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Chobi (チビ恐竜 Chibi Kyōryū) is a baby Saurian pterodactyl who is friends with Gohan and Goten. It appears in the Great Saiyaman Saga.



Chobi is the son of Toh Toh and is one of Gohan and Goten's animal friends on Mount Paozu.

Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu Saga

Main article: Great Saiyaman Saga One day, it is kidnapped by a greedy circus man named Mr. Musuka and taken to the Musuka Circus in Satan City. Musuka renames it Rocko and abuses him.


Chobi at the Musuka Circus

When Gohan expresses his concern, Musuka replies "Money is all that matters." Gohan turns into Great Saiyaman and breaks Chobi out of his cage, and then heads back toward the nest of his father Toh Toh and his mother. However, Videl and all the cops think Gohan is stealing him, and so Videl fights Saiyaman. Then, the situation becomes clear to everyone when Chobi calls his parents, and they attack Satan City. Gohan accidentally reveals his true identity to Videl when he is trying to calm Toh Toh down.

Mr. Musuka steals a police officer's handgun and fires it, alarming Toh Toh to the point of attacking Videl, but he is knocked out by Gohan. In the end, Chobi's family is reunited, all charges against Saiyaman are dropped ("taking a dinosaur is no crime"), and in the English dub, Mr. Musuka is arrested for stealing an officer's handgun.

Video Game Appearances


Chobi in Buu's Fury

Chobi appears in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.

An articulated figurine of Chobi is packaged with Videl as part of the eighth series of Irwin Toy's action figure line, where he is simply referred to as "Baby Dino".

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