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The Leader[1] of a species of cave dwelling aliens, and the strongest of them.



In his base form, Leader is a muscular, yellowish neon green caveman-like alien. Leader has two sets of arms and two sets of eyes. He wears a caveman tunic with a rugged, furry brown scarf around his neck. On his back, he carries a makeshift hammer, which is a long, thick stick with a heavy stone tied to it.

In his battle mode, his skin tone becomes dark red and he grows bigger and heavier, with his muscle tone becoming even more noticeable. The two fangs on his bottom set of teeth increase in size, sticking out of his mouth. His tunic, which draped over his shoulder in his base state, now only covers his bottom area. The horns on his head increase in size as well, the side horns extending out to the point where they look similar to a bull's horns. He also gains black arm bands above his hands and feet. The claws on his feet become much sharper and longer as well.


Dragon Ball Super

On his home planet, the species of caveman aliens attempted to attack and kill a Dinosaur in order to use it for food, however the dinosaur easily defeated them. Leader then appeared and easily killed out the dinosaur in a single hit.

Beerus vs Leader

The Leader faces Beerus

As his people carried the dinosaur away, Leader was confronted by Whis, Whis talked to Leader in his native language and asked him to give him the dinosaur meat as Beerus wanted to eat some of it. Leader did not want to give up the meat and so transformed into what Whis referred to as his "Battle Mode", Whis and Leader then prepared to fight, but Beerus - having grown bored with waiting for the meat - arrived and decided to fight Leader himself. Beerus managed to stop all of Leader's attacks with one finger, and then defeated the caveman by redirecting his fire breath back at him.

Leader defeated

The Leader is defeated

After the Leader was defeated, Beerus decided he did not want dinosaur meat anymore and casually destroyed the planet they were on, killing the Leader and extincting his entire species.



In his base form, Leader manages to easily defeat a massive dinosaur creature with one blow from his hammer. The transformation into his Battle Mode produced electricity aura, proving the immense power of Leader. In his Battle Mode, Leader becomes much stronger, but is still no match for the God of Destruction Beerus.


Battle Mode

Minion alien super full

Leader in battle mode

Leader possesses the ability to transform into what Whis calls a "Battle Mode". In this state he is much stronger but is no match for Beerus the Destroyer.

Techniques, special abilities, and arsenal

  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Stone hammer – Leader carries a large stone hammer for use in combat.
  • Electric Shock – In his battle mode, Leader is capable of shooting an arc of lighting from his horn at foes.
  • Fire Breath – Leader is capable of breathing a stream of fire from his mouth.
  • Transformation – Leader is capable of transforming.

Voice actors

  • Japanese: Sōta Arai


Dragon Ball Super
  • Leader vs. Dinosaur
  • Leader (Battle Mode) vs. Beerus



  1. Name stated in captions for episode and in credits
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