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The Chilled Saga (チルド編 Chirudo Hen)[1] is the only saga of Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock.


Bardock is sent back in time after being hit by Frieza's Supernova during the Genocide of the Saiyans. He is healed by the Inhabitants of Plant Ipana and Berry and goes on to protect the Planet Plant of the past from Chilled's Army, culminating in a final battle with Chilled himself, where Bardock ascends to the level of Super Saiyan to defeat his foe.



  • Bardock vs. Frieza (First Form) (anime)
  • Bardock vs. Tobi and Cabira
  • Bardock vs. Chilled's Army Combatants
  • Bardock (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Chilled

Manga Chapters

Chapter # Title
1 "Chapter 1"
2 "Chapter 2"
3 "Chapter 3"

Episode List

Episode # Title
1 Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Frieza Clan Time Patroller Jierra is sent to the period the Chilled Saga takes place to ensure Chilled survives long enough to pass on information of the Super Saiyans. However Jierra finds it difficult fighting alongside his evil ancestor as he despises his evil nature and would prefer to assist Bardock in killing him, though he is ultimately able to complete his mission. It is also implied during The Masked Saiyan Saga, that the sagas events were the result of Towa and Mira rescuing Bardock from Frieza's Supernova, but unfortunately for them Bardock escaped from them traveling into the past where it is implied the events of the Chilled Saga took place with Towa and Mira recapturing Bardock after his defeat of Chilled. As Bardock's conversion into the Masked Saiyan and being freed by Time Patrol played a key role in the events that lead to Mira (Towa Absorbed)'s ultimate defeat during the Warrior from the Demon World Saga by the Time Patrol thus potentially explaining why Jierra was sent to maintain said events as part of the official history.


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