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Chocolay (チョコレー Chokorē) is an evil Cat Hermit that specializes in the cultivation of evil lifeforms, and the polar opposite of Korin.[1]


At some point around Age 1000, Chocolay chose to ally himself with the Time Breakers. In exchange for the cultivation of Dark Senzu Beans, Chocolay had the Time Breakers build him a tower similar to Korin Tower known as Chocolay Tower, where he works closely with the Dark Namekians

Techniques and special abilities

  • Cloning - Chocolay can create smaller clones of himself called Young Chocolay who act as regular enemies.


  • Chocolay's Staff - Like his counterpart, Chocolay carries a staff though his features a skull motif that fits with evil nature.
  • Dark Senzu Beans - Similar to Korin, Chocolay can cultivate an evil version of Senzu Beans called Dark Senzu Beans for the Time Breakers.


  • Chocolay's name has a similar pun as Korin's. Korin Tower's Japanese name, Karin-tō (カリン塔) is a pun on the snack food karinto and -tō, the Japanese word for "tower", which is where Korin gets his name. Likewise, Chocolay gets his name from the tower he presides over, named after a pun on the Japanese pronunciation of "chocolate" (chokorēto) and -tō.
  • His status as Korin's counterpart and association with Mr. Poko Poko, fits with the Dark Namekian General Gamelan's desire to become the God of the Narak as Chocolay and Mr. Poko Poko (whom Gamelan named) are essentially dark counterparts of Korin and Mr. Popo/Porunga/Shenron while Gamelan can be seen as a counterpart to the Namekian God of Earth in Dragon Ball Online, Dende who is associated with the good Namekians lead by his brother Grand Elder Moori.



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