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Chougashuu cover

Chougashuu (超画集 Chōgashū, lit. "Super Art Collection") is a book of illustrations released in Japan on May 9, 2013.



1991 illustrations

The front cover features an artwork showing Goku firing a Kamehameha and which was first published in the 1990 Weekly Shōnen Jump #37; this illustration is also featured in Akira Toriyama - The World Special and Daizenshuu 1. The 240-page book contains a special poster and is composed of more than 400 illustrations drawn from 1985 to 2013,[1] including pictures that put the Dragon Ball characters in settings that were not present in the series and post-serialization illustrations. Like Daizenshuu 1, the illustrations range from battle poses to the Dragon Team playing baseball. Some of the new artwork content includes the Kanzenban cover illustrations, Akira Toriyama's Hoko×Tate drawing of Goku, Tōhoku earthquake/tsunami support image, and the Battle of Gods Super Collaboration Ticket drawing of Goku. The book ends with two special interviews with Akira Toriyama: the reprint of the Daizenshuu 1 interview ("Akira Toriyama Super Interview: Reprinted Edition") and an interview exclusive to the Chougashuu ("Akira Toriyama Super Interview: Latest Edition").


  1. Weekly Shōnen Jump, issue #20, 2013

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