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Chi-Chi's mother (チチのはは Chi Chi no Haha) is the wife of the Ox-King.[3] Although she is mentioned a few times, her only appearance is in in a painting seen in the anime episode "Dress in Flames" which shows her sitting in her husband's hand and holding Chi-Chi as a newborn.



The painting she is in

In the painting, the face of Chi-Chi's mother is not shown since it is blocked by decorations, but it can be seen that she has the same hairstyle as her daughter Chi-Chi and dresses the same way Chi-Chi does when she becomes older. She is shown wearing a turquoise cheongsam with purple pants underneath, and pink socks and shoes. In the painting showing her, she is similar in size to the Ox-King's hand.


She lived with the Ox-King and Chi-Chi before Fire Mountain caught fire. She died of an illness the same year her daughter was born.[1] Her Wedding Dress becomes the only thing left to remember her by.[3] In Age 756, Ox-King allows Chi-Chi to wear her mother's wedding dress for her own wedding to Goku. However Fire Mountain endangers Ox-King's Castle forcing him to protect the dress from the flames, while Chi-Chi and Goku work to put out the fire which leads them the source of the fire, the Furnace of Eight Divisions which Goku repairs putting out the fire. Chi-Chi later wears her mother's wedding dress (which survived thanks to Ox-King's efforts) during her wedding to Goku.


  • Wedding Dress - A formal dress worn on one's wedding day. A memento kept by her husband after her death that was eventually passed down to her daughter.

Video Game Appearance[]

Chi-Chi's mother is also seen in the painting in Ox-King's castle in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.


  • In World Mission, the protagonist Beat is revealed to be a descendant of Goku and Chi-Chi though it is not specified as to whether Beat is descended from Gohan & Pan's line or Goten's line. However as a descendant of Goku and Chi-Chi, Beat would also be descended from Ox-King and his wife.
    • Additionally in the Victory Mission manga, Beat's Mother strongly resembles Chi-Chi in appearance and personality strongly implying Beat is descended from the Son family through his maternal line which if that is the case, then Beat's Mother would also be a descendant of Ox-King and his wife. However it is unconfirmed if Beat's mother looks and acts in the continuity of World Mission as she does in the continuity of Victory Mission.


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