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Chi-Chi's helmet (チチのヘルメット Chichi no Herumetto) is a pink helmet that is worn by Chi-Chi in her youth.


It has a detachable blade on top, which can be thrown like a boomerang. It can also shoot lasers when she wills it.


Helmet Blade

Chi-Chi throwing her helmet's blade

Chi-Chi is first seen using the helmet's features when throwing the boomerang blade from it, decapitating a T-Rex that was chasing after her, and disposing of its remains with the helmet's laser. Soon, she uses the laser again to try to hit Yamcha because he scared her, but she is then knocked out by him instead. When she first goes to Kame House with Goku, she launches an attack on Master Roshi with its blade to try to test him but he comically fails, leaving the blade stuck in his head. The helmet was part of Chi-Chi's main outfit until her teenage years where she discards the helmet permanently.

Video Game Appearances

Chi-Chi's helmet is seen in any video game where she appeared as a child. In Super Dragon Ball Z, the helmet along with the rest of her childhood clothing can be unlocked as an alternate costume for adult Chi-Chi.


Chi-Chi wearing her helmet in Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo

Chi-Chi's helmet is one of the height treasures found in Stage 1 of Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.

DBXV Female Future Warrior Chi-Chi's Helmet (Accessory)

Chi-Chi's Helmet accessory in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Chi-Chi's Helmet appears as an custom accessory (along with Kid Chi-Chi's Bikini Armor with cape, boots, and gloves) for the Future Warrior to wear if they are female (they can be a member of either Saiyan, Earthling, or Majin race). Chi-Chi's helmet is just a helmet and has no powers or weapons. Interestingly when worn, the Helmet alters the Warrior's hair color (save for their eyebrows) and style to match Kid Chi-Chi's hair style and its color is blue like Chi-Chi's is in the manga. The hair itself is not a wig which is revealed when worn by a female Saiyan Future Warrior and performing a Super Saiyan transformation, the hair changes from Chi-Chi's manga blue to a Super Saiyan's standard golden blonde coloration. Like most accessories, Chi-Chi's Helmet does not affect the players' stats. A female Time Patroller named Nema who stands in-between the Clothing & Accessory Shops can occasionally be seen wearing Chi-Chi's Helmet along with the rest of the Kid Chi-Chi's outfit in the Industrial Sector of Toki Toki City.


  • The helmet and related attacks are obvious homages to Ultraseven's attack, Emerium Beam attack and Eye Slugger from the Japanese tokusatsu series with the same name, the sequel series to the original Ultraman series.
  • In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, Chi-Chi's Helmet causes the wearer to sport Chi-Chi's hairstyle, though interestingly its color is blue like Chi-Chi's is in the original manga.
  • The only time Kid Chi-Chi is seen not wearing her helmet is in the 7th chapter of Dragon Ball SD, when she bathes with Bulma. Surprisingly there's an upcoming Chi-Chi action figure that has her without the helmet.[4]


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