki and its eggs, which is one of her duties as Supreme Kai of Time, thus she takes her role very seriously during these situations. Outside of these serious situations, Chronoa is more laid back and will take her time dealing with less serious threats or allow others to take care of it for her while she attends to other matters. Despite her high opinion of her abilities and herself, she does not consider herself to be above everyone as she is friendly to the Time Patrollers that work under her and even accepts a Time Patroller's invitation to have tea together. Despite pawning off tasks to others at times, she is still considerate enough to reward people for their efforts such as Trunks: Xeno and the Future Warriors, though unfortunately she often chooses to reward them with food she had cooked, to the point Trunks: Xeno convinced her that he preferred convenience store lunches to avoid eating it.

Trunks: Xeno attributes her friendly nature to living alone in the Time Nest with only Tokitoki to keep her company in the centuries before the foundation of the Time Patrol. Chronoa is also shown to have a keen interest in technology, often asking Trunks: Xeno about various inventions supplied by the Future Capsule Corporation, and has various pieces of technology lying around in the yard in front of her house. Trunks: Xeno also reveals that she once caused a cleaning robot to blow a fuse when she asked it too many questions and finds it hard to wait for new stuff she ordered to come in, indicating that her interest in technology can be obsessive at times. She even manages to teach Trunks how to create Time Machines that do not produce alternate timelines, fixing a critical design flaw in his mother's original design, showing that she has a better grasp of time travel technology due to her having a far better understanding of the nature of time than either Trunks: Xeno or Future Bulma. Trunks: Xeno also states that she will occasionally even suggest ideas to him for new Capsule Corp products. Also despite being the Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa can be impatient especially when it comes to new technology she ordered, as shown by her exaggerating she's been waiting for 100 years for a new Capsule Corp. product she order to come out and even questions the Future Warrior if they are sure when they tell her that she couldn't have been waiting that long. This is in sharp contrast to her old nemesis Demigra who is known for his extreme patience as he waited 75 million years growing stronger than her. In fact, Chronoa herself admits that she is creeped out by Demigra's extreme persistence.

In Xenoverse 2, she convinces Elder Kai to help out with the Time Patrol as she was busy preparing for Tokitoki to lay its Egg while Trunks and the Future Warrior were busy with locating the Time Breakers who remained at large following Demigra's defeat. While the two are capable of working together, she has a habit of referring to Elder Kai as an old man, despite his insistence that he is only 1000 years older than her (as Shinjin have much longer lifespans) and that his aged appearance is mainly the result of his fusion with the Old Witch. She is occasionally annoyed by Elder Kai's personality and lecherous behavior, as she is quick to taunt and criticize him. During the altered timeline of the Universal Tournament between Universe 6 and 7, Chronoa stated she hopes she never grows old like Elder Kai after he forgets about the written exam despite having been present during the tournament originally, indicating that she is not comfortable with either the prospect or effects of aging herself (which is somewhat ironic considering her position). She even praises a female Time Patroller named Aloe for punching Elder Kai after he had groped them, indicating that she encourages female Time Patrollers to stand up for themselves and not allow Elder Kai to abuse his position within the Time Patrol. However she is not above using his lecherousness to her advantage as she told Xeno Trunks not to say anything about her when he went to ask Elder Kai to assist with the Time Patrol, knowing full well that the old lecher would probably be excited at the prospect of seeing her after 75 million years (it is implied that Elder Kai agreed mainly because he envisioned that Chronoa had become much more attractive over the years which Chronoa apparently took full advantage). Ironically, Elder Kai himself apparently has little interest in Chronoa due to her childlike appearance. While she has changed very little since he last saw her, Elder Kai does mention that she is a bit ruder than in the past, indicating that she was once more respectful towards him in the past.

While she respects Goku and even has a similarly laid back personality, she can be annoyed and frustrated by him at times such as when he tried to eat Tokitoki's Egg after saving it from Mira.



Chronoa before she became the Supreme Kai of Time

Chronoa was born over 75,000,000 years ago. Chronoa was initially just an ordinary Kai. 75,000,000 years before Age 850 (a short while before becoming the Supreme Kai of Time) Chronoa fought against Demigra and his allies Putine and Gravy, she managed to defeat the three of them and they were banished to the Demon Realm. She later raised Tokitoki into an adult, and thus was given the position of Supreme Kai of Time. Shortly after becoming Supreme Kai of Time, Demigra managed to gather enough Kili to transform himself into a Demon God and attempted to seize Tokitoki and control of the Time Nest in order to take over Chronoa's position as the god of time and space, but was defeated by Chronoa who sealed him in the Crack of Time.

At some point, she confronted Future Trunks for creating and using a Time Machine to alter the past and prevent his future timeline which resulted in a split in the timeline. As she was in need of an assistant, she deceived Future Trunks by telling him "What you did is a mortal sin and making Time Machines is a crime! Work under me if you want to be forgiven!", causing Future Trunks to become her assistant as a means of atonement for his and his mother's sin of creating and using the Time Machine to alter the past. He was unaware that it wasn't a sin as he and his mother were the first ones to do it, a fact she decided to keep secret from Trunks as she needed an assistant. Though admittedly she didn't realize that Trunks would take her lie of his Time Machine being a mortal sin to heart and take the role of her assistant so seriously, and as a result Trunks turned out to be a hard worker and proved himself to be a great assistant. She also chose not to fix the changes in the timeline that resulted from Future Trunks' traveling through time such as his role in the deaths of Mecha Frieza and King Cold, Goku surviving his Heart Virus, Cell using his alternate self's stolen Time Machine to go to the past when 18 & 17 were still alive, allowing Cell to achieve his Perfect Form and the events of Cell Games, since she understood that Trunks' intentions for doing so were noble, pure, and ultimately for the greater good as history didn't turn out for the worse as it had in his timeline.

Other Dragon Ball stories


Main article: Dragon Ball Online Chronoa doesn't make an appearance, only mentioned in the backstory of how Future Trunks became Chronoa's assistant. As interpreted in DB Online, the act of using a Time Machine is ultimately a violation of the laws of the universe. Even if it was for the protection of Earth's peace, the Lord of Time gave Future Trunks a stern warning for his actions. Afterward, in order to redeem his wrong actions, Trunks took up the job of Time Patrol to correct the distortion of history. After the Lord of Time forewarned Future Trunks of Mira's intentions to spread chaos throughout time and space, Trunks travels to Age 1000 in order to find allies and prevent Mira's plans, thus debuting the story of Dragon Ball Online.


Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Future Trunks introducing Chronoa to the Future Warrior

Chronoa has Future Trunks and the Time Patrol use Toki Toki City in Age 850 as their base of operations. She first appears after the Future Warrior helps the Dragon Team defeat Dark Nappa and Dark Vegeta. She tells Future Trunks that a duo of evil time travelers are responsible for the Dark Magic and Villainous Mode overtaking various villains throughout time after Trunks wonders who could be behind the sudden changes in the timeline.

An angry Chronoa yelling at Tokitoki for perching on her head

She greets the Future Warrior with a cheerful hello and in a playful manner flirtatiously poses as Future Trunks nervously introduces her to the warrior. However, her introduction is cut short by her pet bird Tokitoki perching on top of her head. She yells angrily at the bird for making her look foolish and states the bird is really heavy. She apologizes for her outburst and explains to the Warrior that Tokitoki is her pet and best friend, before explaining what she knows about the time traveler's altering history and Future Trunks decides stopping those two is a top priority. After the Warrior's first encounter with the two Time Travelers Chronoa appears and explains that they are Demon King Dabura's little sister Towa and Mira a demonic android warrior she created, from the future Demon Realm and that they have been collecting energy from warriors throughout history. Future Trunks calls them horrible people and the Supreme Kai responds "There are villains in every era I'm afraid". She then has Future Trunks and the Future Warrior head back in time to stop Towa and Mira from further altering history, though while talking to Tokitoki she wonders if someone else is helping them but dismisses the possibility that Demigra was involved. She later appears during the game's Android Saga (Future Trunks' timeline) to warn Future Trunks that his entire existence has become ephemeral and that he is on the verge of being erased from existence, due to Towa and Mira's alteration to the history of Future Trunks' past and due to Trunks' fragile state, asks the Future Warrior to save Future Trunks' past self from Dark 17 & 18 in order to stop the Time Breakers from erasing Trunks from history. Later she is shocked when the Future Warrior passes on Demigra's message, realizing that her fears of Demigra's involvement might be true after all.

Chronoa and her attendant Future Trunks looking at the Scroll of Eternity

After Mira's defeat, she is forced into action when she notices the mark Demigra had placed on the Warrior's right hand; thanks to her quick reaction, she is able to remove, seal, and throw it away just as it explodes saving Trunks and the Warrior from being killed by the resulting explosion as Demigra had intended. She reveals the mark was Demigra's Majin Emblem and tries to explain things further only to be alerted by Tokitoki to Demigra's presence inside the Time Nest. She refuses Demigra's demand that she hand over Tokitoki, stating that he only deserved to remain imprisoned forever inside the Crack of Time and realizes he only helped the Future Warrior previously in order to use them to defeat Mira and Towa after they had outlived their usefulness in the eyes of the Demon God. After an attack by Trunks, this Demigra is revealed to be a mirage created by Demigra's magic, confirming that he is still trapped in the Crack of Time. She later explains the situation to the Warrior and Trunks, as well explaining Demigra's history and her imprisonment of him in the Crack of Time, before telling them they must prevent Demigra's escape and put a stop to his plans. After the Future Warrior helps defeat Dark Kid Buu, she states that Demigra has grown much more powerful considering that his magic was able to affect and control someone as powerful as Kid Buu, despite Trunks' belief that there is no one else in history powerful enough for Demigra to use against them.

Chronoa wondering who else could be changing history

Trunks' theory seems to be proven correct when he finds no changes in the scrolls and suggest to the Warrior and Chronoa that Demigra has given up, only for Demigra's Mirage to suddenly appear inside the Time Vault and state he won't just give up considering he has spent 75 million years plotting his return. She is absolutely terrified when Demigra's Mirage enters the Time Scroll that records the "time when Beerus, the Freaking God of Destruction went to Earth" and demanded that Trunks and the Warrior prevent Demigra from taking control of Beerus, realizing that the entire universe could be destroyed if Demigra were to turn Beerus against them. Fortunately, Beerus became aware of the Demon God's presence and only pretended to fall under his control in order to lure him out so he could personally destroy him for his blasphemy. After Demigra's Mirage was defeated by the combined might of Beerus and the Warrior, she nervously greets Lord Beerus when he and Whis visit the Time Nest to inquire as to Demigra's location and does her best trying to persuade Beerus into letting them deal with Demigra to the point she tries to bribe him with the promise she will cook him delicious meals, she explains a fight between Beerus and Demigra could potentially destroy the universe, something Beerus reveals that he is quite well aware of being the God of Destruction. Again, fortunately, thanks to Trunks' conviction and Whis' suggest, Beerus agrees to test the Warrior and Trunks: Xeno to see if they are powerful enough to defeat Demigra and he even agrees to her request said test take place somewhere other than the Time Nest.

Chronoa waving good-bye to Beerus and Whis after he agrees to leave Demigra to the Time Patrol

She is relieved when Trunks: Xeno and the Warrior manage to pass Beerus' test and Beerus decides to return home to his temple, to the point she waves goodbye to Beerus and Whis as they leave. After Beerus' departure, she returns her attention back to Demigra, stating that their mission is to stop Demigra and that they cannot fail, with both Trunks: Xeno and the Warrior in agreement. She later springs into action when Trunks discovers that Demigra has used the Dragon Balls to revive Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu and empowered them with Villainous Mode; she orders Trunks to protect Tokitoki and has the Future Warrior deal with the revived villains while she uses the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron. It is later revealed she used the Dragon Balls of Age 850 by making a wish to inform Goku of the situation so he could assist the Time Patrol in stopping Demigra and help the Warrior defeat the revived villains, as well as Villainous Mode Gohan, Gotenks, and Vegeta after they fall under Demigra's control. Once Demigra escapes, attacks Toki Toki City, managing to consume Tokitoki, and places Future Trunks under his control, forcing him to fight against the Future Warrior, she appears and warns Trunks has fallen victim to Demigra's Magic. Reveling in his victory, Demigra calls her the ex-Supreme Kai of Time and Taunts her by saying her services are no longer required, as he has usurped her position, though she responds back calling him a menacing fool and demands he gives back Tokitoki. The Demon God states that she and the Warrior will receive divine retribution for defying him and she curses the demon after he sarcastically mocked the pain Future Trunks suffered due to damage inflicted by the Future Warrior and watches as Future Trunks willingly endures the pain of his injuries in order to free himself of Demigra's control. She manages to foil Demigra's attempt to place the Future Warrior under his spell, thanks to a sword attack by the injured Trunks' distracting the Demon God, giving her time to remove the spell and saved the Future Warrior from being forced to fight against her and Trunks.

