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Chazke Village is a small rural town located in a large, forested area surrounded by mountains. The village is featured in the Dragon Ball Z episode "A Girl Named Lime". Mainly deserted due to the presence of Cell, whom in his imperfect form absorbed many of the residents and also later frightened various surviving residents away with his announcement of the Cell Games, leaving only Lime and her grandfather Mr. Lao.


Chazke Village Coffee Shop

Chazke Village

In the Cell Games Saga, Chi-Chi sends Gohan on an errand to buy groceries for her. In the process, Gohan finds Lime trying desperately to survive the deadly current of a nearby river, which she had accidentally fallen into by picking an apple off a tree branch that hangs over the rapids. Gohan saves Lime, but she gets frightened and runs off.


Cell attacks Chazke Village

Gohan goes to Chazke to look for groceries to purchase, Gohan finds himself stuck between an argument over the remaining food left over in the store that Lime's grandfather, Mr. Lao, owns. Kasdan and Burdwell, two servants of a wealthy businessman called Mr. Borbonne, want to take the remaining food from the deserted Chazke store and store it in a new bunker designed to withstand Cell's rampage, and to make money from people who will pay to get in.


Lao's grocery

Meanwhile, Lime shouts a warning that Cell is here, and scares the grunts, who retreat to the bunker made by Mr. Borbonne. Gohan and Lime later find out that Mr. Borbonne is trying to make a profit out of the desperate citizens of Chazke. Knowing this, Gohan then destroys the bunker stating that it will not protect anyone from the wrath of Cell if he hardly broke a sweat destroying it. After some resistance by Mercenary Tao, Mr. Borbonne confesses and repeals his act to build a bunker, otherwise representing that there is a hope of defeating Cell. Goku later finds Gohan and talks to Mr. Lao, who somehow knows Goku, and also tells them that they alone have a chance of beating Cell. Goku and Gohan leave while giving new hope to the village citizens of Chazke.

Notable residents[]


  • Chazke is the name of one the protagonists in Akira Toriyama's 1986 manga, Mr. Ho.
  • Chazke Village's name is derived from chazuke, a Japanese rice dish.

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