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"Chiaotzu fused with Guldo!? Maybe their psychic powers make them so compatible... The fusion also boosts their psychic strength."
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Chiaoldo (チャオルド Chaorudo) is an EX-Fusion of Chiaotzu and Guldo first introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. Though he is an Earthling/Boulean mutant-hybrid his race is classified as an Alien in-game. 


Chiaoldo looks like a lime-Green version of Chiaotzu, with Guldo's Frieza-Force Armor. Additionally, he has a green shirt with a symbol. In his idol, he has a orange aura around him. 


Chiaoldo is a A-Rank fusion. Due to their psychic powers being compatible, the fusion boosts their psychic strength.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly utilizing ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy attack.
  • Telekinesis - A technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind.
    • Psychokinesis - The ability to throw rubble at the opponent with one's mind. One of Chiaoldo's Special Moves acquired from
    • Paralysis
  • Heal Power - The ability to heal an ally. One of Chiaoldo's Special Moves acquired from Guldo.
  • Dodon Ray - The signature Finger Beam technique of the Crane School acquired from Chiaotzu.
    • Super Dodon Ray - A stronger variation of the Dodon Ray invented by Chiaotzu.
  • Taunt EX
  • Cheer - Support attack damage boost. One of Chiaoldo's passive Skills.
  • Guard Genius - Take 10% less damage. One of Chiaoldo's passive Skills.
  • Nice Pass - Fly towards allies when knocked back. One of Chiaoldo's passive Skills.
  • Time Buyer - Boosts timeline reversal. One of Chiaoldo's passive Skills.


  • Metamo-Ring - As an EX-Fusion, Chiaoldo wears a single Metamo-Ring on his left arm which was formed by Chiaotzu and Guldo's two Metamo-Ring fusing along with them. Chiaoldo can remain fused as long as he wears it and can defuse at will by removing it.

Video Game Appearances


  • Both of the fusee's share some common ground:
    • Both have psychic abilities, and rarely utilize melee skills.
    • Both are considered the weakest member of their group (at least physically).
  • Chiaoldo and Ginyuman are the only EX-Fusions involving heroic Dragon Team members and villainous Ginyu Force (Frieza Force) members. As such, he and Chiaoldo are technically allies as they are affiliated with both factions.


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