Chronoa after saving Future Warrior from Demigra's control

Demigra decides to show the Warrior his full power, stating she will be his next target once the Warrior is dealt with. She is relieved when Goku suddenly arrives via Instant Transmission and joins in the battle against Demigra. She congratulates Goku and the Warrior after they manage to beat Demigra and holds up the injured Trunks when he almost collapses due to his injuries, before explaining that Demigra swallowed Tokitoki, causing the Future Warrior to attempt to retrieve the bird from Demigra's body only for the Demon God to rise revealing he was still alive before fleeing. Luckily Goku manages to home in on Demigra's ki signature and together with Trunks and the Future Warrior, she holds on to Goku as he teleports them to Demigra's location with Instant Transmission. To her horror, they arrive inside the Time Vault where Demigra has unleashed a whirlwind of demonic energy and announces his plan to destroy the Time Vault; Trunks is rendered unconscious due to his injuries. Chronoa tries to reason with him, informing him that if history is erased he will also be destroyed, but Demigra dismisses her warning-— he's already aware of the danger, yet has apparently figured out a way to survive the destruction of the universe and create a new history; he thus begins attacking the Time Vault. Chronoa demands to know what Demigra's planning. She watches as Goku turns Super Saiyan 3 and flies towards Demigra with the Future Warrior. She watches in horror as the Warrior is hit by one of Demigra's spears and is pinned to the ground along with Goku who got hit as well while he was looking to see what had happened to the Warrior. Chronoa yells at Demigra in her anger and sorrow. Fortunately the Warrior somehow manages to use a Time Scroll that records Demigra's attack in Age 850 to travel back in time to help Goku and Chronoa before chasing after Demigra who has fled to his former prison Crack of Time as it exists outside the flow of time making it the only safe place for him, leaving Goku and Chronoa to prevent Demigra's giant energy sphere from destroying the Time Vault and the universe, while Warrior takes on the now transformed Demigra, to save Tokitoki and put an end to end to Demigra's plans once and for all.

Chronoa seeing Demigra doing his bidding

After Goku manages to prevent the Time Vault's destruction, Chronoa tends to Trunks' injuries. When Goku and the Future Warrior return to the Time Nest with Tokitoki, she and Trunks greet them. She thanks everyone for all their hard work and is pleased when the Future Warrior accepts Trunks offer to continue working as a member of the Time Patrol. However she is quick to stop Goku and the Future Warrior from sparring inside the Time Nest, warning that if they accidentally damage the Time Vault then everything they just went through was all for nothing, causing Goku to realize he foolishly could have caused the destruction of the universe due to his excitement at fighting the Future Warrior, causing everyone to laugh at the irony of it. She later bids farewell and thanks Goku again for his help, though he says he is the one who should be thanking her for all the excitement. She also tells him to come and visit again sometime. After Goku leaves, she and Tokitoki observe Future Trunks and the Future Warrior test some new Time Patrol Candidates, and watches the Future Warrior defeat all of 4 of them easily, though she and Tokitoki are startled by Trunks yelling at the Warrior for overdoing it, though Trunks eventually calms down and they all share a laugh. If the Warrior talks to her after Demigra's defeat, she will congratulate them and thank them for saving history, before commenting that now with the threat of Demigra over, she can be as lazy as she wants.

Second Ending

Chronoa healing Time Patrol Trunks with Goku standing next to them

Her role in the second version of the ending is basically the same, she is shown healing Trunks' injuries though in this ending Goku is sitting nearby watching. When Tokitoki and the Future Warrior return she and Goku go to greet them with an excited Chronoa jumping over Trunks to greet them. The rest of the ending is pretty much the same, though if the Future Warrior talks to her after the alternate, the Future Warrior will tell her about seeing astral projections of Goku and the other Z Fighters in the Crack of Time, causing her to ask if they are sure they weren't daydreaming before explaining that what the Warrior saw may be due to how the Crack of Time is connected to different eras and that place technically shouldn't even exist, as a result, nothing that happens there can be considered strange nor impossible. She tells the Future Warrior she'll check the scroll of ends and beginnings later, in order to verify what actually occurred during the Warrior's battle with Demigra.


"She hired lots more Time Patrollers to deal with the vast amounts of changes to history. Toki Toki City was overflowing with time rifts, and was at breaking point. That's when the dragon appeared, pushing the city over the edge. So Chronoa chose to transform Toki Toki City into Conton City. She said at the time, "It's just faster this way, don't you think?" Well, I can't say she was wrong... Still, I would keep this to yourself."
— Time Patroller Salma recalling destruction of Toki Toki City and creation of Conton City in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The giant Dragon created by Chronoa power that caused the destruction of Toki Toki City floating in the skies north of Conton City in Xenoverse 2

At some point in Age 851, Chronoa was forced to hire more Time Patrollers to deal with multiple time rifts that were appearing in Toki Toki City and called in Elder Kai to assist her with training new recruits, while Trunks and the now legendary Time Patroller, the Future Warrior were focusing on tracking down Mira and Towa who were still at large. Eventually, a rumor started in town about exactly how powerful divine beings such as Chronoa and Elder Kai actually were. Hearing these rumors, Chronoa and Elder Kai decided to demonstrate their power. Chronoa used her power to animate the dragon statue that adorn the Dragon Ball Pedestal in Toki Toki City. However, her power caused it not only to move as if it were alive but also caused it to grow in size. Chronoa never expected it to grow so large. As Toki Toki City was already on the brink with all the time rifts, the dragon just pushed things over the edge and Toki Toki City was ultimately destroyed. Chronoa decided to turn the ruins of Toki Toki City into Conton City and the dragon eventually ended up floating in the skies north of the newly built Conton City. Chronoa and Elder Kai also decided to erect powerful barriers around both the Time Nest and Conton City to prevent an attack like Demigra's from ever happening again. To prevent accidents within Conton City, Chronoa enacted several laws such as prohibiting the use of energy attacks such as the Kamehameha within Conton City and requiring Time Patrollers to obtain a Flying License in order to fly legally within Conton City, a privilege usually reserved for only Elite members of the Time Patrol.

Xenoverse 2

Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Chronoa continues to lead the Time Patrol in Age 852, supported by Trunks: Xeno and his partner the legendary Toki Toki City Hero who had defeated Demigra two years earlier. However as they have been all been busy and overwhelmed with their respective duties, Chronoa has Elder Kai take over day to day operations such as training as she has been busy with her primary duties as Supreme Kai of Time.

During the opening of Xenoverse 2, she and Trunks: Xeno are shown in a Time Patrol recruitment video and Chronoa explains key rules that Time Patrollers must follow while in Conton City such as being required to obtain a flying license to use Flight in Conton City when not on active duty and that performing energy attacks like the Kamehameha within city limits is prohibited. Finally she explains that their missions come with the danger of altering history and that altering history is the most grave offense a Time Patroller can commit thus they should never alter history the way Future Trunks did when he altered history. At the end of the video, she and Trunks: Xeno state they are looking forward to welcoming perspective recruits to the Time Patrol before flying off into Conton City.


Chronoa along with Tokitoki in Conton City's Recreation Plaza to congratulate the 2nd Future Warrior on their new assignment in Xenoverse 2

In Xenoverse 2, Chronoa selects a new Time Patroller that Elder Kai has taken a keen interest in for an important mission. She greets this new Future Warrior in Conton City after they are informed of their new assignment by Elder Kai. She briefly lectures them for flying recklessly in Conton City without a license though lets them off with a warning as they were so excited by the news that it slipped their mind. She however notes they seem to be acting pretty cold to her as she had graciously come out to greet them, until they explain they were wondering where Elder Kai is as they were expecting him to be present to greet them. She tells them that Elder Kai ran off excited after he heard the news and tells them to ask around to learn where he went. However they end up running around in circles after Elder Kai whom Chronoa notes had gone to the Time Nest. After the Future Warrior manages to Elder Kai in front of the portal to the Time Nest, Chronoa interrupts as Elder Kai was about to send them on their first Time Patrol. Though Elder Kai is upset by her interruption he calms down after she offers to train the Future Warrior in the art of fighting. After covering the basics of movement, she has the Warrior face off in combat against some Saibaman. However, just as they are about finished with the training, more Saibaman show up along with Copyman, Tennenman, Kyukonman, and Jinkouman. Chronoa instructs the Warrior how to fight defensively and to use Evasive, Super, and Ultimate Skills to fight back. After the Warrior defeats them, Chronoa says she thinks they are ready to take on Time Patrol missions, but decides to have a spar with a fellow Time Patroller first and gives them a capsule to teach them how to use items.

Raditz's Attack Saga

After the Warrior's training is completed, the Warrior is sent to Age 761 by Elder Kai to fix another time distortion involving Goku and Piccolo's battle with Raditz. Chronoa and Elder Kai communicate with the Warrior from the Time Nest and she notes that Raditz is stronger than he was in the proper timeline. After they help Goku defeat Raditz, she tells Elder Kai to stop rambling on as he congratulates the Warrior and gets into a brief argument with Elder Kai over her referring to Elder Kai as Old Man during which Elder Kai mentions he is only about a millennium older than her. Chronoa then decides to tell the Warrior about Demigra's attack on Toki Toki City and how the hero saved both Toki Toki City and the Universe. Afterward, she gives them a vehicle capsule and tells them to go and explore Conton City telling them to check out Parallel Quests, the Patroller Academy, and to stock up on items before allowing them to begin their next mission.

The Saiyan Threat Saga

Due to the interference of Turles, Goku is held up and as a result the conflict with Vegeta and Nappa is altered to the point Nappa transforms into a Great Ape along with Vegeta while fighting the Future Warrior and Goku who prove more than a match to the Saiyans in their base form which Chronoa notes is due to Turles' interference. However the Warrior manages to defeat Great Ape Nappa allowing them to focus on distracting Vegeta long enough for an unseen Yajirobe to cut off Vegeta's tail forcing the injured Vegeta to flee with the Warrior and Goku stopping Krillin from killing Vegeta.

Interlude 1 - Greetings! Trunks, History's Hero

Trunks: Xeno meeting with Chronoa, Tokitoki, Elder Kai, and the two Future Warriors in the Time Vault

Chronoa welcomes the Future Warrior back after they return to the Time Nest and commends them on the job they did. Trunks: Xeno and his legendary partner the Toki Toki City Hero appear with Chronoa welcoming them back as well. Trunks: Xeno apologizes as he reports that he had failed in his mission, though Chronoa states not to worry about it as if they would have caught them long ago if they were that easy to capture. Elder Kai interjects reminding everyone that a proper introduction is in order reminding Trunks: Xeno of his manners. Trunks: Xeno introduces himself and his partner to the Future Warrior and explains how they have been using the scrolls to correct and monitor changes in history though due to the number of changes they have had to ask for help from them and Elder Kai to deal with them. He notes that both Chronoa and Elder Kai have told him the new Future Warrior is a cut above the rest and that Elder Kai admires their persistence, though Elder Kai tells him to stop spoiling their new agent and states he never said anything like that, though Chronoa tells them not to listen to him as they have been doing a great job causing Elder Kai to yell at her to stop praising them before changing the subject. Elder Kai states that history was somehow corrected despite all the anomalies and such as Turles causing him to ask why people are suddenly appearing outside their proper places in time. Trunks: Xeno states they've seen this kind of thing before and that a group of criminals they have dealt with before who have been sowing chaos by recruiting villains from different timelines. Elder Kai asks who the nefarious characters are and Chronoa reveals they are denizens of the Demon Realm who came from the future to gather energy from the past, their old adversaries Towa and her abominable creation Mira whom Towa had rebuilt after his original body was destroyed by the Toki Toki City Hero during the Demigra Incident which was a result of Towa and Mira's actions.

The Ruckus on Planet Namek

Elder Kai sends the Future Warrior to Age 762 during the Battle on Planet Namek to aid Krillin and Gohan escape after Dark Frieza sends Zarbon and Dodoria to chase after them when they rescue Dende from Moori's Village. After helping Krillin escape from Zarbon who had foiled his get away after his Solar Flare attack on Dodoria. The Future Warrior and Elder Kai discover that Gohan and Dende escaped thanks to Vegeta's attack on Dodoria. Elder Kai is about to recall the Future Warrior back when they are suddenly attacked by a Namekian with a scarred face who seems to know they are a Time Patroller. Elder Kai wonders who the Namekian is and Chronoa explains he is the wicked Namekian Lord Slug. Elder Kai notes that the Namekians are supposed to be their allies and wonders why he is sensing such evil from Slug. Chronoa explains Slug is no ordinary Namekian as he is an evil Super Namek born with a pure evil heart full of malice. Trunks: Xeno contacts them and says he is en route to provide backup with Chronoa telling him to hurry as this situation feels wrong somehow. Trunks: Xeno eventually shows up causing Lord Slug to retreat with Trunks: Xeno chasing after him leaving the Future Warrior to assist his father as Dodoria is empowered with second stage Villainous Mode by Towa's Dark Magic. They manage to defeat Dark Dodoria with Vegeta's help removing the enchantment allowing Vegeta to kill Dodoria as he flees in terror with the Future Warrior returning to the Time Nest while Vegeta was killing Dodoria.

