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Chocolay Tower (チョコレー塔 Chokorē-tō) is a location in Dragon Ball Online.


Korin's polar opposite Chocolay has the Time Breakers and their allies build him his own evil version of Korin Tower, with it's uppermost level functioning as a dark equivalent to The Lookout as the General of the Dark Namekians Gamelan seeks to become the God of the Narak. It is located in South Porunga Rocks. At the base of the tower Ajisa trees are cultivated using Namekrystal, and are then polluted into vessels for absorbing kiri, to help grow the tower. Each upper level of the tower has an important role, and are used in the cultivation of Dark Senzu Beans.

  • The first upper level is where Dark Senzu Beans are cultivated and kiri is extracted from. This is where Chocolay (Korin's equivalent in the operation) resides.
  • The second upper level is where the kiri is refined. This process is overseen by Mr. Poko Poko (an evil version of Porunga serves a similar role to Shenron and Mr. Popo).
  • The third upper level is where the kiri is stored. The only people allowed on this floor are Gamelan (who seeks to be Narak's god similar to Dende, the Earth's Namekian God who is related to Grand Elder Moori) and his elders.

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