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"Listen, all I'm asking you two to do is get your driver's license, it's not like I'm asking you to save the world."
— Chi-Chi to Goku and Piccolo in "Goku's Ordeal"

Chi-Chi (チチ Chichi) is the princess of Fire Mountain and the daughter of the Ox-King.[14][15] She later marries Goku[16][17] and becomes the loving mother of Gohan and Goten. She was first introduced as a shy, sweet and fearful girl, but later, as she gets older, develops a very tomboyish, tough and fierce personality, which sometimes causes her to have angry outbursts seen several times throughout the series. Despite this, she has shown her love for Goku and their sons many times throughout the series.[18]



Chi-Chi's appearance as a child

Chi-Chi is a beautiful, light-skinned and slender woman of curvaceous frame and average height with large breasts. She has long, straight black hair reaching mid-back with short square bangs, and large black eyes.

As a child, Chi-Chi's appearance consisted of a blue bikini, pink gloves and boots, a green cape and her pink helmet. Chi-Chi kept this appearance until the Piccolo Jr. Saga where she wears a blue cheongsam (Chinese dress) with red pants, armband, and shoes, white socks and a red sash. In this appearance, she also wore her hair in a ponytail. Nearly all of the clothes Chi-Chi is seen wearing in her adulthood are Chinese dresses and Martial Arts uniforms.

In the first half of Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi's primary clothing was a purple dress that has an orange cloth tied on the top and a yellow sash. Her hair was tied in a high bun, but she still had her hair coming down on the sides. Chi-Chi keeps her hair the same through the Androids Saga but she wears a purple uniform with pink sleeves and pants. In Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, after Goku and Gohan come home, she wears a light purple martial art uniform with light blue sleeves, a blue sash, light purple pants, and blue martial art shoes. In Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, she wears a pink cheongsam with a black sash, light blue pants, blue socks, and purple shoes. In the Buu Saga, she wears a yellow uniform with a purple cloth tied on the back with turquoise pants, blue martial art shoes and with all of her hair put into a bun and also wears pink Chinese earrings. At the party celebration for the defeat of Kid Buu, she still wears her hair in a bun with long strands of hair framing her face, with pink lipstick, and wears a pink collared shirt, along with white pearl earrings and a pearl necklace and wears white pants and black high heels. Chi-Chi also has a fairly small chest, which is implied in the Japanese version to be the reason why Goku didn't consider using her to bargain with Old Kai to unlock Gohan's potential and instead settled for someone else.

In The Return of Son Goku and Friends!, before the party, Chi-Chi wears a yellow martial arts uniform with blue sleeves with white cuffs, a red cloth tied around her shoulders, a red sash with white pants, green earrings, and black martial art shoes. At dinner, she wears a more casual outfit, consisting of a yellow cheongsam, a turquoise cloth around her shoulders, a light purple obi, white pants, and purple earrings. At the party, she wears a pink cheongsam with a small white jacket, white bracelets, and white dress shoes. She retains her green earrings.

In Battles of Gods, she wears a red cheongsam with a crimson cloth tied around her shoulders, a red sash, crimson pants, light blue bracelets, white socks and red shoes with red lipstick.

Chi-Chi blue and son goku

Chi-Chi with blue hair

In Dragon Ball Super, she wears her hair in the same hairstyle as in the Majin Buu Saga, with a yellow martial arts uniform with a purple sash, white long sleeves, a purple cloth around her shoulders, turquoise pants, blue martial arts shoes, green earrings, and red lipstick.

During the very end of Dragon Ball Z, after the 10-year gap after Kid Buu's defeat, Chi-Chi wears a red uniform with a purple cloth tied on the back with purple pants before the tournament as well as having her hair in a ponytail. During and after the tournament, she wears a dark pink cheongsam with a black sash, and dark yellow pants with white bracelets and earrings.

In Dragon Ball GT, Chi-Chi's hair is much shorter (probably chin-length or shoulder-length) and it is styled differently. Her attire is a pink uniform with light green sleeves, a turquoise sash, violet pants, and black shoes and gold Chinese earrings.


As a child, Chi-Chi was very shy, sweet, and often thought about who she would marry. Despite being the daughter of the Ox-King, who had a reputation of being terrifying, she was shown to be the opposite of him, as she was shown to be of pure heart by being able to ride the Flying Nimbus. During fighting, she is often scared and defeats her opponent while crying.

Chi Chi Aura

An example of one of Chi-Chi's comically ridiculous fits of rage

Chi-Chi's personality changed when she became an adult, especially after marrying Goku and having her son Gohan. She is often depicted as nagging, temperamental, overprotective, controlling, tough and fundamentally well-meaning woman, with a feisty and more tomboyish personality, similar to the stereotypical overbearing shōnen mother, compared to Bulma's personality, who is happy and easy-going. Although Chi-Chi is often seen yelling at Goku over fighting, or Gohan over his schoolwork, it cannot be disputed that she loves Goku and her family very much. This is shown at the end of the Buu Saga, when she is brought to tears and hugs Goku just over the thought of finally getting to live as a family of four with Goku, Gohan, and Goten. Also, she seems to worry about Goku the most when he develops a Heart Virus, caring for him and crying by his bedside. When she finds out that Goku is all better, she jumps out of Kame House and runs to Goku and gives him a big hug, to which Goku responds by swinging her around. She usually cries when she finds out Goku is injured or dead, or when he's home safe, clearly showing her love for her husband. Even though Chi-Chi disapproved of Goku preferring Gohan learning to fight than being socialized, she nevertheless showed herself to be easily angered when her husband and/or her son got disrespected due to this, as in the English dub she kicked out Mr. Shu without hesitation for insulting Goku despite him being Gohan's private tutor (in the Japanese version, she instead kicks him out due to his extremely abusive actions towards Gohan, such as openly whipping him in front of her and openly declaring that Gohan was a monkey with no potential.). Although Chi-Chi is insistent to Goku that Gohan's studies are more important than anything in the world, she, along with the rest of the characters around them, goes into shock when Goku actually agrees with her (in "Memories of Gohan"). She even goes as far as checking his temperature to make sure he was feeling well. Similarly, in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge, she worries about Goku when he insists Gohan finish his homework only to learn that Goku wanted Gohan to finish it so they could go camping. This suggests that despite her often nagging him to think or do something besides fighting with their son, she actually prefers her husband the way he is.

She is notable by emphasizing on Gohan's "academic achievement" rather than his fighting ability, as she was hesitant for Gohan to repeat Goku's habits of getting into danger, and she also did not want Gohan to grow up without proper education as Goku had. Therefore, she often becomes frustrated when Goku decides to take Gohan to fights, so much that often Chi-Chi is willing to go to battle herself to defend her son, though she's always restrained by some of the other characters to keep her from getting herself killed; nonetheless, it is often implied that Chi-Chi is proud of Gohan whenever he does fight but refuses to admit it save for when he participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament and Intergalactic World Tournament in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound. In some cases, her insistence that Gohan study can also impact her common sense, as evidenced by her trying to prevent Gohan from aiding Goku when the latter was being attacked by a pair of assassins in order for him to finish his studies, causing Gohan to sternly ask her which between his studies or Goku's life mattered more, shocking her enough to let him go fight them in Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!. This was also hinted at in the manga for the Namek Saga, where she was not too concerned about Gohan fighting for his life on Namek outside of whether he's studying (in contrast to the anime adaptation where she panics at Gohan being alone on Namek and attempts to get Dr. Brief to create a spacecraft for her to go there and rescue her son). However, by the Androids Saga, Chi-Chi apparently grows more accepting of Gohan fighting, as she allows him to train because of the androids and attend the Cell Games, even though she did not want him to participate. Henceforth, she taught Goten martial arts apparently out of a desire to prevent him from being incapable of defending himself whenever needed,[19] just like her father did with her and showed extreme strictness on it equaling how she was with Gohan about his education. Chi-Chi also allowed Gohan (and Goten) to participate in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, although part of the reason she allowed this was because she was excited to see Goku again for the first time in seven years and because winning the tournament or even being the runner-up would allow Gohan to obtain enough money to pay for his college tuitions.

Chi-Chi has a somewhat negative opinion of Super Saiyans as she seems to associate the transformation with delinquency due to its hair color. This is shown when she first saw Gohan in his Super Saiyan Full Power form shortly before the Cell Games and mistakenly assumed that Gohan and Goku had dyed their hair (which is considered a sign of delinquency in Japanese culture), unaware that it was a result of the transformation. Though she comes to understand that its a Saiyan transformation, she retains her initial negative opinion of the Super Saiyan form as she reacted negatively when Goten transformed while they were sparring.

She is shown to have developed a friendship with Bulma, especially after Bulma's marriage to Vegeta, as Bulma understands the struggle of both being married to a Saiyan and raising half-Saiyan children. However, despite their friendship, the two have been known to argue especially when their children compete in tournaments as shown in Bojack Unbound and the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament.

