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"Chikyuu Marugoto Chou-Kessen" is a background music track (BGM), produced by Toei Animation and composed by prolific Japanese composer Shunsuke Kikuchi. The track was created for the soundtrack of the original Japanese Dragon Ball series and played throughout many of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z sagas and movies. This track contains M-1002, M-1007, and M-1023. More tracks were released: M-1011 A, M-1016, M-1016, and the unused track M-1018, M-1020, and M-1021. A bulk of these tracks are still unreleased.

It was specifically made for Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might.

The track is confirmed to play during the following scenes:

Chikyuu Marugoto Chou-Kessen as BGM

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