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Chocolay (チョコレー Chokorē) is an evil Cat Hermit that specializes in the cultivation of evil lifeforms, and the polar opposite of Korin.[1]


At some point around Age 1000, Chocolay chose to ally himself with the Time Breakers. In exchange for the cultivation of Dark Senzu Beans, Chocolay had the Time Breakers build him a tower similar to Korin Tower known as Chocolay Tower (チョコレー塔 Chokorē-tō)


  • Chocolay's Staff - Like his counterpart, Chocolay carries a staff though his features a skull motif that fits with evil nature.
  • Dark Senzu Beans - Similar to Korin, Chocolay can cultivate an evil version of Senzu Beans called Dark Senzu Beans for the Time Breakers.


  • Chocolay's name has a similar pun as Korin's. Korin Tower's Japanese name, Karin-tō (カリン塔) is a pun on the snack food karinto and -tō, the Japanese word for "tower", which is where Korin gets his name. Likewise, Chocolay gets his name from the tower he presides over, named after a pun on the Japanese pronunciation of "chocolate" (chokorēto) and -tō.


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