Though she loves Goku, she is often frustrated by his tendency to focus most of his time on martial arts training instead of contributing to their family financially. In fact, it is implied that for most of her marriage, Chi-Chi relied on her father's wealth to support her and Goku. Her frustration over their financial situation is understandable given that Goku is naively ignorant when it comes to money. Considering she grew up with her father's wealth, she may be frustrated by the fact that her husband is unable to provide the same for her and their children and implied to be somewhat envious of Bulma's wealth and quickly changed her opinion of Videl when she learned Videl lived in a mansion with 50 rooms, to the point she keenly asks Gohan if he was going to marry her.

In Dragon Ball Super, she forces Goku to work on their family's radish farm as a way for them to earn money after telling him that her father became poor due to a fire on Fire Mountain burying his treasure. However, after Mr. Satan gives Goku the 100 million Zeni peace prize, she allows Goku to go train on King Kai's Planet without a second thought. However she later forbids him from going to King Kai's to train, as their family had spent and saved the 100 million Zeni, and are once again broke (which turns out to be a lie by Chi-Chi in order to get him, to no avail, to work instead of train all the time), forcing him to go back to farming to support them, which shows she will let Goku train as long as their family is well off financially. In addition to their family's radish farm, in the Dr. Slump crossover episode Chi-Chi forces Goku to take a job as a security guard at the World Invention Conference after Mr. Satan had offered him the job.

With the birth of her granddaughter Pan, Chi-Chi becomes adamant that Pan is raised as a gentle girly-girl with a normal life so that she will not end up as another "battle-loving idiot". She also wants Goku to be a good grandfather and not just fight all the time; going as far as furiously hunting him down to forbid him from leaving with Whis to train under him, attempting to scare him into submitting to her. Surprisingly, however, she does not get mad after Goku blatantly disobeys her and leaves with Whis to go train, apparently accepting that Goku means well.



Baby Chichi and her mother

Chi-Chi as an infant being held by her mother

Chi-Chi was born on November 5, Age 737, which the death of her mother shortly followed the same year. When she was two years old, both she and her father the Ox-King were trapped outside their castle when a fire spirit was unleashed on it making it become Fire Mountain.[8] During her childhood with the Ox-King, she was trained in martial arts, and it is said she has to behave well around him.

Dragon Ball[]

Emperor Pilaf Saga[]

Fire Mountain Dinosaur

Chi-Chi running from a dinosaur.

Since her father's castle on Fire Mountain was impossible for both of them to reach, Chi-Chi was sent to retrieve the Bansho Fan from her father's old mentor, Master Roshi. Chi-Chi is first seen on her way to find Roshi while running away from a Dinosaur that she later decapitates with her helmet's blade and explodes with a blast from her helmet. Afterward, she runs into Yamcha who she attacks with a laser beam fired out of her helmet since she is afraid of strangers. After getting knocked unconscious by Yamcha for attempting to attack him, he returns to her aid after realizing she is the Ox-King's daughter. When she first awakens, she views Yamcha as a threat and gets ready to attack. He lies and says he loves her to keep her from hurting him because he had seen what happened to the dinosaur. Because she is naive, she believes him. When she turns her back, Yamcha runs away.


Chi-Chi's reaction after Goku touched her.

Soon afterward, she comes across Goku on his Flying Nimbus, who tells her that the Ox-King sent him to find her and take her to Master Roshi. While getting on the Nimbus, Chi-Chi accidentally pulls Goku's tail, revealing to Yamcha who was hiding, what Goku's weakness was. While riding the Flying Nimbus with Goku, he patted her genitals with his foot to determine her gender (in the edited version, he merely tells her that she should put more clothing on). Though Chi-Chi initially got angry and pushed Goku off the Nimbus (and comically crashed into a large rock afterward), this act made Chi-Chi believe that Goku may be in love with her. This is when Chi-Chi falls in love with Goku, although due to Goku's much more naive personality, he does not realize what this means until he meets Chi-Chi again in the Piccolo Jr. Saga (when he does, he seems uncomfortable with it at first, but then gets used to it and eventually shows that he cares a lot about Chi-Chi).[20] When they arrive at Master Roshi's, Roshi told both of them that he accidentally threw the Bansho Fan out and that he will have to put it out himself.


Chi-Chi happy to know that Goku will marry her one day.

Chi-Chi and Goku took the Flying Nimbus back to Fire Mountain to meet back up with everyone with Master Roshi riding Baby Gamera right behind them. Master Roshi demonstrated the Kamehameha to put out the flames on Fire Mountain, but unfortunately, it destroyed their castle, as well. After Goku's friends get the Dragon Ball, Goku leaves. Just before Goku left, she asks Goku if he will think of her during his journey, to which he replies yes. Then, he asks her if she will think of him, which causes her to blush and giggle making Goku wonder if all girls are this silly.[21]

First Date with Goku[]


Chi-Chi and Goku on their first date.

In the anime, Chi-Chi tells Gohan, who had just been blackmailed into going on a date with Angela, of her first date with Goku through a flashback to when they were teenagers (though still with the appearance of pre-adolescent children); she claims that she forced Goku into it but did not blackmail him. She told him to think of the "most pleasurable thing to do" and then coax her into doing it; naturally, Goku considered fighting the most pleasurable thing to do, and, though initially unwilling, Chi-Chi quickly got into it, surprisingly proving to be a fairly equal match for him. Looking back on it, Chi-Chi states that it was "a great first date".[22]

When this occurred is unknown, though it was presumably at an off-screen point sometime before Goku trained under Master Roshi, as he was not wearing the Turtle School uniform, instead, wearing the blue uniform that he wore at the time he first met her.

Red Ribbon Army Saga[]


Chi-Chi and Goku during the Red Ribbon Army Saga

In the anime, after the town at Fire Mountain was rebuilt and repopulated Chi-Chi grew lonely and waited for Goku. The Ox-King took Chi-Chi to the village psychic to tell her when Goku was going to come back. When the psychic said that he was approaching, and since she wants to marry him, Ox-King began to prepare for the wedding. While the wedding was being prepared, Chi-Chi picked flowers outside the village and Goku showed up and they talk for a while. Eventually Goku and Chi-Chi notice smoke coming from the nearby village, so they go to check it out.[23]


Chi-Chi beats Red Ribbon Army soldiers

Colonel Silver and his troops attacked the village making Goku and Chi-Chi get on the nimbus and help. Chi-Chi ended up taking out several soldiers while crying using the laser from her helmet. The Red Ribbon Army forced Goku to leave and continue his journey. Just before he leaves Chi-Chi asks him "What about the wedding?" to which Goku replies "I'll be back, I'll try some of that next time." Goku's naivete causes him to think that a wedding is some sort of food.[24] When Goku came to Korin Tower during his time training to fight Mercenary Tao, he looked into a jar that showed what had happened before in the meadow where they were talking.[25]

King Piccolo Saga[]

In the anime, Chi-Chi asks her father to defeat King Piccolo but he says that nobody in the world can defeat him. Chi-Chi suggests that Goku could, but Ox-King still believes it to be impossible though Chi-Chi has faith in him.[26] Later, she and her father are attacked by King Furry's soldiers who were to execute martial artists on King Piccolo's orders but were saved by Goku.[27] She is depicted as having matured faster than Goku, which would become somewhat of a running joke in later years.

Piccolo Jr. Saga[]


Chi-Chi and Ox-King at their castle, happy over Goku's victory.

In the anime, Chi-Chi and Ox-King are seen at his castle happy that Goku defeated King Piccolo.[28]

‎Three years later, Chi-Chi participates in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, hiding her name as "Anonymous" (匿名希望 Tokumeikibō, lit. "Anonymous by Request"). Her number during the preliminary rounds of this tournament is 59.


Chi-Chi showing her love for Goku

Chi-Chi goes up to Goku and says "Hi", but Goku does not recognize who she is, which makes her angry, calling him stupid.[29] She is mainly upset because Goku forgot her name and had never come back to keep "the promise", which Goku had forgotten about because he went straight to the Lookout following the defeat of King Piccolo. She states that if Goku defeats her in the semi-final match, she will tell him why she is mad and what her name is (in fact, two have deduced her identity, Oolong, and Master Roshi). In the match, Goku does so by simply throwing a punch at the air, the force of which knocks Chi-Chi out of the ring. She then reveals her identity, shocking everybody.

Chi chi kissing goku

Chi-Chi kisses Goku

Goku is shocked to realize that it was the little Chi-Chi he had met earlier and that she has grown up as much as he had and gets even more of a shock when she reminds him of the promise, he made her. He then reveals that he did remember it, but also that he promised that because he was unaware of what a bride was, which is a statement that leaves Chi-Chi nearly emotionally shattered. Nonetheless, Goku keeps his promise and proposes to her in front of the whole crowd. Chi-Chi then tells Goku she is in love with him, and he, not knowing what she meant by that, is confused because of his naive nature. She says, "I'll show you" and kisses Goku on the cheek, leading to a humorous reaction from Krillin, and the applause of the crowd.