Interlude 2 - The Egg that Birthed Time

Chronoa and Elder Kai welcome the warrior back complementing their work once more. Elder Kai reveals he and Chronoa have been doing research into the two villains Towa and Mira recruited, learning they are a couple of dangerous criminals as Turles is one of the last remaining Saiyans and leader of the Crusher Corps. while Lord Slug leads an army of demons and has conquered a number of planets. Chronoa explains both villains where defeated by Goku in different timelines surmising that they are out for revenge. Elder Kai states they need to come up with a plan to deal with them which Chronoa agrees with before revealing they will have to do it without her as she is busy. Elder Kai calls her out for pushing everything on them, but Chronoa explains that she is really busy as Tokitoki is about to lay an egg soon. Elder Kai congratulates her on the news and he explains to the Future Warrior that Tokitoki is the divine bird with the power to create time and his eggs hold time for an entirely new universe. Chronoa puts it more simply saying that Tokitoki's eggs effectively create time and it is one of her primary duties to ensure Tokitoki lays health eggs to ensure the propagation of time as the Supreme Kai of Time as she is the God of Creation responsible for overseeing the creation of time itself. However before she leaves, Elder Kai reminds her they still don't have a plan, so Chronoa aggressively states they will just have to beat them if they mess around with history again. Elder Kai reluctantly agrees though laments it looks like brute force is all they got before telling the Warrior they both have it ruff as Chronoa, Trunks, and the hero are simply too busy.

The Ginyu Force Strikes Saga

While looking over the scroll for Age 762, Chronoa observes an altered history with Trunks: Xeno and Elder Kai, where Ginyu stole Vegeta's body and poses with Jeice in front of a bewildered Krillin and Gohan. Elder Kai wonders what Vegeta is up to this time, only for Trunks: Xeno to explain the Body Change, causing Chronoa to point out that it was Goku who Ginyu switched bodies within the original history. Trunks: Xeno decides to join the Future Warrior in investigating this change in the hopes it will lead to Mira and Towa. However, it turns out to be a trap and Trunks: Xeno has his body stolen by Dark Ginyu who uses it to confront Goku and the Future Warrior after they defeat Dark Recoome and Dark Burter. Chronoa becomes angry at Trunks for making such a huge blunder as it could lead to serious repercussions in history if left unfixed, though she tells him not to worry about it as they need to fix Trunks' mess before it causes any problems. Eventually, Trunks: Xeno in Ginyu's body, the Future Warrior, and Goku manage to weaken Ginyu forcing him to attempt to swap bodies with Goku, only for Trunks to shield Goku, allowing him to return to his original body. Afterward, Turles reappears and places Goku in a Full-Nelson allowing Ginyu to perform the Body Change on Goku. Turles and Ginyu in Goku's body confront the Future Warrior and Goku. Though Turles' actions technically restore the timeline, Turles hopes to take advantage of Goku weakened state while in Ginyu's body as a way to kill Goku and take revenge on him.

Trunks apologizes for his blunder, though Chronoa reminds him that though there are some problems, all hope is not lost yet. Eventually, the Future Warrior manages to defeat Turles and weakens Ginyu enough to force him to attempt another Body Change, which allows Goku to return to his original body. When Ginyu tries to steal the Warrior's body a second time, Goku throws a Namekian Frog in the path of Ginyu's body change causing him to switch bodies with the Frog, restoring history. After the Warrior returns to the Time Nest, Chronoa believes that recent events have confirmed their suspicions that Towa and Mira are working with Turles and Slug. She states that though they were able to stop her once before, Towa's scientific ability is absolutely frightening and that Mira has been fully revived with a massive amount of energy and is more powerful than he was previously during his final battle with the hero. She again admonishes Trunks: Xeno for letting his guard down as history was almost ruined beyond repair. She warns the Future Warrior they need to be careful as Towa's brains and Mira's brawn are no laughing matter.

Time Miniature Investigation

Afterward, Chronoa informs the Future Warrior about 5 time rift anomalies which have begun appearing in Conton City recently. Instead of explaining everything herself, she tells the Warrior to investigate these rifts to see things for themselves. After the Future Warrior has talked to one of the Time Patrol's five Murasaki Brothers within each rift, they return to Chronoa who asks them to investigate each rift whenever they get a chance to and decides to leave her explanation of other more dangerous rifts for a later time.

The Galactic Emperor Saga

Back at the Time Vault, Chronoa and Elder Kai inform the Warrior that Towa has used Dark Magic to increased Frieza's power during his fight with Nail. Chronoa reveals that the Warrior will be handling this mission alone as Future Trunks and Ace are still searching for Mira and with them away, Towa and Mira will have their sights set on them. When Elder Kai warns the Warrior to stay focused fighting Frieza, Chronoa teases him by saying that if he is worried then he should just say it, causing Elder Kai to tell her to be quiet, he before wishes the Warrior good luck and sends them on their way. While the Warrior is fighting Frieza, Elder Kai admits he still does not agree with them using the Namekian Dragon Balls, causing Chronoa to tell him to quit his grumbling as it is already an established part of history. After the warrior manages to by Nail enough time for Dende to reach Gohan and Krillin, Elder Kai tells the warrior all they have to do now is find Turles and Slug, only for Chronoa to reveal they are right near the Namekian Dragon Balls. Elder Kai points out that the Warrior will never make there in time to stop them and panics, causing Chronoa to tell the Warrior to return to the Time Vault. When Elder Kai protests, she tells him to shut up and give her time to think. The Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest as instructed and Chronoa welcomes them back, causing Elder Kai to remind her of the severity of the situation but she ignores him and hands the Future Warrior a Time Scroll. She then tells Elder Kai to use his head and explains that all the Warrior has to do is use the Time Scroll to go back in time a bit further to stop Turles and Slug from stealing the Namekian Dragon Balls. Elder Kai reveals he was unaware that was even possible and that it feels like cheating, causing Chronoa to tell him to stop being silly as defending history is the Time Patrol's solemn duty and they'll do whatever they have to do. She then bids the warrior good luck and sends them on their way.

As the Future Warrior faces off against Turles and Slug who had eaten the Demon Realm enhanced Fruit of the Tree of Might, the dark energy starts welling up inside the pair and causes them to transform into a new powered-up state that gives them glowing pink eyes and black & white aura. Towa and Mira appear to observe the battle nearby and Chronoa confirms their identities to Elder Kai and the Future Warrior. After Turles and Slug's defeat, Trunks decides to return to Mira location to assist Ace and Chronoa thanks him for his assistance. She orders the Future Warrior to join up with Gohan and the others as they had just used the Dragon Balls to revive Piccolo and summon him to Namek like in the original history, meaning the battle with Frieza is about to begin. When Goku attempts to defeat Frieza using the Spirit Bomb like in the original history, Chronoa comments that North Kai sure comes up with humdingers, even though he can't use them himself. After Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan following Krillin's death, Chronoa confirms that history is flowing on its natural course, though it still won't be easy for Goku due to Frieza still receiving power from Towa. After the Warrior and Goku manage to back Frieza into a corner, Elder Kai believes that they can leave the rest to Goku and the Warrior can return, but Chronoa points out things went too smoothly and though she hopes it is the end of the history changes in this era, she reveals she has a bad feeling that it isn't.

After Frieza uses his Destroy The Planet!, Cooler suddenly appears on Dying Namek in Age 762 to assist his brother in his battle against Super Saiyan Goku. Chronoa reveals like Turles and Slug, Cooler must have been brought in from another timeline, which Cooler later confirms when he explains his sudden appearance to Frieza. She informs the Warrior that Cooler is even stronger than Frieza and that even if Goku is a Super Saiyan, he won't be able to defeat the brothers both at once, and that it all depends on the Future Warrior's efforts to correct history. Eventually, the Warrior manages to weaken Frieza and defeats Cooler, by knocking him into what is left of the molten core of Namek, allowing Goku to continue his fight with Frieza after Dende uses the Namekian Dragon Balls to transport the others to Earth restoring the original history. Chronoa and Elder Kai congratulate the Warrior on their success in defeating both Frieza and Cooler. Chronoa is surprised that Towa and Mira were able to recruit such powerful ally as Cooler, causing Trunks to suggest they recruited whoever was free. Chronoa asks where Ace is and Trunks informs her that they are currently chasing Mira. Afterward, in recognition for their defeat of Frieza and Cooler, Chronoa gives the Future Warrior a Flying License allowing them to legally fly around Conton City and states that it means they are now considered an Elite Patroller and are no longer a mere apprentice.

Android Warfare Saga

Chronoa, Trunks: Xeno, and Elder Kai show the Future Warrior the scroll for Age 767 which shows an altered timeline where Towa has empowered Imperfect Cell with her new Supervillain spell allowing him to overpower Piccolo and Android 16. Android 17 tries to attack Cell but he blinds him with a Solar Flare before using his tail to knock 17 into Android 18 which subdues them both allowing Cell to absorb both Androids at once and transform into his Perfect form bypassing his Semi-Perfect form entirely.

Trunks: Xeno is horrified by these developments as he realizes it may prevent the Cell Games from occurring explaining to Elder Kai that Cell only created the Cell Games after seeing how strong Future Trunks and Vegeta had become after training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber which intrigued him due his Saiyan cells giving Cell a strong desire to test his power once he had achieved perfection. This causes Chronoa to worry that Android 18 and Krillin's marriage might never occur, though Trunks is unsure if that is even possible. Chronoa however asserts that it is recognizing that Krillin only destroyed the Shut Down Remote after Android 17 was absorbed and had risked his life to protect 18 from Semi-Perfect Cell when it would have been safer to use the remote on her which likely endeared him to 18 and presumably had the biggest impact on their future relationship along with his wish to remove the bombs from 17 and 18 after learning Shenron could not undo the biological and cybernetic modification to the twins bodies which only occurred after the Cell Games. Chronoa criticizes Trunks for being so dense that he couldn't recognize it. She does how note that Trunks' knowledge of this period will prove invaluable so she has him act as the Warrior's guide and to provide backup should Mira or other villains interfere as she notes that while he may not be good when it comes understanding the complexities of romance he is great at punching things, though Trunks politely asks her to lay off criticizing him over it as he himself is more concerned with how the alterations will effect the Cell Games and the official history as worrying about Android 18's love life with Krillin is not as serious a concern to him.

Later, Chronoa and Elder Kai discover an alteration to the Cell Games where Mira enters the tournament. Trunks: Xeno notes they cannot allow this to occur and must prevent Mira from ever taking part which would be a major change that could easily effect the outcome as given Mira's intention is likely to absorb energy from the combatants to empower himself as he had attempted previously when he attempted to interfere in the fight between Goku and Majin Buu that lead to his destruction at the hands of the hero in Age 774. He decides to join the Future Warrior for this mission and will confront Mira before he can reach the Cell Games Arena.

The Future Warrior manages to hold off the Dark Cell Juniors with Tien and Yamcha while Mr. Satan ensures Android 16's head reaches Gohan allowing him to encourage him to let go of his rage before being destroyed by Cell, causing Gohan to transform into Super Saiyan 2. Just when it seems history is returning to its proper course, a Wormhole suddenly appears in the sky revealing it was what Towa had been preparing while Mira was distracting them. The wormhole connects Age 767 of the main timeline to New Namek in Age 767 of The Return of Cooler timeline which allows the Metal Cooler Corps. to travel into the main timeline. They wish to enter the Cell Games noting that all participants are permitted which Cell confirms and eagerly welcomes them to participate the Cell Games. Trunks: Xeno explains how Cooler was revived by the Big Gete Star to Elder Kai, before Chronoa orders Trunks to go to Metal Cooler's timeline in order to work on stopping them at the source as they will continue to come through as long as the Big Gete Star remains. Meanwhile the Future Warrior is ordered to defeat the Metal Coolers taking part in the Cell Games before going to Trunks aid via using the wormhole leaving Cell to Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. After arriving on New Namek, the Future Warrior is confronted by Dark Metal Coolers enhanced by Villainous Mode. They manage to defeat several of them before Trunks: Xeno arrives. Trunks: Xeno notes to the Metal Coolers that he had not jumped in without plan before revealing he reprogrammed the Big Gete Star's central computer to self-destruct. He and the Future Warrior keep fighting the Metal Coolers until the self destruct sequence activates killing Cooler in his Metal Cooler Core form and causing a chain reaction that destroys the remaining Metal Coolers. Trunks: Xeno then destroys the wormhole to prevent any more damage it could cause by connecting different timelines. Chronoa commends them both on stopping the Metal Coolers before Trunks: Xeno tells the warrior to head back to ensure Gohan defeats Cell. Chronoa commends both Trunks: Xeno and the Future Warrior on their success in correcting history even though Mira and Towa remain at large and plotting their next assault on history.

