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The Chilled Saga (チルド編 Chirudo Hen)[1] is the only saga of Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock.


Bardock is sent back in time after being hit by Frieza's Supernova during the Genocide of the Saiyans. He is healed by the Plants Ipana and Berry and goes on to protect the Planet Plant of the past from Chilled's Army, culminating in a final battle with Chilled himself, where Bardock ascends to the level of Super Saiyan to defeat his foe.



  • Bardock vs. Frieza (First Form) (anime)
  • Bardock vs. Tobi and Cabira
  • Bardock vs. Chilled's Army Combatants
  • Bardock (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Chilled

Manga Chapters

Chapter # Title
1 "Chapter 1"
2 "Chapter 2"
3 "Chapter 3"

Episode List

Episode # Title
1 Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

Video Game Appearances

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