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"Pitiful. Does he think that I am foolish enough to fall for this chocolate trick again?"
Baby, in "The Tail's Tale"

Chocolate Kamehameha (チョコレートかめはめ波 Chokorēto Kamehameha) is a combination of the Majin Beam and the Kamehameha used by Majuub.


When Majuub fires a Kamehameha at his target, instead of inflicting damage, it changes the target into chocolate.


Majuub's beam is deflected back at him by Baby Vegeta, resulting in him turning into chocolate

Majuub uses this attack against Super Baby Vegeta. However, the Tuffle parasite counters with a Final Flash, reversing the Chocolate Kamehameha back at Majuub and turning him into chocolate, which Baby proceeds to devour. Baby also alluded to Majuub's use of the chocolate beam to turn everyone into chocolate to ensure no one got caught in the crossfire when stating he won't fall for it again. It is later revealed that Majuub actually intended for the Chocolate Kamehameha to hit him in order to damage Super Baby Vegeta from within and was able to reverse his own spell to do so.


  • Alongside the Bluff Kamehameha, the Chocolate Kamehameha is one of the two variations of the Kamehameha that do not inflict any damage.