Rifts in Time - The Expert Missions

In Conton City, Chronoa decides it is time to teach the Future Warrior about the smaller rifts she had mentioned previously. She explains that rifts in time are fissures created by changes in history though smaller ones are less stable due to their smaller size and emit a sinister vibe due to the power of the change which is due to power of the individuals within them. These rifts are so dangerous and the enemies within them so powerful that the Time Patrol must send in larger teams to handle them. Additionally these rifts contain other dangers so Chronoa takes the time to teach them how to deal with enemy techniques such Brainwash Attacks, Gigantic Ki Blasts, and Scatter Attacks. She also teaches them how to overcome brainwashing themselves through combating an evil Supervillain empowered doppelganger of themself in the mental realm known as World of Mind Control. After completing her tutorials, Chronoa leaves it up to the Future Warrior and their fellow patrollers to deal with any Expert Mission rifts that pop up within Conton City though once they have been weakened she allows them to remain as she considers removing them a hassle and finds them as a useful way for Time Patrollers to polish various skills such as teamwork and persevering during difficult missions.

However, she is later forced to combine the weakened rifts into a single rift which she places at the time machine station after someone complained about how bad the city looked with time rifts scattered about as she notes that way completed Expert Missions are still available though she notes that it is too dangerous to add any rifts who's expert missions have yet to be completed thus they will remain separate from the completed rifts until they are completed and weakened. This allows the Future Warrior easier access to completed Expert Missions they wish to take on again.

A Desperate Future Saga

While Chronoa is busy with her duties Elder Kai tells the Future Warrior he hasn't seen Trunks: Xeno and asks if they would help look for him. They find him examining the Time Scroll for Age 780 of his timeline witnessing the death of his mentor Future Gohan and his transformation into a Super Saiyan before noticing the Future Warrior. He explains it is one of the scrolls that contain history for his era and notes that if his mother hadn't invented the Time Machine he and everyone would likely have fallen before the power of the Androids as Future Gohan and Trunks' father had. Elder Kai interjects stating he does not approve of a machine that can fiddle around with history as it upsets the natural order, though Trunks: Xeno agrees with him knowing full well the dangers of such technology first hand. However Elder Kai states there is no use crying over spilled milk as his alterations are already part of the official history as Chronoa benevolently elected not to erase them.

Suddenly the same scroll Trunks: Xeno had just been look at starts to change to Trunks' horror as his own history is in jeopardy. Chronoa appears and reminds Trunks of the danger to himself caused by such an alteration as the last time Towa altered his timeline he almost faded from existence and asks if he understands the situation. He states he does and hands the scroll to the Future Warrior leaving it correction in their capable hands.

However, their success is short lived as Mira appears much to Elder Kai and Trunks: Xeno's horror as the Warrior and Future Gohan are not powerful enough to handle him. Refusing to allow either his mentor or comrade to be killed by Mira who seeks to absorb Future Gohan's latent untapped potential, Trunks: Xeno defies Chronoa orders and travels to Age 780 despite the danger to himself and history. Chronoa admonishes his irresponsible behavior from the Time Nest though he states he cannot allow Future Gohan to be killed causing Chronoa to complain he is so stubborn as she empathizes with his situation while at the same time recognizing the danger as Future Gohan recognizes Trunks: Xeno despite him being older than his past self. However Trunks: Xeno, the Future Warrior, and Future Gohan manage to defeat Mira with their combined strength much to Mira's shock. Despite not understanding how he could be defeated Mira retreats.

After the battle, Trunks: Xeno talks with his mentor for the first time since his death in the original history. Fortunately Gohan assumes Trunks: Xeno used Future Bulma's time machine which he was apparently aware that Bulma was currently working to develop. He says he is proud of Trunks and how strong he has become, before turning his attention to the other Androids. However Trunks: Xeno is overwhelmed by his own survivor's guilt and brotherly bond he has with Future Gohan that he tries to convince Gohan to let him fight alongside him noting this time he won't hold him back. Chronoa quickly reminds Trunks: Xeno that he is suggesting to alter history which he knows Time Patrollers are forbidden to do. However Trunks: Xeno is conflicted between his loyalty to her and his desire to save Future Gohan from his historic fate. She orders the Future Warrior to take action to stop Trunks if necessary but fortunately Future Gohan realizes his fate from Trunks: Xeno reaction and points out to Trunks: Xeno that the future is safe as he is all grown up and is content knowing that his fight has a purpose. Future Gohan tells Future Trunks it was nice seeing him but he will deal with the Androids on his own noting Trunks has a good friend in the Future Warrior and that he should not abandon them. The Future Warrior stops Trunks from following as Future Gohan rushes of to his death willingly sacrificing his own life for the greater good like his own father and mentor had.

Back at the Time Nest, Chronoa gives Trunks: Xeno time to reflect on his recent actions and admits that she was careless as it was a heavier bit of history for him than she realized. However as a result, she notes the Future Warrior and Elder Kai will have to handle things for awhile as it is too dangerous for Trunks: Xeno to be present when dealing with his history as recent events have shown. As a result, she does not inform Trunks about another alteration in Age 785 which she sends the Future Warrior to deal with. They are once again confronted by Future 16 who Chronoa notes that Towa must have found and activated in Age 780 repairing him after his previous defeat at the hands of the Future Warrior and Future Gohan. She also notes he is stronger than he should be thus Future Trunks of that period will have trouble despite his increased strength following the Cell Games. To make matters worse, Towa also aided Future Cell absorb the Androids as she had during her previous attempt to alter that period. Both Future 16 and Cell are empowered by Towa's Supervillain spell. However, the Future Warrior and Future Trunks work together to defeat the enchanted Androids whom they manage to defeat and destroy. The Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest, where Trunks: Xeno appears and apologizes for his rash behavior. Chronoa is sympathetic but warns him that he must never do something like that again as their job is to correct history.

She, Elder Kai, and Future Warrior give Trunks: Xeno some space as he checks the scroll for Age 780. However, she and Elder Kai note a minor change as Future Gohan tells the Androids that another will rise in his place to defeat them foreshadowing their destruction at the hands of his student Trunks. Chronoa notes that minor anomalies like that disappear when she puts the scrolls together after a successful correction though wonders if it would be okay to leave it as it is relatively minor as Future Gohan accepted his fate. Elder Kai jokes they might as well let that one slip by. As a result Trunks: Xeno's encounter with Future Gohan becomes part of the official history.

Decisive Battle with Majin Buu Saga

Chronoa summons the Future Warrior and Trunks: Xeno to make an important announcement that Tokitoki has successfully laid the egg she had been preparing for. However, Trunks: Xeno assuming they had been summoned to deal with another change questions the egg's importance as he is ignorant of their role causing Tokitoki to screech at him and Chronoa to admonish him for failing to recognize how important an occasion it is. Elder Kai realizes he neglected to tell Trunks about them as he was not present when he explained it to the Future Warrior. After hearing Elder Kai's explanation Trunks revises his opinion stating it sounds like one heck of an egg before noting he thought she called them about a mission. However, Chronoa states that she did have a mission in mind as she planned to hold a huge party to celebrate only to horrify both Trunks: Xeno and Tokitoki when she reveals she plans to cook a huge feast knowing full well what a horrible cook she is and that such a feast could put the entire Time Patrol out of commission. Trunks: Xeno persuades her to hold off as they are currently busy and his partner hasn't returned from their mission of tracking Mira and notes he's not really hungry. Tokitoki agrees with Trunks' convenient excuse much to Chronoa's disappointment as she got a new apron and everything though agrees it is probably best to wait until they can all get together thus the Time Patrol narrowly avoids the crisis of a feast prepared by Chronoa at least for the time being.

They then notice another history change this time during the battle between Majin Vegeta and Goku. They send the Future Warrior to deal with the cause which turns out to be Broly enchanted by the Supervillain power-up instead of his transformed state. After the change history was corrected, Elder Kai notes that must have been a rough bit of history for Trunks: Xeno, causing Chronoa to admonish him and to consider Trunks' feelings, though Trunks: Xeno reveals he is fine as he is proud to be his father's son so seeing that won't get him down as ultimately Vegeta's love for his family won out over Babidi's influence and Vegeta's own desire to return to his evil ways as he felt he had become too soft.

Trunks: Xeno tells the Future Warrior to rest up and let them know when they are ready. Later another change during the battle with Super Buu forces them to once again send the Future Warrior this time to aid Gotenks and Piccolo, while Trunks: Xeno runs interference to deal with Mira by tackling the problem from another angle. Unfortunately Super Buu is also empowered by Towa and Gotenks is not strong enough to handle him on his own. Elder Kai tells the Future Warrior to hold out when Gotenks' fusion time runs out until Ultimate Gohan arrives after having his potential unleashed by Elder Kai's past self with Chronoa noting the old man can't help but brag about his historical role. Eventually, Gohan arrives and Chronoa asks Elder Kai if things are back on course which he confirms. Chronoa is about to summon them back and leave Super Buu to Gohan who is strong enough to handle him despite the power-up from Towa, when Broly in his new Supervillain form appears. Chronoa notes he has powered up after recovering from near death following his defeat at the hands of the Future Warrior and that Gohan cannot handle both Buu and Broly. She orders them to take Broly out so he cannot recover again as he is too dangerous. They defeat Broly apparently killing him in the process, but Trunks: Xeno informs everyone that something is preventing his father from leaving Hell which will render the Potara useless. Chronoa orders them to join Trunks: Xeno in Hell to deal with the problem leaving Gohan to handle Super Buu.

They discover Hell has been transformed by Super Janemba in his Supervillain form and that Trunks: Xeno has been injured. Chronoa identifies Janemba and explains his history while she is shocked Towa could recruit someone as powerful and dangerous as him as his power over reality is extremely dangerous especially under the control of someone like Towa. Trunks: Xeno tries to rejoin the fight but Chronoa tells him to comeback in one piece while Elder Kai notes that he can't stay very long as Vegeta is nearby and his presence in Hell alive would cause his father to ask too many questions. Trunks: Xeno wisely agrees they are right and returns though Elder Kai notes the Future Warrior cannot defeat him alone. Fortunately, Vegeta appears and steps up the fight the monster realizing he is the one preventing him from leaving hell. Together the Future Warrior and Vegeta weaken Janemba enough for Vegeta to kill him with a Final Flash while still in his base form. The Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest and is informed by Chronoa that Trunks: Xeno was so exhausted by his injuries that he fell unconscious and is currently resting.

Eventually, a new history change occurs during the final battle with Majin Buu. She notes that Majin Buu has changed and became an incarnation of pure evil, while Elder Kai notes this will probably be the last change in this part of the timeline.

God of Destruction's Anger Saga

After the defeat of Kid Buu, the Future Warrior observes Mr. Satan, Goku, and Vegeta resting after the battle from afar when they are contacted by Elder Kai and Chronoa to inform them that Trunks: Xeno has regained consciousness. Trunks: Xeno informs them that there was someone else with Janemba and that they should be nearby as they have been secretly collecting energy from their battles. The Future Warrior spots the Masked Saiyan fleeing from behind a rock and gives chase. Just as they manage to corner him he travels through time carrying the Future Warrior with him.

Meanwhile in Age 778, Beerus is in the middle of explaining to Goku how his body had absorbed the God's Crimson Radiance of the Super Saiyan God form when suddenly the Future Warrior and the Masked Saiyan appear interrupting Beerus' conversation with Goku causing him to angrily inform them they were in the middle of a conversation. The Masked Saiyan then confronts the Future Warrior in battle. Trunks: Xeno confirms he is Mira's ally and orders them to capture him. Elder Kai however informs them they have stepped into the middle of a wild age as Goku is facing Beerus the God of Destruction. Goku notes the Masked Saiyan feels familiar while Beerus annoyed by the rude interruption plans to destroy them though Chronoa steps in and contacts Beerus begging him not to before introducing herself and notes that at least from his perspective it has been awhile since their last encounter. She explains that they are currently dealing with some dangerous individuals altering history and kindly asks him to give them time to resolve it. Beerus doesn't know what she's going on about but agrees to wait as he recognizes it must be serious for Chronoa to be involved.

The Future Warrior manages to partially break the Masked Saiyan's mask revealing part of his face allowing Trunks: Xeno to recognize him as none other than Goku's father Bardock. Before they can ponder this sudden revelation, Mira appears to rescue his servant and have a rematch with the Future Warrior. Trunks: Xeno tries to join in the fight but Elder Kai stops him stating that he knows he is not allowed in this part of history as Goku would question Trunks: Xeno's sudden appearance as he knows Future Trunks. Goku notes Beerus must be steamed that another fighter has appeared. When Beerus tries to be lenient and tells them all to leave, Mira stubbornly stands his ground and audaciously tells Beerus to be quiet, to the astonishment of Trunks: Xeno and Elder Kai the latter of whom notes Mira is an idiot for daring to talk back to Beerus of all people. Mira goes on to state he is enjoying his fight with the Warrior and will not allow anyone to interfere. Surprisingly, Beerus laughs impressed by Mira's boldness admitting that it had been awhile since someone had been stubborn enough to talk back to him and says he will permit their battle to continue. Intrigued by Mira's power, Goku asks to join in but Beerus reminds him that he still has a date with Beerus as their battle was only postponed.

