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Chaos Ball is an ability used by Mechikabura.


Mechikabura obtained the Chaos Ball from a wish to Dark Shenron. The Chaos Ball is a black hole which Mechikabura can use to absorb anything to amplify his time powers.


In the game, with the Chaos Ball Mechikabura absorbs the Time Patrol as well as all of the Demon Gods allied with him (aside from Shroom and Salsa) as well as the Time Nest, after the Demon Gods battle the Time Patrol in the hopes that Mechikabura will set them free if they defeat them, the combined group manage to escape the black hole.

In the manga, Mechikabura absorbs all of the Demon Gods allied with him into the Chaos Ball, as well as Future Trunks, Chronoa, Old Kai, Tokitoki and the Time Nest. However Demigra manages to pull Future Trunks, Chronoa, Old Kai and accidentally Towa back out.

Video Game Appearances

Chaos Ball made its debut and was named in Dragon Ball Heroes.