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Chico Torture is a technique used by Caterpy, a fighter from the South Galaxy. He catches his opponent with his multiple arms and tickles him or her.

Caterpy's Chico Torture hold

Caterpy uses this technique against Goku during his and Goku's first match in the Other World Tournament. Caterpy tries to use an Eye Flash on Goku, but Goku flies into the air, so Caterpy extends two of his arms, drags Goku into his grip, and then starts to tickle Goku in hope making Goku forfeit the fight. Everyone is stunned by this method of fighting (even Pikkon and Olibu look uncomfortable while watching,) and Goku is laughing uncontrollably. Eventually, Goku powers up and breaks the hold, sending Caterpy flying.

The technique is used again in Dragon Ball GT. Once by a boy named Mugley, who fought Goku in the finals of the Junior Division of the 31st World Martial Arts Tournament. When Goku was distracted by Vegeta, Mugley pushes Goku out of the ring and then tickles him into letting go of the ledge, resulting in a ring out. It would be used again by Hell's guardian Enma, when she puts Goku through a series of torture tactic, the Chico Torture was the 2nd stage.


  • The Chico Torture is also known as the "Tickle Torture," since the attacker is tickling his opponent.
  • Goku was the only victim for this attack, it was used three times.


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