Chronoa wonders if she is the only sane person around and notes things are getting ridiculous. Chronoa decides to pull up her sleeves and prepare a secret weapon to deal with the situation, with Trunks: Xeno inquiring as to what it is while the Future Warrior continues to fight Mira. However they are equally matched and Beerus eventually loses his patience. Transforming into Rage Mode, Beerus states he has half a mind to destroy them all right there. Elder Kai notes that his anger is enough to destroy everything but Chronoa yells at Beerus to stop as she sends the Future Warrior her secret weapon: a case full of Pudding cups. Chronoa tells them to give it to Beerus whom is pleased at the sight of the pudding. Chronoa says he can have the whole case if Beerus agrees not to destroy the universe and Beerus immediately agrees. He is in such a pleasant mood that he even agrees to share the pudding with Whis, Goku, and the Future Warrior even offer some to Mira and the Masked Saiyan but Mira refuses finding Beerus' friendly attitude a buzzkill instead opting to use the opportunity to flee with the Masked Saiyan.

Whis and the Future Warrior are about to have one of the pudding cups when Chronoa casually reveals she made a lot more pudding than what she sent revealing to Whis and Beerus that she made the pudding. This causes Whis to stop dead as he is fully aware of what a notoriously bad cook she is, though Beerus and Goku aren't so lucky as they each taste one of the cups and find the pudding tastes awful. Beerus is furious at how horrible Chronoa's pudding is and once again powers up with Rage Mode. Whis notes this will not do and enlists the Future Warrior in helping him subduing the enraged Beerus. Whis notes the last time Beerus was this angry he extinguished two suns dooming their solar systems in the process. He notes that Chronoa pudding is responsible and that it has driven the God of Destruction mad, though Chronoa oblivious to his criticism takes it as a complement causing Whis to point out it was not intended to be taken as such. Whis notes the Warrior is quite talented and asks if they would like to be the next God of Destruction after Beerus, though Chronoa tells him off and that she won't allow him to poach Time Patrol personal, causing him to state it is such a pity.

Goku wants to join in but Whis notes that he cannot fight in his condition as the pudding has given he a debilitating case of stomach cramps making him unfit to fight with the enraged God of Destruction. Eventually they manage to tire Beerus out calming him down while Goku's stomach cramps stop. Chronoa tries to apologize by saying she will make Beerus a special lunch to make up for the pudding still ignorant of her own poor cooking skills despite evidence to the contrary, revealing why Trunks: Xeno or anyone else was unable to just tell her that her cooking is really terrible. Beerus however bluntly refuses asking if she is trying to kill him, before stating he will have no more of her cooking ever again. Tired by the ordeal, Beerus decides to return home with Whis sparing Goku and the Earth with the Future Warrior bowing respectfully as they leave. Goku states he doesn't understand what was going on but thanks the Future Warrior for their help before they return to the Time Nest. Chronoa states she is relieved Beerus didn't destroy everything but Elder Kai points out it was due to her cooking though she defends her pudding stating things would have been a lot worse without it. Trunks: Xeno however notes that Mira and the Masked Saiyan Bardock ultimately got away. Elder Kai notes Towa and Mira will probably change their strategy now that the Time Patrol knows how they operate due to the Masked Saiyan's involvement being exposed.

Pudding Problem Aftermath

Unfortunately for Trunks: Xeno, Chronoa had made lots of pudding which he and Elder Kai had to deal with as Chronoa is still oblivious to how bad it is. Trunks: Xeno even resorts to "accidently" dropping the pudding Chronoa was planning to give to female Patroller Aloe and Kyume whom Chronoa had befriended after Kyume had invited Chronoa to tea previously. Aloe tells the Future Warrior about the incident saying that Chronoa was really mad unaware of the horrible fate she and her friend had avoided as both are unaware Chronoa is a terrible cook. Elder Kai tells the Future Warrior he is glad they didn't eat it and tells them to politely refuse any food Chronoa makes or offers to make for them and if they are forced to eat some switch with somebody else as he notes they can't risk all their Patroller's being incapacitated thus this method will help spread out the damage showing that Chronoa's cooking is a problem Trunks: Xeno and Elder Kai have learned to deal with and is a problem the Time Patrollers aware of it have just learned to deal with and accept as Chronoa's obliviousness prevents them from simply bring the problem to her attention.

Despite the problem caused by the Pudding, Beerus agrees to help Elder Kai train Time Patrollers as an Instructor as he apparently got to enjoy pudding from Earth afterwards and is thankful to the Future Warrior that he didn't destroy the Earth thus willing to train them. As part of the Masters Pack DLC, Whis also reveals Chronoa asked him to help train Time Patrollers as well though he only trains those who have reached Super Class. If the Future Warrior passes his Initiation Test, he reveals they are the only one to make it that far as all other Patrollers failed, though is pleased to train them in exchange for food though he has not given up on the possibility of them becoming a God of Destruction candidate. Chronoa tries to offers some of the pudding though they follow Elder Kai's advice and do not accept her offer fully aware of the danger of consuming it thanks to Goku.

The Emperor's Return Saga

Trunks: Xeno informs the Future Warrior of another history change and they both head to the Time Vault. Elder Kai and Chronoa informs them it occurs during Frieza's Revenge after his revival. Elder Kai is quick to point out to Trunks: Xeno how dangerous Frieza has become since he killed him and states that it will take more than the swing of a sword to stop him this time to explain the seriousness of the situation as they are not dealing with the old Frieza anymore as he explains Frieza never trained before his revival thus is a whole different monster than he used to be. They send the Future Warrior to Age 779 as the Z Fighters and Jaco step to take on the Frieza Force whom Towa has empowered with her Supervillain spell.

However, suddenly Beerus is contacted by Chronoa who informs him that Mira and Towa are attacking the Time Nest despite its barrier and strangely requests his assistance in repelling them despite knowing full well he and Whis are needed to save Goku and his friends when Frieza destroys the Earth. She promises to make Beerus some cream puffs for assisting the Time Patrol though Beerus weary of her cooking refuses until she assures him they where made by Trunks: Xeno. However as a result, when Frieza's Golden form runs out he destroys the Earth with Earth Breaker which kills Goku and all his friends originally saved by Whis who had left with Beerus. Fortunately, Trunks: Xeno arrives and pulls the Future Warrior out just in time before they are killed as well. Back at the Time Nest, they learn that their was no attack and it is revealed that the interference they encountered earlier was Towa hacking into the Time Nest's communications. After doing so she imitated Chronoa's voice and manipulated Beerus into leaving Age 779 so Frieza would destroy the Earth without Whis' intervention while Frieza and Metal Cooler survived due to their ability to survive in a vacuum their revenge successful.

Beerus is furious at being duped and like with Demigra wants to deliver divine retribution to Towa for her blasphemy of daring to manipulate a God of Destruction with the false promise of Cream Puffs. Fortunately, Chronoa convinces Beerus that Towa may be forced to show herself if they correct history. Beerus agrees to work with the Time Patrol in order to lure out Towa and Mira so he may destroy them to put an end to their meddling once and for all which Chronoa accepts as the trouble they have caused warrants it and due to being aware they have no choice in the matter as Beerus is determined to see them punished. Whis transports Beerus and the Future Warrior to the space where Earth once stood and with Beerus' permission uses his Temporal Do-Over to rewind time allowing the Future Warrior to stop Frieza's attack with an Energy Wave.

Unfortunately, Towa's failure to appear infuriates Beerus, though Chronoa clarifies that she only meant it as a possibility as she has no idea how Towa would react. Whis jokingly suggests Beerus calm down by sealing Elder Kai in the Z Sword again much to his dread and Beerus considers doing so. Chronoa is quick to inform Whis and Beerus of Tokitoki's Egg will be put in danger if Beerus is reckless in his agitated state. Whis congratulates Chronoa on the wonderful news aware of its importance and realizes he must take action to ensure no harm comes to it as it is a momentous occurrence. Beerus agrees to leave Towa and Mira to the Time Patrol recognizing they and the Future Warrior are capable of handling it without his assistance. Chronoa tells Beerus he can count on the Time Patrol to deal with Towa with Trunks: Xeno stating they will deal with every criminal who tampers with history to justice, while Elder Kai grumbles to himself after Beerus nonchalantly says he'll see him around though Beerus points out he can hear him though fortunately Beerus and Whis leave without Elder Kai's comments sparking another incident. Chronoa, Elder Kai, and Trunks: Xeno are relieved that they once again have managed to avoid disaster while dealing with the God of Destruction's formidable temper thanks to the Future Warrior and Whis' intervention.

Trunks: Xeno however notes that Towa now knows how to hijack their communications and Elder Kai notes that she and Mira keep finding tricks to use on the Time Patrol. However, Chronoa concludes that it means Towa and Mira are running out of options as there aren't many fighters left like Turles, Slug, Cooler, Broly, and Janemba who were apparently the strongest Towa and Mira could find. Chronoa realizes that their showdown against Mira is getting close and that they have to defend history with both Trunks: Xeno and the Future Warrior in agreement. Chronoa swears she will make them pay for upsetting Lord Beerus which a bewildered Trunks: Xeno and the Future Warrior also agree too with Elder Kai noting how enthusiastic Chronoa has become all of a sudden.

The Masked Saiyan Saga

Back in the Time Vault, Trunks: Xeno notes its been too quiet lately as their have been no further history changes. Elder Kai notes he normally likes things quiet, but given the circumstances it just makes him nervous. Chronoa suggests that they should take action and Trunks: Xeno asks what she has in mind. Chronoa reveals she's been thinking about the Masked Saiyan and Trunks: Xeno recalls that he turned out to be Bardock. Chronoa notes that unlike the others she can't imagine Bardock working with Mira especially when it involves endangering the history of his son and grandchildren. She notes there was something off about him like he was under mind control. Elder Kai asks if she is suggesting they free Bardock in the hopes he might join their side in taking down Towa and Mira, an idea which Trunks: Xeno thinks is perfect as if he still has his memories of when they did it to him he might be able to tell them what Towa and Mira are planning. Elder Kai however asks how in the world do they go about finding him. Chronoa notes if they find the point in history when Bardock vanished, Towa and Mira should be there too and decides that is exactly what they will do. Trunks: Xeno agrees with the plan and tells the Future Warrior their mission will be an investigation and he will be tagging along with them just in case they get in a confrontation with Mira.

Back in Age 852, Trunks: Xeno and the Future Warrior stare at the mask as Trunks: Xeno notes it is all they ended up with. A relieved Chronoa and Elder Kai welcome them back as they note that they had gotten worried when they lost contact with them. Trunks: Xeno explains they went through a wormhole and confronted Towa & Mira but has trouble recalling what happened with his partner. In his confusion Trunks: Xeno thinks the 2nd Future Warrior is his partner. Chronoa and Elder Kai also have no recollection of the hero and believe the Future Warrior is Trunks: Xeno partner. Chronoa tells Trunks: Xeno to think things over clearly not wanting any infighting between them and Elder Kai oddly notes it is up to the four of them to protect history. Suddenly the Time Vault itself starts showing signs of a history change with Elder Kai noting the change is occurring in all the scrolls at once. Chronoa reveals that a history change on this scale is even capable of effecting both the Time Nest and Conton City. She orders Trunks: Xeno and the Future Warrior to check outside while she and Elder Kai try to determine the cause and source of this new massive history change.

Lost Memories of the Toki Toki City Hero

The Future Warrior visits Conton City where the Toki Toki City Hero's statue has disappeared and like Trunks: Xeno, Elder Kai, and Chronoa everyone seems to believe the Future Warrior is the hero though some are left with a vague feeling something is wrong. The warrior also seems to have no memory of the hero as they make no attempt to correct their fellow Time Patrollers or inform Chronoa, Elder Kai, and Trunks: Xeno of what happened indicating the change has effected the memory of everyone who knew the hero. The Future Warrior returns to the Time Vault with Future Trunks to find out if Chronoa and Elder Kai have found the source of the change.

Warrior from the Demon World Saga

Trunks: Xeno asks how the investigation is going and Chronoa reveals they have no leads yet though notes that something important must have changed. She explains that the trouble is she herself can't remember what was altered and Elder Kai himself notes he knows what it is and that it is right on the tip of his tongue but can't remember either. Trunks: Xeno notes he feels like he has forgotten someone important. The Future Warrior realizes what they can't remember is somehow connected to the mask and manages to point it out to Trunks: Xeno. Trunks: Xeno wonders who the mask belonged to. He dismisses Bardock as he wore a different mask and notes someone else wore it once and that he knew them. This jogs Trunks: Xeno's memory as he remembers they were trying to bring that person back and it was someone vitally important as they had traveled together through history and fought to restore it before finally recalling his partner the hero. Realizing the source of the change Trunks: Xeno picks up the scroll for Age 850.

The scroll shows Trunks: Xeno's past self in Toki Toki City summoning Shenron to make the wish that ends up summoning his future partner. However, history is altered when Towa appears and kills Shenron before the wish can be made thus preventing the hero from ever being summoned which due to their importance in stopping both the Time Breakers and Demigra resulted in the massive history change. Trunks: Xeno notes he found the change is in the Time Patrol's own history. However, suddenly the Time Vault begins to tremble from the strain of the history change with Chronoa revealing it is close to reaching critical mass at which point it will explode taking all of history with it. Trunks: Xeno hands the scroll to the Future Warrior telling them to stop Towa from killing Shenron and ensuring the wish that summons his partner is made while he remains behind with Chronoa and Elder Kai to keep the Time Vault from collapsing.

