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Chin-Star School is a martial arts school led by Master Chin. Their signature technique is the Phantom-Star.


Goku met Chin while he was looking for a strong fighter to match his skills during his worldwide training for the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku and Chin face-off against each other, but since Chin was in bad health, he could not fight for too long.

The only remaining members of the Chin-Star School

Shoken, Chin's son, wanted to fight in King Wonton's Royal Match, but Chin let Goku take his place instead to fight the merciless Sky Dragon. Shoken then drugged Goku's food with laxative, and Goku had stomach pains during his match with Sky Dragon. After a while, Goku finally used the Phantom Star Technique against Sky Dragon and defeated him, thus winning the fight for the Chin-Star School.

Members of both schools together

After Goku defeats Sky Dragon at King Wonton's Royal Match, the Panther-Fang School and the Chin-Star School put the past behind them as Sky Dragon and the other members of the Panther-Fang School start anew under Chin as members of the Chin-Star School.

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