She also apologized to Yamcha for not marrying him, as she still assumes that Yamcha is in love with her (thus getting Bulma very frustrated at Yamcha, as he did not tell her about the confession he made up to Chi-Chi when she was little).[30] Goku remains unaware of the meaning of her emotional advances towards him for the duration of the tournament.

Chichi 20goku 20married

Goku and Chi-Chi's wedding

Afterwards, in the anime, they go on several adventures to retrieve the Bansho Fan in order to put out the fire on Chi-Chi's mountain home (which was already destroyed in both the manga and anime) to save her father who was protecting her mother's old wedding dress for Chi-Chi to wear. By the end of Dragon Ball, she and Goku become happily married with Chi-Chi in her mother's dress.[31][32][33][34][17]


At the age of 20, Chi-Chi gives birth to her first son, Gohan. While thinking about what to name him, Chi-Chi thinks of the name Einstein, which everyone hates. Ox-King rails off several names, all including the word 'Ox'. The baby expresses his distaste in these as well. Chi-Chi then yelled at Goku for wanting to go fishing without coming up with at least one name. While yelling at Goku, Chi-Chi says the name of Goku's adoptive grandfather Gohan. Gohan laughed each time he heard the name, and Ox-King notices this and interrupts Chi-Chi's yelling to make Gohan's laughing known to his parents. Goku and Chi-Chi both accept his name idea.[35]

Dragon Ball Z[]

Saiyan Saga[]

Four years later, during the time of the Saiyan conflict, Chi-Chi's husband Goku was slain in battle to defeat his brother Raditz,[36] and her son Gohan was kidnapped by Piccolo to be trained at Break Wasteland for the battle with the remaining Saiyans that were on their way to Earth.[37] Chi-Chi found this out after going in rage at Kame House.[38]


Chi-Chi wants to save Gohan from the Saiyans

One year later, she returned to Kame House and passes out after learning from Master Roshi that Gohan is the battlefield against the Saiyans.[39][40][41] Chi-Chi regains consciousness but passes out again after watching Nappa kill the news crew filming the battle.[42] In the anime, she then grabs Launch's guns prepared to go rescue Gohan but is stopped by everyone,[43] and watches the battle against the Saiyans on Fortuneteller Baba's Crystal Ball until it cracks into pieces.[44][45][46][47][48][49][50] Chi-Chi then decides to go to battlefield with the others[50] and chokes Korin for info about her famliy.[51]

Frieza Saga[]


Chi-Chi, Master Roshi, Oolong, Puar, and Yajirobe as they prepare to leave for Namek

After the battle, and Vegeta's retreat, Chi-Chi came with the rest of the Dragon Team's supporters to find her son, and recently revived husband had survived the battle, but both badly injured, and Gohan unconscious after transforming into a Great Ape. She completely ignored the near to death, broken Goku, and looked after her son, while angry at Goku for letting their own child fight against the Saiyans (although it was a decision which had been made by Piccolo, not Goku).

Chi-Chi took care of Goku in Wukong Hospital while Gohan, who was healed, went with Krillin and Bulma to Piccolo's homeworld planet Namek to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive the fallen Z Fighters from the battle. Once Goku was healed and left to meet up with them on Namek, Chi-Chi gathered Master Roshi, Oolong, Puar, and Yajirobe to try to use another one of Dr. Brief's spaceships to fly to Namek to rescue Gohan and the others from the threat Frieza which was on Namek. Instead, the ship did not work so they were forced to stay behind on Earth and wait.

In the manga, there is a single panel showing Chi-Chi and Ox-King eating at the table in her home. She wonders if Gohan is studying properly and when her son and husband will return, with Ox-King stating they're probably already on their way home, showing both are ignorant of the Battle on Planet Namek unlike in the anime.[52]

Chi-Chi is reunited with Gohan when everybody on Namek except Goku and Frieza was transported to Earth. Chi-Chi witnessed Porunga revive the fallen Z Fighters and tell them that Goku is still alive and on his way back (as well as gave Master Roshi an implied threat to stab him with a sword after the latter, in frustration, stated that Goku's reason for not returning immediately is because he is scared of Chi-Chi, who is the one being stronger than a Super Saiyan).

Frieza-Androids Interlude[]


Chi-Chi infected by the Black Water Mist

In the anime, when Garlic Jr.'s Black Water Mist was released on Earth, Chi-Chi was one of the many that was infected by it and fought Gohan on top of Kame House (The only reason she arrived at Kame House is because Gohan snuck out of the house when he was supposed to be studying and was angered at Maron when she first meets her). She was returned to normal when Kami and Mr. Popo dispersed the Sacred Water on the Earth.

Gohan then managed to seal Garlic Jr. back into the Dead Zone, but she increased security to prevent Gohan from sneaking out of his studies again. The Garlic Jr. Saga filler is one of the few times in Dragon Ball Z where Chi-Chi is seen fighting and the only time in the series that Chi-Chi actually engages her first-born son in combat due to the influence of the Black Water Mist.


Chi-Chi after Goku accidentally hit her

Chi-Chi hires an instructor for Gohan named Mr. Shu. Chi-Chi eventually gets mad at him and kicks him out, by launching him out the window with her bare hands, when he insults Goku. After Goku returned from Namek she has to deal with having Piccolo stay with them so they can train for the upcoming androids. She also ends up injured by Goku (he accidentally knocked her several yards away when patting her because he forgot that he was much stronger than before), and irritably and reluctantly allowing Gohan to train for the battle with the androids. Eventually, she gets stressed out by the increased number of chores she has to do and forces both Goku and Piccolo to try to get their drivers licenses.

Androids Saga[]

Chi-Chi takes care of Goku while he has his Heart Virus.

Cell Saga[]

When she sees Goku fully standing, she is overjoyed and runs to him and gives a big hug, to which he responds by swinging her around. Chi-Chi tells him to come back safe from his battle with Cell. He does, as seen in "Memories of Gohan", before the Cell Games. Around this time, Goku and Chi-Chi conceived their second son, Goten.

Chi-Chi is widowed again when Goku dies in the Cell Games while protecting the Earth from Cell, causing her to break down in tears. She also gets scared and breaks down in tears when she watches Gohan's and Cell's Kamehameha collide on TV, hoping that her son does not die.

In the time following Gohan's victory over Cell, Chi-Chi cried to herself to sleep for many nights over Goku's death.[53]

Great Saiyaman Saga[]


Chi-Chi, Gohan and Ox-King looking at Goten

Seven years later, Chi-Chi is much more mellow by Age 774 (it is implied that she became more mellow because she felt a sense of guilt for Goku's death, as she believed that if she had not been harsh to her son, Goku may still have been alive). She is not as strict with Goten during the Buu Saga and even becomes less strict with a now teenage Gohan. She trains Goten on how to fight, although when she learns that Goten could transform into a Super Saiyan, she breaks down and shouts "Not another monster in the family!", which resulted in Goten not wishing to turn Super Saiyan in her presence.

World Tournament Saga[]

She is told by Gohan that Goku will be returning to earth for one day to attend the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, which of course makes her extremely happy. When she sees Goku, she tells him she missed him so much, which is what Goku says to her as well.

Later, Chi-Chi attends the Tournament to cheer on her sons and deceased husband. She spends most of the time arguing with Bulma over whose sons and husband will win, though she knocks out Idasa's mother when the mother starts to attack Bulma after Idasa loses to Trunks.

Majin Buu Saga[]

DBZ - 223 - (by dbzf.ten

Chi-Chi joins the others to look for the Dragon Balls

After the World Martial Arts Tournament, she goes with the others to look for the Dragon Balls. Chi-Chi must take refuge on Kami's Lookout. Chi-Chi and the others are told by Goku of Vegeta and Gohan's deaths. Chi-Chi takes the news hard and is very upset, and is even more upset when she finds out Goku is leaving to go back to the Other World. She runs up and gives Goku a hug, crying in his arms and asking him "But, Goku! Goku, how can you say goodbye, when Gohan's been taken from me, too?" Goku then assures her that she will be fine since she still has Goten and that he will not be taken from her because he will master the Fusion Dance technique with Trunks. They are later seen holding hands, with Goku telling her that he will tell Gohan how much she misses him (unaware at the time that Gohan was actually still alive in the Sacred World of the Kai).