Chronoa caught off guard by Towa's sneak attack in Xenoverse 2

Back in Age 852, the Future Warrior returns to find the Time Vault intact and everything back to normal. Trunks: Xeno commends them for stopping Towa and notes the fluctuations in history have ceased. Elder Kai notes that with Mira gone they might finally have peace for a change. However, Chronoa mindful just how close Towa's actions came to destroying the Time Vault sternly reminds them all that as long Towa is at large something like that could easily happen again and that they must find her. Suddenly they hear Towa saying that it won't be necessary and attacks Chronoa from behind alerting everyone to her presence inside the Time Vault. They are all shocked to see Towa inside the Time Vault holding Tokitoki's Egg forcing Chronoa to grab ahold of Tokitoki to keep him from attacking Towa to protect his egg. Elder Kai notes the Time Nest is protected by a barrier that he and Chronoa created though Towa reveals she used the hero's mask to bypass it. Trunks: Xeno realizes her actions after losing Mira where all staged just to confirm the mask was inside the Time Vault having counted on her enemies ability to defeat the Masked Future Warrior and thwart her attack on Shenron to access the Time Vault. Towa reveals Tokitoki's Egg contains vast amounts of dormant energy which she notes is enough to revive Demon Realm as well as allow her to rule time and space once more causing Chronoa to realize that she was after Tokitoki's Egg all along. Towa uses the egg's power to open up a wormhole to free Mira whom returns empowered by the Supervillain power-up once more. Towa notes she has no further use for the Time Vault causing everyone to brace for the worst. However Towa simply creates a wormhole while Mira fends off a sword attack by Trunks: Xeno using an energy sphere which knocks Trunks: Xeno into the Future Warrior. Just as Mira is about to finish the warrior off with another blast they are shielded by the Toki Toki City Hero who had returned to the Time Nest after their history had been restored just in time to payback the Future Warrior for freeing them and stopping Towa. The hero is injured by the blast but convinces the Future Warrior to chase after Towa and Mira as they flee through the wormhole leaving the villains defeat up to them before collapsing from their injuries.


Chronoa stops a hungry Goku from trying eat Tokitoki's Egg noting that trying to make an omelet out of it would be crazy while Tokitoki screeches at Goku for even thinking of doing such a thing to his egg. Goku however says in his defense they have to admit it does look pretty tasty. Chronoa admonishes Goku for his blissful ignorance and asks him what he thinks they've been fighting for before swearing he is worse than Mira causing Goku to apologize before they then notice Elder Kai and the others watching them. Chronoa informs everyone that the egg will hatch soon and a new universe will be born and that they should all go and watch. Trunks: Xeno agrees noting it is a rare opportunity while Elder Kai wonders what history they will see take shape. Goku hopes there are a lot of tough fighters in this new universe but Elder Kai ends up finishing his sentence when he notes Goku is feeling pumped up causing Goku to tell Elder Kai not to steal his lines causing them all to laugh.

Chronoa at the feast with Goku, Whis, Tokitoki, and Elder Kai in Xenoverse 2

Later at the Dragon Ball Pedestal, Chronoa has summoned Shenron at the behest of Tokitoki. She thinks it is unnecessary to summon Shenron as she notes she is a capable cook (still oblivious to her poor cooking skills) but Tokitoki persuades her that there are too many people to cook for. However Elder Kai sternly objects to such blatant misuse of the Dragon Balls to order take-out as he puts it, though Beerus counters that is a special occasion causing Elder Kai to back down knowing it is not wise to argue with or get between the God of Destruction and a meal. Chronoa then wishes for a feast that will leave everyone satisfied which Shenron grants causing tables and plates of delicious food to appear. While enjoying the sushi, Beerus tells Whis he should try some only to notice that Whis had moved to the table where Chronoa, Elder Kai, and Goku were sitting. During the feast, Chronoa notices all the food originated from Earth which she concludes is likely do to Conton City's Dragon Balls have been one of the many sets created by the Earth's Guardian Dende. Thanks to Tokitoki's suggesting the wish to Chronoa, the Time Patrol, Goku, Whis, and Beerus enjoy a wonderful feast.

After the feast near the portal leading to the Time Nest, Chronoa notes while they had her a little worried they all came through in the end and thanks Trunks: Xeno for everything he did when they lost their memories of the hero. Trunks: Xeno notices Goku looking at the two Future Warriors and asks if something is bothering him. Goku wonders which one of them is stronger and Trunks: Xeno notes that he's been a Time Patroller longer than them but Elder Kai objects stating that alone wouldn't make him the better fighter using Goku's surpassing his older brother as an example. Chronoa notes she is curious herself and Whis suggests they could fight and see the results which Goku reveals that is just what he was thinking and is about to fight the two Future Warriors when Beerus objects stating the battle is supposed to be between the two Future Warriors and that he will just have to sit and watch. Goku complains about not getting to have any fun causing Trunks: Xeno to admonish Goku for his childishness causing everyone to laugh. The results of the two Future Warrior's battle is not shown.

Conton City Hero

Chronoa notes to the Future Warrior she feels safe knowing she has two heroes like them to rely on. She also notes that the food they had during the feast came from Earth and reveals that the Dragon Balls used by the Time Patrol are one of the many weaker sets created by Dende as a training reward though she notes that they have become a way to get unlimited wishes as there is no danger of them being overloaded and can be used repeatedly without a period of dormancy though as a result are weaker than the Earth's Dragon Balls.

Towa's Distorted Time Eggs

When the Future Warrior finds five eggs, Chronoa at first mistakes one of the eggs for Tokitoki's Eggs but is relieved when she realizes it is not. With each new egg the Future Warrior brings, Chronoa reveals more information about them and tells them to bring her any eggs they can find. Chronoa eventually realizes that the eggs are actually failed attempts by Towa to replicate Tokitoki's Eggs artificially which Chronoa reveals is fortunately for them impossible though she is surprised Towa managed to create five eggs which she notes requires massive amounts of energy. She notes that a single egg alone has the power to create large time rifts which fortunately for the Time Patrol are all incredibly stable. While she is unable to figure out why Towa and her underlings chose to place them where they did she assumes Towa was either disposing of them or had some other nefarious plan in mind.

Regardless of Towa's reasons, after all the eggs are collected Chronoa decides that since the rifts are stable and safely contained within Time Miniatures she will allow them to remain allowing Time Patrollers to visit them while off duty. Like the smaller rifts, Chronoa notes getting ride of them is a hassle and realizes that the Future Warrior and other Time Patrollers have become fond of the rifts and/or their inhabitants. As a result, the Time Patrol continue to keep tabs on the rifts to ensure there are no further problems and to aid their inhabitants.

Warrior of Hope Saga

Elder Kai asks where Trunks: Xeno is as the Future Warrior gears up for a special mission request from the C.C. Robot Culina. Chronoa states she sent him on another mission and states it would be bad time to run into more trouble like they did previously, as Elder Kai explains the history change involves a piece of history closely connected to Trunks and that the future world had finally found peace after being ravaged by the Androids when it was beset by an even greater tragedy. Chronoa tells them to stay calm and keep an eye on the scroll which shows the change they are talking about. In Age 796, Future Trunks is about to leave in his Time Machine when it reacts to the change in history causing it to stall. Suddenly Goku Black appears enveloped by the unmistakable aura and glowing eyes of Supervillain Mode power-up. Supervillain Goku Black charges a Black Kamehameha which he uses to destroy the Time Machine and killing Future Trunks in the process. Back in the Time Nest Chronoa notes the problem is that Future Trunks was originally supposed to travel to the main timeline to get help from Goku and the others but that man showed up and changed history. Elder Kai notes to his dismay that he doesn't approve of Future Trunks' using time travel before Chronoa explains that unlike the Time Patrol's method of time correction, the Time Machine actually creates more timelines due to its unintentional design flaw. However, she notes that as its use is already an established part of history they have no choice but to protect it and ensure Future Trunks uses it to travel to the main timeline.

Elder Kai explains the man they saw attack Trunks is Goku Black and states that while he looks like Goku, his heart couldn't be any more different and that he's wiped out gods and mortals from every universe and a truly terrifying foe, to say the least. Chronoa however says there is no need to panic as they will not be working alone, as she arranged for the legendary Toki Toki City Hero to partner with them for this mission while Xeno Trunks is away which Chronoa herself did on purpose as to avoid any further trouble he might cause like what happened previously with Future Gohan. Chronoa sends the original Future Warrior Ace to Age 796 to ensure Future Trunks uses his time machine to flee to the main timeline while she sends the second Future Warrior to Age 779 in the main timeline to wait for Black to chase Future Trunks into the past. Elder Kai notes their job is to keep Black from making any further changes to history.

In Age 779, the Future Warrior finds Future Trunks has succeeded in escaping to the main timeline watching from afar as he explains the situation to Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and his younger counterpart before Chronoa informs the Warrior that Black is on move and to get ready for a fight. Supervillain Goku Black emerges from the distortion in time created by Trunks' time machine and confronts Super Saiyan 2 Goku. Elder Kai notes Black's Time Ring will allow him to follow the warrior anywhere in spacetime using the same route created by their use of the Time Scrolls thus they must be careful and must wear him down enough to prevent him enough that he won't be able to pursue immediately, then come straight back to the Time Nest, otherwise he could follow the warrior all the way back to the Time Nest. Goku Black notes his time ring reacting to the Future Warrior which causes him to suspect who they really are. Eventually, the distortion in space-time restores itself sucking Goku Black back to Age 796, though he manages to resist its pull long enough to destroy the Time Machine with a Ki blast.

The Future Warrior returns to Age 852, along with Ace. Elder Kai welcomes them and congratulates them on the great job they did which is seconded by Chronoa. Elder Kai notes that while time machine ended up totaled it doesn't matter as that is what occurred in the proper timeline and Chronoa confirms the correction was a success before she notices another change in history. Elder asks if she is sure and Chronoa states that it occurs at the point in time after Bulma repaired Cell's time machine when Future Trunks took Goku and Vegeta into his future timeline. Elder Kai notes that it is in that timeline is when Future Zamasu showed up. He explains the foe they face is Zamasu who was once an apprentice Supreme Kai who used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with him and became Goku Black. He goes on to state Goku Black teamed up with Future Zamasu to rid the universe of mortals. Elder Kai notes that while he may have only been an apprentice, he is still uncomfortable sending them to deal with the gods' mistakes but notes that they are all they have and implores them both to stop Zamasu for him, Chronoa, and the other gods.

In Age 796, Chronoa tells both Future Warriors to concentrate on holding off Black. Eventually, Future Zamasu joins the battle as Black defeats Vegeta. Chronoa tells the two Future Warriors to leave Zamasu to Goku and Future Trunks, while they focus on stopping Black. Elder Kai reveals Goku and Future Trunks managed to get away while Future Mai rescued Vegeta. Chronoa tells them both to find an opening and come back, though reminds them to be careful as Future Zamasu and Black both have Time Rings. Fortunately, they get away and Future Zamasu tells Black there is no need to rush when one is dealing with Time Travelers showing Future Zamasu is aware they are Time Patrollers as Black suspected. Back at the Time Nest, Chronoa says she would like to tell them to rest up first but there is another change. Chronoa believes Black and Zamasu are behind this change as well. Elder Kai tells them they will be in for some more hard fight so they should tell him and Chronoa when they are ready to go. After taking time to prepare, they return and are greeted by Chronoa. Elder Kai states they are headed to the point where Goku and the others returned to the future timeline and that they can't let another change happen. Chronoa notes the situation looks grim and that in the proper timeline Goku and the others managed to come up with a plan to defeat Zamasu and Black. Elder Kai notes it will be tricky to get away from both Zamasu and Black now that their this powerful and tells them to do their best to keep both Zamasu and Black busy.

Back in Age 796, they discover that Goku and Vegeta have already been defeated by the Supervillain empowered Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black and Supervillain Future Zamasu, though the Future Warrior arrives just in time to back up Future Trunks. Elder Kai notes Black and Zamasu are emitting the same strange energy, before noticing Goku and Vegeta are down. Chronoa says not to worry as she sent Ace to rescue Goku and Vegeta and get them back to the Time Machine. Elder Kai orders the Future Warrior to team up with Future Trunks to hold off the two rogue deities. Eventually Future Zamasu and Black try to color Future Trunks as the true villain claiming his alterations to history are the cause for all his misfortune as saving Goku from heart virus created Black's timeline of origin, while Zamasu states that the one who created the current future timeline is Future Trunks himself. Zamasu states that time is the realm of the gods alone and the only thing awaiting those who trespass into that realm is a swift death sentence. Eventually, Future Trunks' anger and desperation causes him to transform into Super Saiyan Anger. Future Trunks thanks the warrior for their help but tells them to leave Black and Zamasu to him, telling them to he to his father's time and find a way to defeat them. However, Chronoa tells the warrior to hang in their as their partner is going to help Goku and Vegeta. Eventually, Ace contacts Chronoa and she informs the Warrior that their partner got Goku and Vegeta back to the Time Machine safely. Elder Kai tells them to leave the rest to Future Trunks and hurry back.

