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This article is about the character portrayed in live-action by Jamie Chung. For the original character, see Chi-Chi.

"Just because my name is Chi-Chi, doesn't make me a complete idiot."
Dragonball Evolution

Chi-Chi (チチ, Chichi) is a character in the 2009 film Dragonball Evolution. She is an adaptation of Chi-Chi, one of the longest-running protagonists of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball franchise, and is portrayed by Jamie Chung.


Chi-Chi is the most popular girl at school. She first appears as the girlfriend of the bully, Carey Fuller. However, she later shows interest in Goku after watching his incredible skill in martial arts and his knowledge of Ki. Later, it is revealed that Chi-Chi is a fighter just like Goku.[1] And by the end of the film, she and Goku began their relationship.

Actor's insight

  • "I'm so scared... I grew up watching Dragonball. Are you kidding me? I love it! So, to play Chi-Chi, the girl that I admired, is kind of crazy. I kind of wanted to be Bulma, but Emmy Rossum is perfect for Bulma. She really fits the character essence and everything. . . . They're brilliant actors. Emmy, only being 21, is an absolute pro. She knows what she's doing, she's absolutely gorgeous – she's stunning. And she's dedicated. I was in awe of her beauty. James Marsters has a huge following, but he's so down to Earth. He's a method actor and he's fantastic. He's the perfect Piccolo. I know they won't show it to you, but the makeup they did and the mask took three hours to do, and he looks insane. They were very picky and particular about how he was going to look. Justin Chatwin is a pro. Not only does he fit the character internally — he has Goku's essence — but he looks like a cartoon character! With his big, blue eyes, he looks like Japanese anime!"[2]

Comparisons to the original portrayal


  • In the manga, Chi-Chi wore a swimsuit like an outfit with a cape and a helmet with a detachable boomerang on top. while in the film she wore regular clothing.
  • It is not shown in the film that she is the daughter of the Ox-King.
  • In the film, she was a skilled martial artist. While in the manga she was just a regular girl in which her only defense had been the small, white boomerang on the top of her helmet although she did become quite skilled at martial arts as shown in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.
  • Her status of a popular high schooler with a love of fighting ultimately makes this version of Chi Chi far more resemble Videl, even outright sporting an outfit identical to the latter for the rest of the film.
  • While spunky and confident, she's far more level-headed and reasonable, as opposed to her notorious bad-temper from the manga.


  • She


  • In the video game adaption of Dragonball Evolution, she is given the surname McRoberts.



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