Chichi hugs goku

Chi-Chi finds out that her family gets to live together as a family of four and gives Goku a great big hug

A day later, Super Buu finds the tower and allows them to live for a short time. Super Buu used his Human Extinction Attack to kill all the people on Earth except for the family and friends on the Lookout. Chi-Chi is angry with Super Buu when he comes to Kami's Lookout. During this time, while on the lookout, Chi-Chi scolds and unwisely slaps the monster in the face for killing so many people, including Gohan. Thus, she is turned into an egg and killed by him. This utterly shocks Goten, who witnessed Chi-Chi's death. Later during the battle, she is resurrected with the Dragon Balls and joins in supplying Goku with the energy for the Spirit Bomb to destroy Kid Buu. With Goku now alive again, Chi-Chi is happily reunited with her husband and sons. When Goku tells her he wants to live with her and their sons together, she gives Goku a big hug and cries in his arms, happy to finally be reunited with her husband at last, who tells her that he loves her. Her family spent the remainder of Dragon Ball Z in much happier, peaceful times.

Dragon Ball Super[]

God of Destruction Beerus Saga[]


Chi-Chi happy about Goku accepting Mr. Satan's money

Six months after the defeat of Kid Buu, Chi-Chi has ordered Goku to get a well-paying job in order to afford their living expenses and in order to hire great teachers for Goten's education and will not allow for him to train with King Kai unless he fulfills the agreement. After Goku receives over 100 million Zeni from Mr. Satan in gratitude for defeating Kid Buu, Chi-Chi is ecstatic and allows for Goku to go off and train with King Kai, but only on the promise that he will come back on a regular basis. At Bulma's birthday party, she is informed by Bulma that Master Roshi and Oolong are looking at women on the beach and prevents them from this action for setting a bad example for the kids. Like Bulma, Chi-Chi is upset with Goku not being present. She talks with Bulma and Android 18 during the party and both chants and claps for Beerus after he and Whis arrive.

Golden Frieza Saga[]

After the fight with Beerus, Goku begs Chi-Chi to go back to King Kai's planet to train, but Chi-Chi forbids it, saying they are already out of money again. She also informs Goku that they’ve got a granddaughter on the way, and Goku needs to be a good grandfather, and not just fight all the time. Chi-Chi was then seen walking around town with Piccolo at that moment. She is carrying a huge load of food over to Gohan’s house in order to help ensure Videl and her soon-to-be baby get plenty of nutrition and having Piccolo help carry the groceries as payment for always eating at their place for free. Goku panics, and in a vain attempt to prevent Chi-Chi from seeing him out fighting, he asks Satan to hit him, then pretends to be sent flying by the blow. Chi-Chi then promises Goten at their house to give Goku lots of "rest" (apparently meaning punishment) once he gets back.

Chi-Chi then talks to Krillin and Android 18 when she arrives to treat Krillin's wounds after Goku accidentally hurts him.

Chi-Chi comes over and is horrified to see the rough and tumble way they handle Pan. Though Gohan assures his mother that Pan, being part Saiyan, should be more than fine with a little roughhousing, Chi-Chi is adamant that they raise her as a gentle girly-girl, so that she will not end up as another “battle-loving idiot”. Mister Satan protests that he dreams of raising Pan to be a great martial artist who can serve as his successor and have over a hundred disciples, but Chi-Chi still does not budge on the subject. She even goes as far as to kick Gohan and Mr. Satan out of the house to avoid any violent influences. She then talks to Videl and Bulma and calms down after Videl assures her she can be anything she wants to. When Goku finds out that he wants to join Vegeta in training, she opposes his decision to support Goku to be a good grandfather to Pan.

When Bulma gives Goku her cell phone to let him know when Whis shows up, Chi-Chi oversees this, so Goku covers by telling her that he and Bulma are planning a surprise party for Pan and need to keep in touch. Chi-Chi is thrilled that Goku is finally acting as a good grandfather. However, Gohan tips her off and Chi-Chi angrily arrives at Goku's location with him and Goten. Goku says he will just be gone for a little bit, but Chi-Chi is not buying it; she’s heard that line too many times. Gohan argues that Goku needs to train and grow stronger in order to protect the Earth, but Chi-Chi maintains that Goku needs to be a good grandfather for Pan. When Whis starts to leave, Goku runs after him, grabbing onto him just before he rockets off into space. Surprisingly, once Goku’s gone Chi-Chi is not so mad, finally seeming to accept the situation and wonders about the surprise party for Pan.

While Goku and his friends are off fighting Frieza, Chi-Chi is at home reading a magazine and eating, unaware that the planet was blowing up because of Frieza's last resort. She was killed in the explosion until the event was undone by Whis' Temporal Do-Over technique so that Goku could kill Frieza once more. She later attends the feast thrown by Bulma with her family and friends.

Universe 6 Saga[]

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.51

Chi-Chi relieved when Goku is alright

During the Tournament of Destroyers, Chi-Chi is, for the most part, watching on the sidelines. She is shown to be very surprised when Goku's attacks did not do any significant damage to Botamo. When Frost throws Goku into the ring by inducing him with his poisonous needles, Chi-Chi is seen jumping down to the arena to help Goku, worried that Goku had been killed, relieved that he was alright, and has a scowl on her face when Frost comes to apologize to the ring, not pleased with Frost's actions.

When Chi-Chi is in the Cube with everyone else after the tournament, she scolds Goku for using a naughty word in front of Goten. After the wish with the Super Dragon Balls has been made, she returns to Earth with the others.

Copy-Vegeta Saga[]

Chi-Chi attends Bulma's Universe 7 victory party with her friends and family. When Bulma asks Chi-Chi where Gohan and Goku are, Chi-Chi replies that Gohan is busy with his scholarly duties and Goku is working. Chi-Chi is tasked to assist in protecting Monaka's secret from Goku. When Goku appears in his work clothes and tries to fight with Monaka, Chi-Chi forces him to fly home to change into cleaner clothes in order to buy time, while Beerus praises her for being smart. When Beerus berates Goku for doing three hundred trillion sit-ups so quickly, claiming Goku messed up the count, Chi-Chi comments that Goku is unable to count with numbers so high. Chi-Chi then watches as Beerus dons a life-sized Monaka costume and fights with Goku, and later starts the party with Monaka's secret protected.

One day, Chi-Chi is eating dinner with Goku and Goten at their house. As Chi-Chi prepares to bring Goku more food, she along with Goten notice that Goku is not feeling well, asking if he has a fever or if he is dying. Later that night, Goku does not feel any better, and Chi-Chi suggests Goku ask King Kai. Goku agrees, then teleports away. Chi-Chi, staying up at night worrying about Goku, preps herself up, preparing to make Goku a lot of food to cheer him up. Goku then crashes into the house, destroying it and angering Chi-Chi.

The next day, Chi-Chi accompanies Goku and Goten to Gohan and Videl's house, where Piccolo is babysitting Pan. Goku and Gohan talk on the phone, and Chi-Chi is proud of her son's job offer as a professor's assistant, saying that he will become the first diligent Saiyan in Universe 7. Chi-Chi then berates Goku for destroying their house, mentioning that if not for the 100 million Zeni given by Mr. Satan, they could not afford repairs. Chi-Chi then mentions she saved the money for Goten's future education, lying to Goku about spending it all to motivate him to work. As Piccolo prepares to leave, he asks Chi-Chi if she can make baby food, and Chi-Chi reminds him that she did take care of two boys. Piccolo then gives oddly specific instructions to Chi-Chi on how to take care of Pan, which included her favorite activities and favorite food. The next morning, Pan disappears, and Piccolo scolds Goku and Chi-Chi for not watching her. Chi-Chi then helps Goku and Piccolo, along with Goten, while they look for Pan. When Gohan and Videl return home, Pan was already found, and Chi-Chi deduces that Pan must have crawled under the bed or in the closet overnight.

When Goten is stowed away on Monaka's delivery truck with Trunks and has been taken to Planet Potaufeu, Bulma calls Chi-Chi to inform her of the situation, and she is frustrated at Goku for training on King Kai's planet at a time like this. When the group from Potaufeu return to Earth, Chi-Chi worriedly embraces Goten, asking if he is hurt, and Goten apologizes.

"Future" Trunks Saga[]

Chi-Chi and her family prepare to harvest some crops grown by Goku while Piccolo is forced to help them along the way as Goku, Piccolo, and Goten get ready to see who can gather the most crops first. Goten is excited to participate in this challenge but Chi-Chi scolds Goten, telling him he needs to study for a test he has next week. Chi-Chi watches as Goku and Piccolo are in a harvesting competition up until Krillin arrives and tells Chi-Chi and Goten that Vegeta is off training in Beerus' Planet which Goku overhears causing him to stop his competition with Piccolo and teleport to Beerus' Planet to train. Chi-Chi is mad at Krillin for speaking out about this, so she forces Krillin to take Goku's place in harvesting the crops and help Piccolo in the harvesting.

Later, Chi-Chi and Goten tell Piccolo and Krillin that Future Trunks' Time Machine has arrived at Capsule Corporation and the others, including Goku and Vegeta, are trying to figure out what is going on. Piccolo and Krillin are under the assumption that something bad must have happened again in Future Trunks' timeline, so they fly off to Capsule Corporation. Goten then tries to follow them, but Chi-Chi stops him telling Goten he needs to study.