Back at the Time Nest, the Future Warriors return and Chronoa states it is good to have them back before complementing them both for doing so well. Elder Kai notes thanks to their correction history is back on track before apologizing for it being so hectic. Elder Kai wonders what to do about Zamasu and how he could think up something like the Zero Mortal Plan. Elder rattles on stating kids these days just take a crazy idea and run with it. Chronoa notices another history change. She notes the time anomaly is during the final battle with Zamasu. Elder Kai states that he'll be tagging along for this one as he won't let Zamasu get away with this and plans to sit him down and give him an earful. Chronoa however tells him to think about it for a second, before asking if he really thinks a stern lecture will actually turn him around, before telling him to think about what would happen if his actions got in the way of their good Patrollers, as even succeeding in convincing either Zamasu to stop with the Zero Mortals Plan would alter history anyways in the unlikely event he actually succeeded (which it should be noted Zamasu's master Gowasu tried the same thing in the original timeline and failed). Chronoa tells Elder Kai not to worry as she's sure they'll give Zamasu a few licks for the old Shinjin as punishment for both Zamasu's misuse of the Time Rings and their Zero Mortals Plan. Elder Kai relents and tells them both to get going. Chronoa states the enemy has split up so they'll split up too. She orders Ace to take on Zamasu while the Future Warrior is tasked with taking on Goku Black.

Back at Age 796, the warrior joins Goku and Vegeta as they face off against Supervillain Goku Black, only to find Supervillain Turles there as well. Elder Kai is shocked by Turles' appearance before noting that he came through the rift Goku Black created using his Time Ring and that weird scythe of his. He notes that it is a rift in the fabric of time-space and notes Time Rings were never meant to be used for that kind of mischief. During the fight with Turles, Goku ends up carelessly dropping Zeno's Button and is infuriated by Goku carelessness, especially after he follows Vegeta's suggestion to ignore it. Turles, however, proves no match for the Future Warrior or Super Saiyan Blue Goku, though before being defeated he notes he did not come alone. Suddenly Broly, Super Janemba, Meta-Cooler, and Lord Slug appear all enchanted with the Supervillain power up. Goku Black leaves claiming he will show them the ultimate apex, forcing Goku, Vegeta, and the Future Warrior to fight their way through the villains to follow Black as he heads to where Ace and Future Trunks are fighting Zamasu as Chronoa guides Ace from the Time Nest. Eventually, they defeat the villains and join their allies. Chronoa asks if everything went okay over their as she had been observing the fight with Zamasu. Elder Kai tells her it didn't but they can worry about that later as Black and Future Zamasu use their Potara earrings to fuse. Fused Zamasu appears and confronts the assembled heroes, while Chronoa asks Elder Kai what it was he wanted to tell her and he reveals Goku carelessly dropped Zeno's Button which makes Chronoa freak as they need to summon Future Zeno to stop Infinite Zamasu. As Fused Zamasu rattles on about his Zero Mortals Plan and notes that his perfect world the realm of the gods is at hand.

Chronoa herself is dumbfounded his statements before noting she herself doesn't have the slightest clue what he's talking about despite being a god herself, showing how extreme Fused Zamasu's plan is to the point even the Supreme Kai of Time fails to understand what he hopes to truly achieve. Fused Zamasu calls on the Light of Justice and transforms into his Half-Corrupted form. Elder Kai notes Zamasu is falling apart, while Chronoa notes the imbalance caused by the immortal Zamasu being fused with the mortal Goku Black, which is causing the balance between his soul and body to collapse. She notes their only hope now is for Goku and Vegeta to fuse into Vegito. Elder Kai states it is the final battle and to hold off Grotesque Zamasu long enough for the Potara fusion to be completed. Chronoa notes if anyone can do it its the two Future Warriors and wishes them good luck. Grotesque Zamasu tells the warriors he knows who they are and notes he thought he had destroyed all the gods but admits his work was incomplete, before telling them to tell their masters that once he is finished with his business in Age 796 he will be coming for them, referring to Chronoa and Elder Kai in Age 852. Chronoa and Elder Kai are frightened by this. Elder Kai asks if he is coming to the Time Nest though Chronoa states they won't let that happen, before calling Ace back to the Time Nest as she has a new task for them of the utmost importance while she orders Elder Kai and the Future Warrior to stay focused on Grotesque Zamasu to buy time for the fusion. Eventually Goku and Vegeta fuse, with Vegito appearing and transforming into Vegito Blue. Chronoa notes that history is almost back on track. Vegito's fusion eventually wears off and Future Trunks saves Vegeta and Goku clashing his Light Sword with Grotesque Zamasu's Violent Fierce God Slicer before being blown back.

Grotesque Zamasu taunts Trunks asking where he will run to next, the past, the future, or to those who circumvent time referring to the Time Patrol. Future Trunks, however, notes that everyone has been helping him and that helping each other is what means to be human before noticing the Spirit Bomb created by the surviving Earthlings. However, Grotesque Zamasu arrogantly scoffs at his resistance stating that he or that Time Patroller are hopeless before his divine justice. Future Trunks asks for just a bit more power, a call which is answered by Present Gohan and Present Piccolo in the main timeline, GT Trunks, GT Goku, and GT Pan in the GT Timeline, Future Gohan and a bewildered Teen Future Trunks in a undetermined future timeline, as well as Xeno Trunks in the Time Nest in Age 852. There energy travels through the rift in time that had ironically been created by Goku Black which Future Trunks channels into his Light Sword to become the Sword of Hope which Future Trunks uses to finish off Grotesque Zamasu killing his physical body which causes the rift to vanish as Future Trunks wonders how he can repay the debt he owns to everyone who helped him from across time. Goku congratulates Trunks before catching Zeno's Button thrown to him by Ace whom he thanks for the help before Ace returns to the Time Nest.

Meanwhile back at Age 852, Chronoa and Elder Kai welcome back the Future Warrior who had already left. Elder Kai thanks them for stopping Zamasu's rampage. He notes that he never thought Zamasu would notice them and that whatever the universe Time Rings bring nothing but trouble, before noting the rift in time Zamasu caused brought villains from all over that wanted to do them harm, though notes it was a double-edged sword for Zamasu as it allowed good power to come through when it was desperately needed and notes it was quite an ironic twist. Elder Kai wonders why everyone sent their energy through time to help Trunks, though Chronoa guesses that everyone must have sensed his powerful desire to protect the integrity of the future, which Elder Kai notes sound about right. Ace returns and Chronoa asks if their delivery was a success which they confirm to Chronoa's relief. However, Elder Kai notes another history change and panics when the face of Infinite Zamasu appears inside the Time Vault.

"Zamasu! You must be tired, coming all the way out here to the edge of the universe. But it doesn't matter how much you struggle. The fact that you disappear is a part of history. We have friends... Time Patrollers... Don't underestimate them!"
— Chronoa's bold words to Infinite Zamasu in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Infinite Zamasu laughs and asks the Time Patrol if they enjoyed the show from behind the curtain before asking if them if they think they are above the gods apparently failing to recognize Chronoa's authority. However, Chronoa calmly states he must be tired traveling all the way to the edge of the universe to the Time Nest. Grabbing a time scroll from the table she notes that it doesn't matter how much Infinite Zamasu struggles as his disappearance is a part of history as both she and Tokitoki stare him down. She states that they have friends, Time Patrollers and not to underestimate them. Chronoa then gives Zamasu a cheeky wink as he is erased in Age 796 causing him to disappear from the Time Nest in Age 852. Chronoa then explains to a bewildered Elder Kai that Ace had returned the button to Goku who used it to summon Future Zeno after Infinite Zamasu appeared resulting in the rogue Shinjin being erased which effected Infinite Zamasu as Future Zeno's power and history itself are far greater than Infinite Zamasu. Chronoa gets Elder Kai to admit he thought they only had to defeat Grotesque Zamasu. She calls him a silly old man and reminds him of his earlier boost about sitting Zamasu down and give him an earful. However, calls her a smarty Kai and asks how he was supposed to sit him down as he was just a head. However, Chronoa notes that he has an excuse for everything too just like Zamasu.

"Listen, this is important... It's true that meddling with history is a grave crime... But... The problems you've created are far outweighed by the good you've done. If it weren't for you courage, the Time Nest would've been destroyed a long time ago. ...So, you can stop brooding, okay?"
— Chronoa telling Xeno Trunks of all the good he has done in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Xeno Trunks appears and notes he noticed during the previous fight that they were out correcting history and cleaning up after his crime of changing history again. Chronoa tells him that while his actions were a grave crime the problems he has created are far outweighed by the good he has done and to stop brooding, which is seconded by Tokitoki. Elder Kai states he has certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty and that both he and the Supreme Kai of Time thanks him. Chronoa asks if being a Time Patroller is rough for him and states while he may have done something terribly wrong to the original timeline, she just doesn't feel it's right to keep him indentured to them forever because of it. However, Xeno Trunks states he appreciate her kindness but notes he really does enjoy his work as a Time Patroller, has made good friends and grown partial to the Time Nest and Conton City, so he'd be happy to stay. Chronoa notes that to be honest they were hoping he'd stay or the Time Patrol would be in real trouble if Trunks left the Time Patrol. She states she was pretty certain he'd stay and that they are incredibly lucky he is such a hard worker much to Elder Kai's dismay. Chronoa, however, notes that since he asked to stay Xeno Trunks can't take it back as it is now recorded in the Book of Beginning and End. Xeno Trunks simply laughs and notes he can never say no to her and guesses he's sticking around. Chronoa giggles and states she's glad to have him aboard.

Dragon Ball Heroes

Dark Demon Realm Saga

Main article: Dark Demon Realm Saga In the game, Chronoa leads the Time Patrol into battle against the Dark Makai army in the Demon Realm. During the heroes' battle with Mira, the Time Kai brings the Supreme Kai avatars to assist and then leaves the battlefield. After the battle, she and Future Trunks confront Towa and have a brief discussion with her before she summons Super Mira and attacks them. After the defeat of Towa, Xeno Dabura and Super Mira escape from a dark portal along with the unconscious Towa.

In the manga, after appointing Future Trunks to be a member of the Time Patrol, Chronoa and Future Trunks head to Towa and Mira's hideout. Mira attacks them, terrifying the Kai, and Trunks fights against him. As the battle escalates, with Trunks now fighting against the Masked Saiyan and Super Mira, Towa takes them both before the battle concluded. Just then, her old nemesis, Demon God Demigra, arrives. After a brief skirmish with Trunks after noticing Tokitoki, Chronoa asks if he is allied with Towa. Demigra replies no, and tells her that he will take Tokitoki and the rank of the Supreme Kai of Time with it and vanishes.

Dark Empire Saga

Main article: Dark Empire Saga

Demon God Towa Saga

After the battle, Chronoa and Trunks head back to the Time Nest. Not long after, Chronoa detects a change in history in which she sends Trunks and a newly appointed Goku: Xeno to the event being altered, which was when Goku was fighting Frieza: Xeno as a Super Saiyan.

Cell-X Saga

After the change history was corrected, two more changes were discovered and Chronoa decides to split up: Chronoa and Goku head to one while Future Trunks teams up with a new helper, Vegeta: Xeno.

Dark Demon God Buu Saga

The change in history Chronoa and Goku went to turn out to be from the Dark Empire Forces trying to capture Majin Buu: Xeno, who was fused with a Dark Dragon Ball. Holding them back, they were soon overwhelmed by the numbers so Chronoa summons Vegeta and Trunks to help them. Once she made it back, Buu is now a Demon God due to absorbing Dabura: Xeno. With no other choice, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegito: Xeno with the help of Chronoa's earrings. Vegito gains the upper hand on Buu but as Vegito tries to finish Buu off with his Spirit Sword, Demon God Chamel saves Buu and the two got away.

After the fight, Chronoa rests with the Time Patrol until Chamel arrives.

Mechikabura Revival Saga

With complete control of time, Chronoa transforms into her Tokinokitara Kaihou state to aid the Time Patrol in their battle with the Dark Empire at Mechikabura's castle. Seeing that Mechikabura has returned to his prime and become all-powerful, Chronoa uses all of the power of time to seal herself and Mechikabura in a dimension of time she created and teleports the Time Patrollers back to the Time Nest.

Dark King Mechikabura Saga

Main article: Dark King Mechikabura Saga

Descent of the Demon Gods


75 million years before Xenoverse, during the foundation of the Demon Realm, Chronoa (who was not yet Supreme Kai of Time) was powerful enough that she managed to fight against the younger Demigra (who was much weaker before he became the Demon God), Putine, and Gravy at the same time and achieve victory.

She managed to seal the Demon God Demigra during his failed attempt to seize control of the Time Nest in 75 Million Before Age, though at that time Demigra was much weaker and during the 75 million years he was sealed, Demigra managed to increase his strength and by the time he escaped in Age 850, she was completely outclassed by the Demon God and had to rely on the strength of Xeno Trunks, Goku, and the Future Warrior to defeat him after he managed to consume Tokitoki. It is unclear if Chronoa's power had decreased during those 75 Million years. She is also terrified of the God of Destruction Beerus, though it is unclear if her fear is due to her being weaker than him, that she is simply afraid of the potential destruction he could cause, or both.

