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"Captain, shouldn't we wait to see the enemy before we start firing?"
— "Arale vs. Blue"

Charmy Yamada (チャーミー山田 Chāmī Yamada) is a very dedicated Big City Island cop who is transferred to Penguin Village. He is usually seen patrolling on a dirt bike.


Charmy is a short, bespectacled man with short charcoal-gray hair, small beady eyes, and no visible nose. He wears a blue jumpsuit with red and white body armor, dark gray elbow pads, white gloves, and black boots with red and white shin-pads. He is usually seen carrying what appears to be either an submachine gun or a police baton on his right shoulder, and is almost always seen frowning in disinterest. In Dragon Ball, he wears a fully enclosed white and red motorcycle helmet, obscuring his face.


Charmy is a calm, serious, humorless, dedicated, workaholic man who takes his job seriously, and does not stand for nonsense. He also appears to be something of a germophobe, and is easily disgusted by the sight of poop.


Dr. Slump[]

When he first comes to Penguin Village, Charmy Yamada ends up arresting almost half the town for minor crimes. When Charmy is about to arrest a gorilla for picking his nose, Arale comes holding a stick with poop on it. Charmy is scared of her because she is holding poop on a stick and chases him through town into the police station breaking the walls and letting all of Penguin Villages residents free again. After being chased all night, Arale manages to put the poop on Charmy's head.

Dragon Ball[]

Charmy Yamada along with the rest of the Penguin Village police force get ready to fight General Blue but end up wasting their time shooting down King Nikochan's spaceship instead.

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