"Future" Trunks Saga - EP62 27

Chi-Chi asks Krillin where Goku is

Chi-Chi, now worried that Goku hasn't come home, comes with Gohan to confront Krillin at the police station about Goku's whereabouts after having tried contacting Bulma but got no response. Krillin tells her he doesn't know (knowing he might still be in Future Trunks' timeline fighting Black). Chi-Chi says that she was worried about Goku and cooked a lot of food for him to eat, which is in a giant pack carried by Gohan. Krillin explains that as a police officer, if he knew anything he would share it to Chi-Chi and rushes off to go on patrol. Gohan tries to calm Chi-Chi down as they both notice Goten and Trunks flying.

Later, Gohan flies Chi-Chi to Capsule Corporation and when they arrive, she calls out to Bulma and asks her where Goku is. Bulma plays innocent and says she has no idea, so Chi-Chi then asks where Goten and Trunks are, as she had seen them flying earlier. Shu appears and gives Bulma a status update about the time machine, and Bulma explains to a confused Chi-Chi that the time machine is her newest product. Goten and Trunks crawl away but they are stopped by Vegeta, and Chi-Chi spots them, beginning to scold Goten once more. After Piccolo and Krillin arrive at Capsule Corporation, Chi-Chi then spots Goku coming out with injuries after his battle in Future Trunks' timeline, so Chi-Chi asks Bulma what is going on. Bulma then tells everyone about the threats that are terrorizing Future Trunks' timeline and the history of Goku Black.

After Black and Zamasu are defeated, Chi-Chi is seen with everyone saying their goodbyes to Future Trunks and Future Mai as they head to the new future timeline.

Universe Survival Saga[]

In the anime, when Goku returns home from farming, Chi-Chi and Goten welcome him back home. Goten asks his dad if he is going out to train because he wants to as well. Goku says yes that he is going out to train with Whis in Beerus' Planet and offers Goten to come along with him, but Chi-Chi intervenes, forbidding Goten from training because she wants him to do more studying for school rather than training, as there is currently no threat. She also believes that Goten will make the mistake of injuring himself one day if he trains and fights too much like his father and adds that training doesn't earn them a single living. While Chi-Chi continues to ramble on about Goten's studying and why she wants him to follow Gohan's example of becoming a scholar, Goku and Goten sneak out of the house while she is distracted much to Chi-Chi's anger after she soon realizes they left and yells out Goku's name, causing Goku and Goten to fly away from the house due to her fury.

Later, Chi-Chi calls Bulma to tell her not to let Goten leave with Goku and that he should stay with her at her place instead so Bulma informs this to them once she meets up with them, causing Goten to stay behind with her to hang out with Trunks. After learning of Bulma's pregnancy, Chi-Chi decides to come to Capsule Corporation and prepare a feast for the arrival of Bulla. While Chi-Chi is preparing the feast, Goku, Gohan, Hercule, Majin Buu, Beerus, Whis, Shin, and Old Kai return to Capsule Corporation, after learning about the rules of the Tournament of Power during the Zeno Expo matches. She offers to give them food right away as she doesn't want the food to be cold since Bulla hasn't arrived yet and it may take a while for Bulma to give birth to her.

Shortly after, Chi-Chi sees Gohan in his Turtle Hermit gi and asks why he is wearing it, suspecting that Gohan might be going back to his fighting ways which she mostly disapproves. He replies that it's because Videl said he should spend time with Goku but Chi-Chi still feels suspicious and angrily growls upon hearing. Later, Chi-Chi checks up on Bulma and tells her she needs to rest due to her belly becoming bigger in her pregnancy, but Whis arrives much to Bulma and Chi-Chi's surprise. Chi-Chi tells Whis not to barge in and surprise them like that as Bulma is pregnant. Whis uses his Warping abilities to bring out Bulla from Bulma's womb, marking the birth of Bulla on top of surprising and impressing everyone that was present. Chi-Chi is present when everyone congratulates Bulma and Vegeta on their new baby and remarks how cute Bulla is, reminding her of how cute Goten was when he was born.

After the gathering of the warriors for Team Universe 7 to compete in the Tournament of Power and the competing of Team Universe 7 against multiple universes in the tournament leading up to the conclusion of the Tournament of Power with Team Universe 7 emerging victorious, Chi-Chi appears during the final moments of the saga. In the ending credits of the saga, it is implied that Chi-Chi was angry but freaked out when she saw Goku in battle injuries after he arrives home from his battle in the Tournament of Power not fully aware of what was going on until Goku seemingly told her about the whole story of the Tournament of Power, the stakes of the Tournament of Power and what would've happened to their universe if Team Universe 7 were to lose in the Tournament of Power. Chi-Chi later attends a big celebration at Capsule Corporation held for Bulla's birth.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga[]

Chi-Chi was seen mostly on the Lookout and was nearly killed when Moro starting draining Earth and the inhabitants when he fused with the planet itself and was there, she heard Goku destroy Moro. At the climax of the saga, Chi-Chi along with the rest of her family gathered at Hercule's home for a full cooked meal.

Granolah the Survivor Saga[]

Several months after the titanic battle with Moro, Chi-Chi was greeted by two of the Heeters, at her home, who humbly required her assistance in summoning Goku to help deal with a new foe. Chi-Chi is reluctant at first, but Macki catches her eye by selling some gold to pay for her money troubles. At Capsule Corporation, Chi-Chi manages to ring in Goku when declaring that fighting won't pay a fortune. Chi-Chi catches the Heeters again and believes that space money won't fly by on Earth, and so Macki decides to pay her in sky gold. Chi-Chi goes away and off acknowledging she was going to start fattening up once she was paid.

High School Saga[]

Peaceful World Saga[]


Chi-Chi at the end of Dragon Ball Z

Ten years after Majin Buu's defeat, Chi-Chi is now a grandmother to Pan and a mother-in-law to Videl (now married to Gohan). She attends the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament to cheer on her family. She is last seen in the Dragon Ball Z series being stressed out over Goku leaving to train Uub.

Dragon Ball GT[]

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga[]

"I was already aging faster than him as it was, but this...it's unnatural, I bet you did this on purpose!"
— Chi-Chi discovering that Goku has returned and is turned back into a child by a wish made by Emperor Pilaf using the Black Star Dragon Balls in "A Devastating Wish"

Chi-Chi and Videl during the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

Chi-Chi and Videl in Dragon Ball GT

Five years later, Chi-Chi is now in her fifties. She mostly associates with Bulma and Videl, while also supporting her family in times of crisis. She is also shown more lenient as a grandmother, but an overbearing mother of a now laid-back, adult Goten. Goku becomes a child, which frustrates Chi-Chi, but she still cares for him deeply. When asked what it is like having a child for a husband, she responds, "Mostly the same."

Baby Saga[]


A Tuffle-possessed Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi is shown to still carry a motherly attitude toward Goten and Gohan. She does not like Goten going out and warns him of "city women". When Goten is possessed by Baby, Chi-Chi shows a dominant role over both him and Gohan as their mother by slapping him several times for "disrespect", then demanding they take their fight outside, unaware of the possession. Later, Chi-Chi herself, along with nearly the entire population on Earth, gets possessed by Baby. After Goku and Pan return home, Goku believes that Chi-Chi is still mad at him for being the size of a child because he forgot to use the Black Star Dragon Balls to return to normal size. She orders Gohan and Goten to kill Goku upon his return as Goku is still unaware that the entire population of Earth is possessed by Baby. She is later cured with the Sacred Water.

Super 17 Saga[]

Chi-Chi and the Great Saiyawoman (Super 17 Saga)

Chi-Chi and Videl

After arming herself with a broom and pot, Chi-Chi goes with Videl, Bulma, and Bulla to fight alongside Goku in the Super 17 Saga. However, Goku and Android 18 have done the job already.

Shadow Dragon Saga[]

No longer having her father to hold her back, Chi-Chi finally involves herself in the final battle with Syn Shenron, along with her sons, daughter-in-law, and the Brief family. She makes a speech about fighting with Goku as a family. After seeing Goku leaving with Shenron, she asks if Goku is coming back for dinner, and she reluctantly agrees to cook dinner for Goten instead as she continues to live the remainder of her life. After the battle, she is last seen in one of the flashbacks at the end of Dragon Ball GT.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes[]

Dark King Mechikabura Saga[]

In Age 790, during the battle between Gogeta and Omega Shenron, Chi-Chi and the others fall under the Dark Empire's control and attack the Time Patrol. However, Chi-Chi is knocked out by Xeno Goku.[54]

Supreme Kai of Time Saga[]

Chi-Chi & Annin battle at the Super Space-Time Tournament

Chi-Chi battles Annin in the Super Space-Time Tournament

An incarnation of Chi-Chi battles Annin in the restarted Super Space-Time Tournament after Demigra's defeat.[55]

Film appearances[]

Dead Zone[]


Chi-Chi getting ready to fight Ginger

While Goku was out fishing, the Ox-King came over to give Gohan presents. While he was walking over, he was attacked by Ginger, one of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen. Sansho and Nicky showed up as well and surrounded Chi-Chi and Gohan. Chi-Chi then takes off her apron and begins to charge at Ginger. With only one hand, he pushes her with force backward without even touching her, leaving her on the ground. Gohan was then captured by the henchmen. Goku, who was late to the scene, then tracks them down.