Despite being weaker than Demigra during the events of Xenoverse, she is shown to be skillful enough to seal Demigra's self-destructing magic Majin Emblem and throw it away just in time to save Xeno Trunks, the Future Warrior, and herself from the resulting explosion. This along with her sealing of Demigra in the Crack of Time indicates she is highly skilled when it comes to Sealing techniques and apparently well versed at recognizing magic and magic-based techniques, such as the Majin Emblem and Demigra's Dark Magic, and is apparently a skilled and powerful magic user in her own right as she was able to counter both the Majin Emblem and even managed to dispel Demigra's Dark Magic (despite his power increase and previously consuming Tokitoki) when he tried to use it on the Future Warrior (although she was likely helped by Demigra being distracted at the time by Xeno Trunks).

With the foundation of the Time Patrol, Chronoa herself usually refrains from actual combat and takes on a supportive role of mentor and supreme commander, while Xeno Trunks acts as field leader. This may be partially due to Supreme Kai of Time's role as Tokitoki's protector and caretaker, as well as her position as the god that rules over Time and Space. In Xenoverse 2, Chronoa is attacked and briefly knock out by Towa during her infiltration of the Time Nest to steal Tokitoki's Egg. Due to the nature of the attack, it is unknown if Towa in Xenoverse 2 is stronger than Chronoa or Chronoa was simply caught off-guard as it was basically a sneak attack. Regardless Chronoa manages to recover quickly afterward, and her injuries were not serious. She also had enough strength to hold onto an enraged Tokitoki preventing him from trying to attack Towa for her attack on Chronoa and the theft of Tokitoki's Egg, showing she is physically strong enough to restrain Tokitoki to protect him from harm.

As a Core Person, Chronoa possesses the ability to use both normal and godly ki, as well as being capable of sensing both. Presumably like the other Supreme Kais, she is several times stronger than pre-resurrection Frieza.

As the Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa has the power to erase alternate timelines and remove other anomalies created by time travel and/or alterations of history, though she can choose to leave them as they are as she did with Future Trunks' and Cell's timelines. She can also manipulate time in her vicinity though she rarely uses this ability so the full extent of this ability is unknown. As a Goddess of Creation, Chronoa has divine powers which allowed her to turn the Dragon statue that adorn the Dragon Ball Pedestal in Toki Toki City into the a giant dragon, though it is unclear if her powers animated the statue which simply grew larger or her powers actually breathed life into the dragon statue causing it to transform into a living creature (which is entirely possible being she is a Goddess of Creation).

Her ability to manipulate time is shown to be strong enough to freeze time of someone as powerful as Mira, though her ability to do so does have its limits as she was unable to hold Mira after he transformed into Super Mira, indicating she may be weaker than Super Mira or he was able to overcome her ability to freeze his body's time.

When she transforms into her Power of Time Unleashed form she becomes far more powerful, now able to control time itself. With this power, she is not strong enough to defeat Mechikabura - who has returned to his prime - but is able to banish him.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - Chronoa is shown to be capable of using the technique to fly in Dragon Ball Heroes. She is also seen using the technique in the opening of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.
  • Godly ki - As a Supreme Kai, Chronoa possesses the ability to utilize and sense godly ki.
  • Magic - Chronoa is capable of using magic and magically-based techniques, as well as to counter/dispel other forms of magic such as Demigra's Dark Magic. Before she was Supreme Kai she was apparently already a skilled magic user as she was able to combat three wizards (Demigra, Gravy, and Putine) by herself.
  • Time Manipulation - As the Supreme Kai of Time, she is capable of manipulating and controlling time. She is also capable of erasing changes to the timeline by others should she choose to.
    • Freeze - Supreme Kai of Time possess the power to freeze her opponent's bodies time, she used it on Mira to stop him from interfering in the battle between Future Trunks and the Masked Saiyan, however, Mira eventually broke out of it by transforming into Super Mira.[4]
    • Fusion Dance Time Limit Negation - In the Xenoverse series, Chronoa has the ability to negate the time limit of Metamoran fusions like Gotenks allowing them to remain fused as long as they want. However, this ability is limited to specific areas Chronoa has complete dominion over such as Toki Toki City, Conton City, the Time Nest, and certain training areas used by Patroller Academy as leaving them and entering an area not covered by Chronoa's time limit negation causes the fusion's inherent natural time limit to be restored.[5]
    • Injury transfer - Chronoa can transfer the injuries of someone to herself, she does this to restore Goku: Xeno and Vegeta: Xeno to full health.
    • Time Labyrinth - A technique Chronoa can only be used in her Tokinotikara Kaihou state, by using all of her power she was able to seal herself and the entire Demon Realm outside the flow of time.
  • Sealing Spells - Chronoa is shown to be quite proficient with sealing spells as she sealed Demigra inside the Crack of Time after his failed attempt to seize control of the Time Nest in 75 Million Before Age. She also uses a sealing spell to contain/counter Demigra's Self Destructing Majin Emblem inside as energy sphere allowing her to throw it away before it detonated.
  • Healing - As a Kai, Chronoa possesses the ability to rejuvenate anyone and restore them to full health instantly, even if they are on the brink of death. Chronoa uses this technique to heal Future Trunks' injuries sustained during his fight with the Future Warrior while under the control of Demigra's Dark Magic.
  • Time Judgement - Chronoa's super attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. Chronoa summons a giant cloud that shoots a pink blast down at the enemy. Also used by Chronoa when summoned as a Z-Assist character in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden.
  • Sacred Furious Light Bullet (神聖烈光弾) - Chronoa's super attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Ultra Time Judgement (時の審判) - Power of Time Unleashed Chronoa's super attack in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Kai Kai - In Dragon Ball Super, it is revealed that the Supreme Kai in every universe has the ability to instantly teleport to any other universe, including Zeno's Palace.
  • As a divine being, Chronoa has the power animate inanimate objects such as the Dragon statue that become the Conton City Dragon. However, her control of this power is apparently not very good, as she causes the dragon to grow so large that it ends up destroying Toki Toki City. It is unclear if she actually breathes life into the said object (which could be related to her status as a Goddess of Creation) or simply animates it via her power.

Forms and transformations

Tokinokitara Kaihou

Main article: Tokinokitara Kaihou

Power of Time Unleashed Chronoa

Chronoa possess a transformation known as Tokinokitara Kaihou ("Power of Time Unleashed")[6], which grants her a taller, more mature appearance. She looks like an adult with a much more shapely figure, lengthens her hair to her lower back, gains gold irises, and changes her outfit's colors into white and yellow. It also gives her a Halo like that of Fused Zamasu, only hers resembles a clock, with the hands pointing at ten and two o'clock positions.

In this form, she has complete control of time.


Brainwashed Chronoa.PNG

In this state, Chronoa is under Mechikabura's control.

Video Game Appearances

Chronoa card for Dragon Ball Heroes

Chronoa was first mentioned in Dragon Ball Online under the name Lord of Time.[7]

Chronoa makes her first physical appearance in Xenoverse as a non-playable character and is known simply by her title Supreme Kai of Time.

Chronoa makes her debut as a playable character in a video-game in the third mission of the God Mission series (GDM3). Her years prior to becoming a Kaioshin is also a playable character under the name Chronoa, being introduced in the seventh mission (GDM7).

A lobby avatar of Chronoa was made as DLC to promote Xenoverse 2 for FighterZ, while Android 21 had a downloadable costume for the customizable character for Xenoverse 2.

Voice Actors


  • Chronoa is one of the oldest Supreme Kais still living (being at least over 75 million years old) and one of the three Supreme Kais of Universe 7 known to have not been killed or absorbed by Kid Buu (due to her living in Time Nest to guard the Time Storage Vault).
    • According to Elder Kai, she is about 1000 years younger than him and her appearance has not changed in 75 million years since he last saw her. He was originally excited at the thought of seeing her again when Chronoa asked him to help out the Time Patrol, though he reveals that he was disappointed when he discovered that her appearance had not changed at all in 75 million years.

Unused concept designs of Chronoa depicting her with an older more voluptuous appearance from the early development of Xenoverse

  • Several of Chronoa's concept designs depict her with an older more voluptuous appearance which would have been more in line with what Elder Kai would likely had envisioned. Presumably, Chronoa's current design was likely selected to contrast better with Towa's, as well as make Chronoa seem younger than she actually is. However, she is later shown able to transform into an adult form.
  • She is the only character in Xenoverse to refer to the Future Warrior with a feminine pronoun/terminology. During Buu Buu! Majin Buu Cutscene 4 she clearly refers to the Future Warrior with the feminine pronoun "Her".[8]
  • In Xenoverse, when you train with Gotenks and you talk to him, he'll say that he thinks Chronoa is cute and couldn't help but say yes when girls like her ask him for favors, indicating that she may have asked Gotenks to train the Future Warrior after she told him he was too young to join the Time Patrol.
  • Chronoa reveals to the Future Warrior that she deceived Trunks so she could gain a much-needed assistant. His journey to the past was the first time distortion in the universe and as such was not yet against the law. Furthermore, she could have undone it but chose not to as she realizes that despite the damage and potential danger of tampering with the timeline, Trunks' reasons were noble and were ultimately for the greater good as history didn't turn out for the worse. She also didn't really think Trunks would take her lie about the use of Time Machines being a mortal sin to heart and didn't expect him to be such a serious-minded person who takes the role of being her assistant very seriously, even jokingly stating he should be called "Super Serious" instead of Super Saiyan.
    • In the Warrior of Hope Saga of Xenoverse 2, it is revealed that Chronoa apparently feels guilty about recruiting him under false pretenses given all the good he has done even stating she does not feel it is right to keep him indentured to her or the Time Patrol just because of his crimes, effectively giving him the choice to leave of his own accord if he is unhappy, though is relieved that he chose to stay of his own free will noting they'd be lost without him, though she also admits she had a feeling he would stay as he is such a hard worker. She is also quick to remind him he can't take back his decision as its already recorded as a part of history though she may have been joking. Trunks: Xeno himself even laughed when she told him that jokingly retorting he just couldn't say no to her. However, Chronoa does not come completely clean about her trickery.
  • Future Trunks mentions that before he became her assistant and established the Time Patrol, Chronoa was quite lonely which caused her to enjoy people's company and have someone to talk to besides Tokitoki. He also mentions that she has a keen interest in technology, as she is fascinated by the robots and inventions provided by Future Trunks from the Capsule Corporation and often questions Trunks about them and how they work. Unfortunately, she is untidy, leaving her stuff all over the place near her home in the Time Nest once she became bored with them (there is a large pile of stuff around her home inside the Time Nest). Trunks even once brought her a cleaning robot to clean things up for her, however, she was so fascinated by it she caught it and never let it go. She kept asking it so many questions, it short-circuited and eventually blew smoke causing Trunks to just give up and clean for her.
  • In the GT Pack 2 DLC, it is revealed that Chronoa is a horrible cook, though she believes her cooking is "fit for a god". Future Trunks describes her cooking as "more terrible than any evil Shenron". In Xenoverse 2, her homemade Pudding was so horrible, that Goku was unable to properly move due to a bellyache, and her Pudding also caused Beerus to almost destroy the universe because of his anger. Despite this, Chronoa remains oblivious to her terrible cooking skills, to the point she mistakenly took criticism from Whis about her cooking as a compliment and wanted to prepare the feast to celebrate the return of Tokitoki's Egg, but Tokitoki convinces her to make a wish for a feast to Shenron instead.
  • She is the first Kai revealed to actually have a name other than her title, Chronoa. This name is likely based off Khronos/Chronos, the god and personification of Time in pre-Socratic philosophy and his name is also the etymological root of several English terms relating to time such as chronology, chronometer, chronic, anachronism, and chronicle. The trend of Kais actually having names is later extended into Dragon Ball Super, starting with Zamasu and Gowasu from Universe 10 and continuing with the Supreme Kais from the other universes, as well as establishing that Shin, the World Tournament alias used by Universe 7's Eastern Supreme Kai, is, in fact, his real name.
  • In Xenoverse 2, Majin Time Patroller Kyume reveals she once asked Chronoa her type and reveals that Chronoa is attracted to wild, tough, and handsome older men that are also open-minded, almost like how she thought Bardock was "dreamy".
  • In Xenoverse 2, Chronoa's hairstyle appears as Custom Hair Option Type 24 for Saiyans and Earthlings. It also appears as a hairstyle option for Tekka if they are a female Offworlder in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Despite her rank, Chronoa is subordinate to Zeno/Future Zeno, their attendants, and the Grand Minister whom out rank her. It is implied in Xenoverse 2 that Future Zeno and his attendants were permitted to take up residence in the main timeline due to the simple fact that Future Zeno is beyond her authority and she would not wish to upset him or Zeno whom Future Zeno befriended. Additionally, she may have empathized with Zeno's desire for a friend and equal as she had spent many years in the Time Nest alone with only Tokitoki to keep her company thus might understand Zeno's loneliness. However, it is unknown if she fears them like the other gods do as she has yet to be shown interacting with any of them.



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