The World's Strongest[]


Chi-Chi in The World's Strongest

While Chi-Chi is doing her housework, she talks to Goku about how Gohan needs discipline in regard to his education. Seeing Gohan asleep during his studies she worries that he is becoming a lazy delinquent. When Oolong shows up at to tell her what has happened regarding Dr. Kochin, Chi-Chi scolds Gohan for hanging around Piccolo and watches Goku leave on the Flying Nimbus to rescue Bulma and Master Roshi. When Gohan tries to sneak off, she yells at him to stop. Gohan eventually does sneak off and leaves Chi-Chi worried.

The Tree of Might[]

The Tree of Might - Chi-Chi scolding Gohan

Chi-Chi in The Tree of Might

After Gohan came back from his camping trip, Chi-Chi meets his new friend which is a dragon he named Icarus. Chi-Chi is scared of him and disapproves of him, which results in Goku and Gohan make a secret home for him in a nearby cave. After the Tree of Might forms on Earth, everyone gathers at Goku's House. When Icarus shows up, Chi-Chi scolds Gohan and Goku for not getting rid of the Dragon. When everyone agree's to go stop the invaders including Gohan, Chi-Chi forbids him getting involved. But Gohan nonetheless manages to sneak out.

Lord Slug[]


Chi-Chi takes out two of Slug's soldiers

When Lord Slug came to Earth, Chi-Chi along with Gohan, Oolong and Bulma came to see. When Gohan ran into battle against his soldiers, Chi-Chi came to his aid and defeated two soldiers, but was then knocked unconscious by another one. Gohan takes her back and escapes with everyone else. Later on, everybody is at Goku's House warming up. When Chi-Chi brings hot chocolate to Gohan's room, she sees that he has left with Oolong.

Cooler's Revenge[]

Cooler's Revenge - Chi-Chi under the assumption Goku is agreeing with her

Chi-Chi in Cooler's Revenge

When Chi-Chi goes to bring Gohan a glass of orange juice while he is doing his homework, she spots Icarus at the window. As she is about to shoo him away, she hears Goku call out to Icarus to stop disturbing Gohan so he can finish his homework. Chi-Chi begins to think that Goku had lost his mind, possibly due to all fighting. However, she finds out it was because they had planned a camping trip, Chi-Chi asks Goku what he thinks is more important, homework or camping and when Goku says the latter, Chi-Chi comically falls to the ground.

Super Android 13![]

"Have you forgotten what tomorrow is young man? It's your first day of summer school. Don't you 'But mother' me. You promised you'd spend the summer studying."
— Chi-Chi just before Gohan flies off to help his dad

Chi-Chi Shopping in Super Android 13

Chi-Chi in Super Android 13!

Chi-Chi is shopping at the mall with Goku and Gohan as a stress reliever. While battling through a crowd of other women over clothes, she makes Goku hold a giant stack of boxes, saying that it is his turn to get clothes next. They stop at a restaurant to get lunch where they meet up with Master Roshi, Oolong, Krillin, and Trunks. While eating, Android 14 and Android 15 attack the mall, making Goku save all of the people, with Chi-Chi being saved by Gohan. When Gohan brings Chi-Chi down, she attempts to prevent Gohan from going to fight the Androids in favor of his studies. Then, Gohan asks her if she would rather let Goku die fighting them, leaving Chi-Chi shocked and flying toward the battle. After the battles are over, she goes to the hospital, telling Gohan that once he is well it is time for summer school.

Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan[]

"This private school is one of the finest in the world! Gohan just might get accepted if you can manage to behave for two lousy hours and answer a few questions!!"
— Chi-Chi towards Goku


Chi-Chi and Goku dressed nice to get Gohan in a good school

Chi-Chi makes Goku dress in a suit for an interview to get Gohan into a good school and guides him on what to say so that they can leave a good impression. During the interview, King Kai contacts Goku telepathically to tell him that there is an emergency, making Goku use his Instant Transmission to leave the interview, much to her chagrin due to his using it while still in the interview room, scaring the interviewers (with one even asking her if Goku was a magician). After Goku defeats Broly, he and Gohan are transported to his front yard, where Chi-Chi was doing laundry. She scolds Goku and Gohan for missing the registration, placing the blame entirely on Goku due to his earlier disappearance. Goku replies by saying "Chi-Chi, my favorite hobbies are reading and sports", which is what she wanted Goku to say in the interview and she faints.

Bojack Unbound[]

"He spends hours everyday sitting in his desk studying. He may be fighting but at least he's getting some exercise. He's definitely his father's son."
— Chi-Chi talking to Bulma


Chi-Chi in Bojack Unbound

Chi-Chi allows Gohan to enter the Intergalactic Martial Arts Tournament because all he has been doing is studying and he needs some exercise. Chi-Chi attends the Tournament where she cheers Gohan on from the stands. She sits and chats with Bulma, who is there in support for her own son, Future Trunks. When the two notice Yamcha seemingly disinterested in fighting, Bulma says that it must because he knows that nobody can beat Trunks causing Chi-Chi to argue that Gohan could. When Gohan is on Battle Island 2 preparing to take off to the Battle Zone, Chi-Chi professes her love for him much to his embarrassment. After the battle against Bojack and his minions leading up to Bojack's defeat by the hands of Gohan, Chi-Chi comes to the hospital with Bulma, Trunks, Master Roshi, Oolong and Chiaotzu to check up on Gohan, Future Trunks, and Krillin at the hospital healing from their injuries after the battle.

Fusion Reborn[]

Chi-Chi appears at her house along with Gohan, Goten, and Videl. She prepares a large meal for Gohan and Goten and has a small conversation with Videl about her getting married as she is washing dishes when Videl gets interrupted with an emergency. This emergency, of course, was due to the dead escaping Hell and invading the living world.

Battle of Gods[]


Chi-Chi in Battle of Gods

Four years after Kid Buu's defeat, Chi-Chi is seen at Bulma's birthday party while the Z-Fighters soon face the God of Destruction Beerus. When Mr. Satan mistakes Dr. Briefs for a waiter, Chi-Chi helpfully tells him that the scientist is actually the richest man on Earth. Later, when a drunk Gohan causes his wife to get a bullet in the leg, Chi-Chi shouts at him for it. She later finds out that she is going to become a grandmother, when Videl reveals she is pregnant with Gohan's child.

Other Dragon Ball Stories[]

The Return of Son Goku and Friends![]


Chi-Chi holding a bean

Chi-Chi, Goku, and the rest of their family and friends travel to Mr. Satan's hotel resort to attend a party for its grand opening. This film takes place after the death of Kid Buu.

Dragon Ball Legends[]

During the Tournament of Time in Age 780 some point after the Tournament of Power, Adult Chi-Chi from the period before reuniting with Goku during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament finds herself as one of the many marital artists and fighters brought to the present era to participate in the Tournament of Time. During her time in the present era, she manages to acquire a Bansho Fan to use as a weapon and a Jetpack that allows her to fly due to her inability to use ki-based Flight.

Eventually while in a city, she has a run in with one of the many incarnations of Dodoria participating in the tournament. Fortunately, Shallot and Caulifla who were in town come to her aid. After Dodoria is defeated, Chi-Chi thanks the two Saiyans by offering to pay for their meal. Chi-Chi learns they are searching for Caulifla's friend Kale and reveals to them that she is searching for Goku hoping that her era's Goku is among the tournament participates. Caulifla and Shallot offer to help her look for him.

During their search, Chi-Chi encounters her future son Goten and Trunks who came from the period right before their participation in the Junior Division of the World Tournament. Goten doesn't recognize his mother's younger self due to her innocence and being less temperamental. They also encounter Bardock, whom Chi-Chi correctly guesses is Goku's father, though Bardock refutes as while he has met the present era Goku, he is unaware that Goku is actually Kakarot.

Eventually they find the young Goku who Chi-Chi knows from her youth. Unfortunately their reunion is interrupted by the Red Ribbon Androids, Android 14 and Android 15. Recognizing their association with the Red Ribbon Army and that they are targeting Goku, Chi-Chi, Caulifla, and Shallot fight the Androids to protect the young Goku. After driving them off, Chi-Chi decides to stay and care for young Goku as she is okay with not finding her era's Goku and due to distracting Caulifla and Shallot from their search for Kale.

Later when Team Beerus plans to have Shallot perform the Super Saiyan God ritual, they are interrupted by the Mastermind's group and their Dark Ki empowered minions. Fortunately Shallot's old ally Zahha manages to recruit several tournament participants whom Shallot has helped previously, which includes Chi-Chi and young Goku. Joining forces with Team Beerus to aid Shallot, Chi-Chi encounters three incarnations of her eldest son (the post-Raditz Saga Gohan who trained with Shallot under Vegeta and Nappa, the teenage Gohan who worked with Shallot to defeat New Cell during the Super Cell Games, and a pre-Potential Unleashed adult Gohan). Chi-Chi and the others hold off the Dark Ki empowered minions, so Shallot and his five righteous Saiyan allies can focus on the Super Saiyan God ritual.


DBZ Kakarot Cooking NPC Chi-Chi screenshot

Chi-Chi acting as a Cook in Kakarot

Like in the main series, Chi-Chi can often be found at Goku's House. Her primary role in the game is that of Cook, however in addition to being able to cook single dishes like other cooks and Cooking Machines, she is the only cook capable of making Full Course Meals for her family and members of the Dragon Team, provided they have acquired Full Course Recipes and the ingredients required.

Chi-Chi is introduced in Saiyan Saga Episode 1, where she admonishes her husband for being late from fishing and collecting apples, as he had taken the opportunity to do some Mental Simulation Training. She reminds Goku that he is supposed to take Gohan to Kame House later that day which he forgot. After giving her husband and earful, she decides to prepare her husband and son a meal before their trip. This introduces the game's single dish cooking mechanics. After their meal, Chi-Chi sees her son and husband off with Goku and Chi-Chi deciding to give Gohan the Four-Star Dragon Ball Hat as Chi-Chi wanted him to look presentable. Her and Goku's decision to give him the hat before the trip would later prove to be a wise one as it allowed Goku to track down Gohan after he was kidnapped by Goku's estranged elder brother Raditz later that same day.

During the Intermission following the Saiyan Saga, Gohan returns home after being released from Wukong Hospital. To celebrate her son's return home, Chi-Chi decides to fix him a full course meal. However she finds she misplaced the recipe she got from an acquaintance that lives in Keilin Village which is located deep in the mountains near Grandpa Gohan's House. Gohan offers to go there and get the recipe for her which Chi-Chi permits as she cannot make it without the recipe and Gohan is strong enough to easily make the trip in addition to being able to fly which would make it a relatively short trip for him.

At Keilin Village, Gohan meets a lady known simply as the Kooky Cook who reveals that she met his mother after she saved her from some wolves attracted to the ingredients she had brought on a shopping trip as Keilin Village is rural and isolated thus requiring her to leave at times to acquire ingredients not found or hard to come by locally. She soon became acquainted with Chi-Chi would routinely come to the cooks rescue, with the cook thanking her by providing Chi-Chi with recipes. She gives Gohan the Meat Course Recipe that Chi-Chi requires and also gives Gohan a Meat Lover's Feast dish which is one of the ingredients required for the full course. She insists Gohan take it along with the recipe. Gohan returns home and Chi-Chi prepares him the Meat Course.


Manga and Anime

As a child, Chi Chi demonstrated superhuman characteristics, as she was able to outrun a dinosaur and throw her blade with enough force to decapitate it. She was however knocked out by an attack from Yamcha. During her sparring date with Goku, she proved to be an even match for him, showing she was extremely strong for a human child. As an adult, she is arguably the strongest human woman on the planet, as she was able to endure a fight with Goku during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

During the Garlic Jr. Saga, while infected by the Black Water Mist, Chi-Chi is able to hold her own against Gohan due to the mist making her a ruthless fighter though Gohan likely held back to avoid seriously hurting his own mother who was not in her right mind due to the mist. Krillin also stated to Maron after a near-disastrous first meeting that Chi-Chi was one of the strongest humans in existence. In addition, at one point while arguing with Bulma after Maron not only called the two middle aged ladies, but the latter falsely implied that Chi-Chi was older than her, she humorously emitted electrical arcs from her eyes as did Bulma.

During Goten's youth, she was able to spar with him in his base form and was able to pressure him enough to force him to involuntarily transform into a Super Saiyan.


In Lord Slug, she was able to defeat two of Slug's footsoldiers, though she was then rendered unconscious due to being hit by a third soldier while she wasn't paying attention.


Her Power Level during the 23rd World Martial Tournament is 130.[8][56] According to Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game, her power during the Saiyan Saga is 300.

Video games

In Dragon Ball Legends, the adult Chi-Chi that participates in the Tournament of Time is strong enough to hold her own against the likes of Android 14 and Android 15 with the aid of pre-Tournament of Power Caulifla and Shallot (both of whom have achieved Super Saiyan Full Power & Super Saiyan 2). Additionally while fighting alongside Shallot's allies (Bardock, Fasha, Kid Goku, Kid Gohan, Kid Goten, Adult Gohan, the Kamikaze Fireballs, Nappa, Tora, and Zahha) she is able to hold her own against the Dark Ki empowered troops of the Mastermind's group (however it should be noted that Zahha was secretly acting as a double agent, as he was the true Mastermind behind the tournament and Shallot's amnesia all along with the phantom Mastermind being an illusionary phantom puppet).


  • Stay Away From Me! – First, Chi-Chi grabs the blade on top of her helmet as she charges a purplish-pink dome of energy around her body. Then, she shouts "Daddy, this is scary!" and throws the blade (imbued with purple aura) at the opponent. The attack creates a medium-sized explosion upon hitting the opponent, inflicting a great amount of damage.
  • That Won't Work – First, Chi-Chi places her index and middle fingers of both hands on the forehead circle of her helmet, where she charges green energy. Then, she shouts, "I'll burn you to a crisp!" and fires the green energy from her helmet in the form of a laser beam. The laser beam scans from left to right at her opponent, inflicting a great amount of damage.
  • Red Blazing Aura – The user produces a red aura, similar to the Kaio-ken, that decreases the damage taken by the user. This technique is also meant to depict Chi-Chi's anger and is thus used largely for comic relief.
  • Kiai – A technique where the user affects the air currents around him with ki to produce powerful shockwaves in order to strike the opponent. In the anime, Chi-Chi uses this against Maron after Maron called her an old lady. She produces a Red Blazing Aura when using it.
  • Enraged Assault – A series of strikes used by Possessed Chi-Chi (under Black Water Mist influence). Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.
  • Broom Brustle – A series of rapid strikes with a broom. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.
  • Power Slugger – Used in Super Dragon Ball Z.
    • Super Power Slugger - A stronger variation used in Super Dragon Ball Z.
  • Maiden's Will – One of Kid Chi-Chi's Blast 1 in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
  • Maiden's Excitement – One of Kid Chi-Chi's Blast 1 in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
  • Save Goku! – Kid Chi-Chi's Ultimate Blast in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
  • Beam Ray (ビーム光線) - Kid Chi-Chi's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • No Forgiveness! – Chi-Chi's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.
  • Whirlwind Impact - Chi-Chi's Ultimate Attack in Dragon Ball Legends.
  • Flames of Mt. Frypan - One of Chi-Chi's skills in Dragon Ball: The Breakers, which summons a wall of flames from Mt. Frypan.

Demon Clan

Demon Chi-Chi

During the Garlic Jr. Saga, Chi-Chi is infected by the Black Water Mist becoming a vampire-like Demon Clansman. In this state the evil desires, she would normally suppress take control driving her mad to the point of being willing to kill her own friends for it. She also becomes a devoted follower of Garlic Jr. and the Spice Boys whom she worships. She is implied to be stronger than Bulma in her Demon Clan form due to Chi-Chi being a trained martial artist.


After being hit by Super Buu's Transfiguration Beam, Chi-Chi is turned into an Egg for slapping him due to her belief that the Super Buu's original incarnation killed Gohan due to Shin and Kibito neglecting to inform Gohan's loved ones he was alive and training on Sacred World of the Kai. Like most victims in this state, she is unable to move or communicate. Additionally like most eggs, she is incredibly fragile and when Super Buu crushed the egg it resulted in her death.

Dragon Ball GT 1 29 The Fall Of The Saiyans 30960

Infected Chi-Chi

The result of Chi-Chi being infected by a Tuffle parasite implanted by Baby. In this form, Chi-Chi becomes a loyal servant to Baby until she was freed by the Sacred Water.

Power Pole Pro

Chi-Chi using Power Pole Pro in Super Dragon Ball Z

In Super Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi can wield the Power Pole while riding on the Flying Nimbus. In Xenoverse 2, this is an Awoken Skill "transformation" used by Earthlings which fits with Chi-Chi's usage of it as she herself is an Earthling.

Chi-Chi's Helmet

A pink helmet Chi-Chi wore as a child. It has a blade that can be thrown and can shoot laser beams.

Flying Nimbus

Chi-Chi riding the Flying Nimbus in Super Dragon Ball Z

As a young girl, Chi-Chi was able to ride Goku's Flying Nimbus due to her pure heart. In the Dragon Ball anime filler, she is shown to be able to ride it as a young woman as she rode on it during the events that followed the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament several times. In Super Dragon Ball Z, she can fly around using the Flying Nimbus. In Dokkan Battle, Pure at Heart Chi-Chi (Youth) uses the Flying Nimbus to fly in battle.

Wedding Dress

A wedding dress originally owned by her deceased mother which Ox-King passed on Chi-Chi who wore it during her wedding to Goku.

Chi-Chi's sword

Chi-Chi threatening Roshi with a sword

It is seen in a comic relief scene in "Goku's Alive!!", where she holds it in anger in front of Master Roshi. The sword Chi-Chi holds looks much like the sword Gohan trains with while in Break Wasteland.

Bansho Fan

A fan that can create wind and storms. Chi-Chi uses it in Super Dragon Ball Z and Budokai Tenkaichi 3. In Super Dragon Ball Z, her basic attack with the fan is the Banana-leaf Fan (creates a slow-moving tornado that tracks her opponent), and she can perform two super attacks using it: the Tsuten Swirl (swirls up a giant wind) and the Feng Shui (creates a giant tornado). Chi-Chi also uses it as a Super Attack in Dokkan Battle. In The Breakers, Chi-Chi uses the Bansho Fan to save the custom protagonist from a group of Saibamen in Episode 2.

Power Pole

Chi-Chi uses Goku's Power Pole to fight in Super Dragon Ball Z. Her basic attack with it is the Power Pole Attack (a three hits combo), and her super attack is the Power Pole Tornado (she holds the pole over her head and spins it quickly).


In Dokkan Battle, Chi-Chi uses a Jetpack to fly as both an adult and as a child (save for Pure at Heart Chi-Chi (Youth)).

Appearances in other media[]

Live-action movies[]


Chi-Chi portrayed by Jamie Chung in Dragonball Evolution

In the 2009 live-action adaption Dragonball Evolution, she is portrayed by Jamie Chung.

Video Game Appearances[]

In Shenron no Nazo and Origins, Kid Chi-Chi appears as an enemy.

In Super Gokuden: Kakusei-Hen and Goku Hishōden, Teen Chi-Chi appears as an enemy.

In Super Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi makes her debut as a playable character. She also has the bikini-style armor from her childhood years as an unlockable alternate costume.

In Harukanaru Densetsu, Chi-Chi is a support-type character for Goku and Gohan.

In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Kid Chi-Chi is a playable character and Adult Chi-Chi narrates the character biographies, often inputting her own opinions about the different characters.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Chi-Chi's Helmet and bikini armor, under the name Kid Chi-Chi's Clothes, and World Tournament outfit can be worn by the female Future Warrior. Occasionally, Nema will Shapeshift into Kid Chi-Chi wearing the helmet and bikini armor though her transformation will take on a more adult appearance. If the Future Warrior talks to her, she may tell them about her outfit explaining they were what Chi-Chi wore as a kid but confides that the outfit is a little embarrassing to wear, likely due its scantily clad appearance.

In Dokkan Battle, Chi-Chi is playable in her World Tournament Outfit and as a Youth. Though most versions of Chi-Chi and Chi-Chi (Youth) utilize a jetpack to fly, Pure at Heart Chi-Chi (Youth) utilizes Goku's Flying Nimbus. Additionally, a certain version of Adult Chi-Chi can wield the Bansho Fan as a Super Attack with this version being based upon the The Wedding Dress in Flames Saga.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Chi-Chi's bun hairstyle appears as custom hair option Type 25 for the female Future Warrior. Her helmet and kid clothes also return as well.

Beat's Mom

Beat's Mother who bears a strong resemblance to his ancestor Chi-Chi in the Victory Mission manga based on Super Dragon Ball Heroes

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, it is revealed that the main protagonist Beat is a descendant of Goku and by extension his wife Chi-Chi as she is the mother of his only children. Additionally, this is somewhat supported by the appearance and personality of Beat's Mother who strongly resembles Chi-Chi in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.

In Kakarot, Chi-Chi serves as one of several cooks found in the game that can cook meals for the playable protagonists using various recipes and ingredients acquired through gameplay.

In The Breakers, Chi-Chi (pre-marriage) appears as one of the Survivors encountered in Season 2 story & acts as a playable character skin for Survivors.

Voice Actors[]

Name Changes[]


Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
  • Chi-Chi (Infected) vs. Gohan (Anime only)
  • Chi-Chi vs. Goten (Base/Super Saiyan) (flashback; Anime only)
  • Chi-Chi, Yamcha, Videl, and Master Roshi vs. Dinosaur (anime only)
Dragon Ball GT
  • Chi-Chi, Goku (Ultra-full-power Saiyan 4), Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Videl, and Mr. Satan vs. Syn Shenron (Omega Shenron)
Super Dragon Ball Heroes


  • The name Chi-Chi is based on the word "Milk" in Japanese:[58] Chichi () is a term for "milk" or "udder" in Japanese, and chichi (父) is also a term for "father" in Japanese. It is referenced when Chi-Chi tells Master Roshi her name; he muses that she is called Chi-Chi, while Bulma possesses "chi-chis."
    • It can also mean "God" in Western African and/or Igbo.
    • Chi-Chi is named "Milk" in the Latin American Spanish dub of the series. This is due to the word "chichi" being a euphenism for breasts in Mexico, where the series has been dubbed since its beginning.
    • Chi-Chi is named "Kika" in the European Portuguese dub of the series. This is due to the word "chi chi" informally meaning "pee" in Portuguese.
  • Chi-Chi's hobby is farm work.[2]
  • Chi-Chi has a blood-type of AB.[1]
  • Chi-Chi's favorite food is Chinese chimaki (AKA zongzi).[2]
  • Chi-Chi's favorite vehicle is a tractor.[2]
Piccolo's Super Giantification Spell

Chi-Chi with blue hair (Chapter 187)

  • Chi-Chi's armor that she wears as a child resembles the armor worn by Pola in an early one-shot by Akira Toriyama titled Pola & Roid.
  • Over the course of the Dragon Ball anime, Goku encounters Chi-Chi several times between their first meeting and the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. However, in the manga, Chi-Chi is never seen again after her introduction until the 23rd Tournament, which makes a little more sense as to how Goku could have forgotten her.
  • In the Viz translation of volume 15, Oolong comments that Chi-Chi has a "hick accent".
  • Chi-Chi's influence on her husband is a running gag in the series: despite being one of the most powerful beings in the universe, Goku is always terrified by his wife when she is angry, leading Master Roshi to make the comment that the only thing a Super Saiyan is scared of is his wife.
  • In a comical fit of rage, Chi-Chi produces a Kaio-ken-like aura when she is using a Kiai after Maron called her an old lady in the Garlic Jr. Saga. She also produced a similar aura in Dragon Ball Super when Gohan suggested Goten fights Goku.
    • Its possible that Gohan inherited his temper from his mother which combined with his status as a Saiyan-Earthling hybrid may have influenced his power level being tied to his emotions particularly rage. Though Gohan had rarely demonstrated comical fits of rage, he does demonstrate Chi-Chi like rage when his father suggested Videl as a date for Old Kai when he was trying to bribe the old lech into agreeing to awaken Gohan's potential which Gohan angrily protested and refused to allow (Gohan was rightfully angry at his father as he both respected and had feelings for Videl).
  • Chi-Chi has fought almost every member of her family at some point in the anime series. She fought against Goku in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, she fought Gohan while controlled by the Black Water Mist, and she fought Goten to train him while he was a kid.
  • Chi-Chi refers to Super Saiyans as "delinquents" in anime filler, as seen when she finds out that Gohan has turned Super Saiyan. She also called Goten a monster after he transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time. She also shows a disdain for Super Saiyans in her commentaries in Budokai Tenkaichi 3, also referring to them as "delinquents".
    • Her disdain for the Super Saiyan form (particularly with Gohan and Goten) is a reference to a Japanese social taboo, where a Japanese child dying their hair blond is often viewed as rebelling against the family due to the hair color's association with stereotypical Western/American culture.
  • Chi-Chi is also the name of one of the Slimes in the animated version of Dragon Warrior III, which was originally a video game that featured character designs by Akira Toriyama.
  • Beat's Mother from the Victory Mission manga strongly resembles Chi-Chi in her appearance and personality. Given Beat is revealed to be a descendant of Goku's (thus Chi-Chi's as well) in World Mission there is a possibility that he is descended from Goku through his maternal line as her resemblance to Chi-Chi would likely be hereditary if that was the case. However unlike Goku Jr., it is not specified which of Goku and Chi-Chi's sons Beat (and by extension his mother if she descends from the Son family) is descended from.



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